Addressing the Unfinished Business of Life 


Addressing the Unfinished Business of Life is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


Copyright 2008 by K. Ferlic, All Rights Reserved

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What is it

This application considers at acting on the following premise: If medical intuitives are correct, and cancer is a result of the unfinished business of life that eats away at us and most illnesses and diseases are ultimately caused by anger and the like, then it makes sense to address the unfinished business of life to create a better life before we get sick. Addressing the unfinished business of life is about addressing the energetic root cause of accident, illness and disease before they manifest as such. In the exploration of our creativity it has been observed there are two types of unfinished business which we will need to address. One type of unfinished business is about all that we carry in life and cannot let go anger, frustration, disappointment and the like and/or dreams which we carry and have not acted upon. The other is the need to address the unfinished business of the intention for our life.

Status: The information for "Addressing the Unfinished Business of Life" is currently being formatted for loading onto the web. Much of the background information is currently available in the common data base found in the "List of Topics" available in the "Password Protected Area" but not necessarily focused specifically toward "Addressing the Unfinished Business of Life." In addition to the discussion files obtained through the "List of Topics," information the topic "Addressing the Unfinished Business of Life" can be obtained by clicking here.

Truth in labeling disclaimer

The understanding provided here can be used, and has been used, for health related issues. However, no claim is made about the effectiveness of this technology in managing and/or dealing with your current health issues. The material provided here is based on a different perspective than the healing perspective found in the healing professions. It is based on a creativity perspective on health and the focus is quite different than a healing perspective.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is designed for our creative endeavors and creative needs. Most importantly it is for what we are willing to take direct responsibility for creating. As a creative tool, it can become a powerful ally for us if our creative endeavor is to create health. However, because of the "physics" of the creation process and how we create our experiences, even if our creative endeavor is to create health, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material should not be used as a substitute for, or in lieu of, any traditional and/or nontraditional healing modalities, counseling or therapy for our health needs. It can be used in conjunction with such healing practices and arts if we are willing to take responsibility for our health. That is, take responsibility for what we have, or are, creating in, and with, our life, including our health, or lack of it, whether or not we understand how we are creating it. (More... on creating health and more on truth in labeling)

Item for consideration

If you find yourself using this Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material  and/or its approach in your life, it is requested you consider making a contribution towards the continued free dissemination of this material and to further its dissemination in new applications.

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Discussion groups and forums

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