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For any creative endeavor we undertake, we need to understand we need to grow our creation. The growth that is required if often not seen for what it is and it needs to be noted there is an internal and external aspect to the growth process which greatly influences how we experience our creation unfold and/or manifest.

For example, most are aware of planting a seed in the soil and watching it sprout to produce some type and kind of plant. Eventually that plant bears fruit and the seeds for the next generation. Here the growth process takes time. How long it takes depends on the seed planted and the plant that grows from that seed. However, if we detonate an explosive charge, we get an almost instantaneous rearrangement of the environment. Or, a volcano explodes creating a creator where there once was a mountain. Although both of these events, the explosive and the volcano look like instantaneous changes, there was a process which give rise to the explosive and the volcano.

The volcano and the explosive brings up the fact that when the inner work is done, the external change can be experienced as instantaneous. However, there is still the growth and evolution of the internal process and conditions to create the conditions for and instantaneous external experience. Relative to our creations we can expect and inner and an outer growth process. The inner and outer process may parallel each other or they may work is series with each other.

Growth and unfoldment is inherent to the creation process. The eighth step in the creative/creation process is stated as "Growth and unfoldment of a creation" and there is a growth cycle for the creation we experience. We cannot expect our desired creation to spring into manifestation immediately or even over a short period of time. Often it takes much longer than we can imagine. However, at times it appears our creation manifests quickly. But when we obtain quick result we often fail to realize the inner growth process which give rise to the possibility of a quick manifestation.

For any creative endeavor, we must learn to trust the creative process to deliver what we desire. In the same way a seed planted in fertile ground and properly nourished will pull what it needs from the unseen  to grow to maturity and bear fruit, so too, our creative endeavors. We need to create the proper seed condition, plant the that seed in fertile ground and nourish what springs forth allowing that seed to pull from the unseen what is need so that it can grow to maturity and bear fruit.

Additionally, Physical Creation is about growing and evolving. Life with Physical Creation tends to arise from a seed condition. Other phenomenon within Physical Creation arise from a cause effect relationship and there is normally some type and kind of process which gives rise to the cause. To create within Physical Creation we need to learn to work with the rules of Physical Creation and grow our creations.

To create any experience we desire, we need to create the a seed condition with our being. We need to give ourselves permission to change within our being in some way. We then need to create a safe and secure space within our own being for the changes we made to take root and grow. What change we need to make within will depend on how and what we think and believe and who and what we think we are. But we need to remember, there is always a sacrifice of creation. If we do not give up what needs to be sacrificed, we cannot create what we desire.

To create that safe and secure space within to manifest what we desire to experience to unfold we need to enter our creative imagination and explore options. If we do not have the freedom within our own being to explore options, we will never find the freedom in our external world to do what we need to do to create what we desire. In essence, we need to look to see where we do and do not hold our creativity sacred and move create that space and way of being were we do hold it sacred. In doing so, we will have the inspiration and understanding to manifest any creative endeavor as fast, easy and gentle as possible.

"Planting" the seed condition we create and nourishing our creation is about understanding the feeling we desire to experience in our creation and hold that feeling as our internal compass to guide our life. We need to create a feeling which allows us to never lose focus. Initially, we can use our mind to hold a single point focus to guide our thoughts, words, actions and the memories we hold. However, the mundane of life will distract us and cause us to shift the focus of our attention and awareness. If we create a deep feeling about what we desire, seeking the fulfillment of that feeling will act as an  undercurrent to guide our life to manifest what we desire. Whether we use the masculine way to create or the feminine way, that feeling will nevertheless guide our actions.

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