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One condition we need to meet to create what we desire is that we continually desire what we seek and remained focused. That is, we never lost the desire and passion to obtain that for which we ask. It is to hold a single point focus for what we desire to create.

Our creative life energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness. To create any experience we need to keep our attention and awareness focused on what we desire. Consciously, this would mean all that we think, say and do is directed toward what we desire to create. However, the mundane of living life has a way of continually distracting us from what we seek and shifting the focus of our attention and awareness. So it is tremendously difficult to hold that single point focus consciously and be in the world. There are always thoughts, words we need to speak to the world and actions we need to take I the world which divert our attention and awareness. This is way many individuals wishing to create a particular state of being or who are engaged in a particular creative endeavor withdrawal from the world so as to not be distracted.

However, withdrawing from the world is not necessarily an option available to all of us. But, there is another easier way to never losing focus. It is to create a desire and/or to seek something that creates or has a feeling at the deepest levels of our being that goes to the core of our being. That is, the feeling we have about what we desire to create or experience never goes away. Alternatively said, what we seek is persistent and the feeling of the desire does not go away until it is fulfilled.

The difference between a single point focus and never losing focus is as follows. Single point focus is to look to consciously move our life in a particular direction. It is to continually asking what needs to be done to create what is desired and then honoring the intuitive guidance received. Never losing focus is to create a desire at the deepest level of our being such that we have a continual longing to satisfy that desire and only in obtaining what we desire will that longing vanish. In never losing focus, the mundane of life no longer matters. We can be distracted almost incessantly but we will never lose focus. The incompleteness at the core of our being will propel us forward to meet that desire.

The key to never losing focus is to become very aware of the feeling that goes with what we desire and to pull the string on the desire to a sufficient number of levels to see how the desire is connected to the core of our being. Something that goes to the core of our being will always create a feeling of dissatisfaction in some way until it is fulfilled. When we have such a feeling within our being that we recognized, it doesn’t matter how much we are distracted in life. We will always fell the need to satisfy that desire/feeling.

Often we are totally unaware of the feeling that goes with what we want or desire but it is the feeling that creates the experiences we have. We may initially simply desire or want something not realizing there is a feeling that goes with what we want and desire. It need to be remembered and emphasized is that creative power lies in feelings. Any strongly held feeling will cause us to move in life to satisfying that feeling. Any strongly held feeling acts as an  undercurrent to our life. The deeper the feeling the deeper the undercurrent and the less likely we will be distracted from the mundane of life.

It does need to be noted and emphasized here and be aware that a deeply held feeling and desire which never goes away is very much a two edge sword. It can be extremely beneficial or tremendously destructive in our life. It is beneficial in that it provides a way that we never lose focus. However, it can be destructive for if unsatisfied, we can experience pain. We are then driven to relive the pain in some way. Trying to alleviate the pain without addressing it at its root can lead to addictions or addictive behavior. The addictions can eventually become very destructive.

Never losing focus is to embrace our own inherent creativity and learn to trust the creative process to deliver that for which we ask and seek and we will be lead to the experiences to create what we desire. The issue here is to realize mind only knows the past and we need to create what we do not have. If our mind knew how to get it, we would already have it and would not be asking for it or seeking it. All mind can really do is hold what it desires to create and enter a trial and error process of find what we seek. In this regard, mind will be of limited value in getting what we seek. We can get what we desire through the mind but it a continual consciousness focus and facing the frustration of failed experiments. However, if we to learn to step out of mind for what we desire and hold an unwavering single point focus that never allows us to lose focus for what we desire at the depth of our being, the path is much easier and gentle. When we create from a deep feeling, creation is experienced as providing us what we need rather that continually pushing to get what we seek.

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