Our Creative Spirit

The source of our creative power and ability and the energy that animates our life

  An invitation to a dance


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What is it?(top)


What is best described as our creative spirit is the source of our creative power and creative ability. It is the source of inner bliss and joy. It  is what supplies the creative life energy and passion that catalyzes all our creative actions and our life to create what we desire. It influences all that we do. Its free and unfettered unfoldment is what allows for an inner satisfaction with life that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our life. Although it is an extremely powerful influence in our life, surprising few consciously tap into what it has to offer us in life. Most of us are unaware of its existence. (More on... what is the creative spirit)

Why are most unaware of its existence? (top)

Most of us are unaware of the existence because it normally operates behind the scene of our life to create nonconsciously. Analogously, it is like an autopilot with default settings. It lead us in accordance with how it has been programmed. We wonder why we cannot create what we desire but we never address what we have been programmed to create. (More on .... Why most are unaware of its existence)

In many ways the creative spirit is like the ego. The ego is just a part of us that we use every day. Few were aware of its existence as a concept until individuals choose to look at the psychology of the human being. So too this creative spirit. Its existence is unseen unless one choose to study human creativity and our individual role in how we create the experiences we have. (More on .... how the creative spirit functions)

Why the need to access this creative spirit (top)

As a result of years of exploration into the nature of creativity, it was found that one can have a flourishing and dynamic creative ability and creative power when needed. To have it available, we need to have an intimate relationship with this creative spirit and nourish its creative needs. Additionally, without the needs of this creative spirit being consciously or nonconsciously nourished inner satisfaction with life will be illusive and transitory at best. (More on... nurturing our creative spirit)

Goal of this website (top)

The goal of this website is to make available, free of charge, the essential information about this creative spirit. It is provided so that you can begin to establish a conscious and intimate relationship with this creative spirit to energize your life, catalyze your creative efforts, and get conscious control over the experiences you have to create what you desire.


Applicability  (top)

Since this creative spirit supplies the creative life energy that catalyzes all our actions and animates our life, it is applicable to all aspects of our life, at any level, wherever our life leads. Nothing more needs to be said other than it is applicable to every thing we do.

Primary issue  (top)

The primary issue we face is to understand that this creative spirit exists and learn how to consciously access its creative ability and creative power. This and related web sites will help you to address this issue.

Truth in labeling  (top)

Accessing and establishing a conscious relationship with our creative spirit will change your life. How much your life will change depends on what type of relationship you choose to create with your creative spirit. (More on .... How your life can change and related truth in labeling issues)

Truth in labeling - disclaimer (top)

Although the source of our creative ability and creative power is described as a spirit, in particular, a creative spirit, this material has no association, affiliation, or anything to do with any spiritual and/or religious tradition. This material is exclusively about your unseen and intangible creative power and creative ability that can be described in one way as a creative spirit and in another way, as a flow of energy. (More on .... the creative spirit and the spirit of spirituality/religious)

An invitation to a dance - meeting your creative spirit

You are invited to a dance - actually three dances - an inner dance, an outer dance and a dance between the inner and the outer. (More on.... why is meeting your creative spirit called a dance)


When viewed on the surface, the inner dance is between mind and heart and what is symbolized by the heart. It is the dance between what your mind has come to think and believe, and what you feel and sense in the world around you. In actuality, when you explore the depth of this dance, it is the inner dance of the creative masculine aspect and creative feminine aspect that lie within your being (More ...on the inner dance).

The outer dance is between the free unfoldment of your creative spirit in the external world and the demands and expectations the external world place on its free unfoldment. (More on .... the outer dance)

When these two dances are learned they can be coupled into a third dance. This third dance is the doorway to untold creative ability and creative power. For most what is accessed is too much to be believed. Yet there is an unlimited creative power and creative ability available to each of us. We just need to learn the dance to access it. (More on .....the third dance)


If you wish to begin to learn the dance, then click here - "Learning to dance - taking the next step to meet your creative spirit" and consider the "open invitation."


Item for consideration

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Topics of interest (top)

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The dance between the creator and the creation
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Learning to dance - taking the next step to meet your creative spirit
The outer dance - the dance between our creative spirit and the world
How your life can change with an intimate relationship with your creative spirit
The issue of safety - protecting the creative spirit - and still achieve safety, quality and
satisfaction in life

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Applications (top)



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