Failure to dissipate the energy of an experience

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Our creative power is accessed in and through the flow of our creative life energy within our being. Within the creativity perspective, creation/Creation is seen as an ebb and flow of energy into form and out of form. Each subsequent creation/Creation arises from the energy released in the previous creation/Creation. If all the energy is not release, the new creation/Creation cannot form true to itself Rather the past is carried forward and the old creation/Creation will continue to embedded in the new in some way. Additionally, failure to fully dissipate the energy in an experience can bind our creative energy in such a way that we cannot finance or create health We need to allow ourselves to fully process and fully dissipate the flow of our creative life energy within the experience we create.

The natural sequence is for all the energy to flow to dissipation. Analogous, we can look  at our creative life energy as the water in a river flowing to the sea. It is harder to control and channel the flow of the energy as it flows down to the sea because there is the natural path of least resistance the water follows. We can fight the natural course of events and try and control the energy. Often the effort is difficult but it can be done. We can’t stop it from flowing but we can dam the flow causing it to back up and we can divert it into another direction. In doing so, there are very specific and definable results caused from backing up the flow of a river or diverting it. When the river is dammed, two things happen. One is the flow of the river is reduced if not stopped. The second is if the water is diverted or held in some way, it will seek to flow to the lowest point - that of the sea. If the flow path is block, it will still seek to find some way to flow around what blocks the flow path so as to continue on its path to the sea.

It does need to be understood that we do have a free will. We use this free will to direct our creative life energy through the focus of our attention and awareness. We can cause the flow to be diverted or to be “backed up” or blocked by the choices we make. If we hold onto something that needs to pass through our life for all practical sense we dam the flow of our creative life energy through our attachment.

If the creative life energy is not free to flow as with the river, one or more things can occur. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. If we fail to dissipate the energy in the experiences we have we will slowly rob ourselves of energy necessary for something else. Robbing ourselves of our creative life energy is to scatter and fragment the flow of the energy. Consciously it is experiences as if we hide a part of our being. It fragments our consciousness. In robbing ourselves of the energy there will be insufficient energy to create what we desire. This, in turn, can cause us to be unable to finance health. We may feel some level of frustration if not outright anger within some level of our being at not being allowed to create what we desired. We may not be conscious of the anger or we feel the anger but don’t know where it comes from. Or, we may simply create a condition of lethargy if not depression at being unable to muster and/or access the energy we need to create what we desire. In cases where we have robbed ourselves our creative life energy, we will need to call back the energy and we may even need to retrieve part of our soul. Reclaiming what was lost could even require a “soul” retrieval.

In failing to dissipate the energy because the flow is blocked or we deny the flow, we may initially feel discomfort if not an emotional pain or, in some cases, actual physical pain. Continual denial or blockage can result in physical pain. It is not uncommon that our feelings are so repressed that only physical pain awakens us to the fact we are failing to effectively dissipate the flow of our creative life energy.

If we ourselves are not the cause of the blockage, but forced into a situation either because we are not free to act physically or our mental programming restrains us, we may feel anger. It may be anger at ourselves at having caused the condition in the first place or it may be anger at whatever keeps us from acting. Then again, we may not even know the source of the anger but just feel anger and not even realize it arises from a pain we feel somewhere within our being.

A second issue of blocking energy is the energy may be diverted into experiences which do not serve us. They even create conditions of accident illness or disease when we fail to dissipate the energy in the experience. In this case the flow of energy takes an undesired flow path such that it creates a condition of accident, illness, disease or some other undesired experience as it seeks to dissipate.

What needs to be understood is that there are situations that occur in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical realms that are harmful or injurious to our being. That is, they cause the flow of the creative life energy within our being to be diverted in a fashion that does not serve us. However, there are other diversion in each of these realms that can serves us. The real issue is not that we divert or even block the flow of our creative life energy. Binding the free flow of our creative life energy is how we create our experiences. The issue is whether or not what we do serves or doesn’t serve the experience we desire to have.

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