Creating a void - failure to fill our life


Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Creating a void - failure to fill our life

Creating the void

The void awakening as a lost fragment

The void awakening in separation

The void awakening - spirit intrusion

Void awakening by another

Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience.

One perspective of accident, illness and disease is about us being unable to fill our being with our own creative passion. As a result, we create a void within our being devoid of creative life. That is, we are unable to fully fill our being with life. For whatever reason we unable to allow the flow, or we are unable to embrace the flow, of our creative life energy to fill all aspects of our being. For one reason or another, we are not free to live our passion within all aspects of our being.

There seems to be two primary ways we create these voids with the flow of our creative life energy. One is that we develop some type of response pattern to life that denies a part of the creative aspect of our life. This response pattern becomes so habitual that it turns into an addiction. The addiction then keeps our awareness out of that aspect of our life and prevents our energy from flowing into those portions resulting in a creative void.

The other way a creative void appears to develop is that something that can only be described as traumatic happens to us such that we literally send a part of our creative spirit away to protect it and it does not feel safe to return. We literally vacate the premises of a part of our being and a void develops. Here the term traumatic can be a variety of things. What is traumatic for me may not be traumatic for you. It could be a serious accident. It could be a physical violation of our body such as a rape or physical abuse by a care giver or loved one. However it could be simply the lost of something externally that we use to help give us an identity or to fill a part of our being with passion. For example the loss of a pet by a young child, the loss of a spouse or significant other or the loss of our job. The traumatic event is simply an event that one no longer feels safe to live life fully so a part of their life forces leaves and just never finding it safe or feeling safe to return. And of course, there is the spectrum and infinite number of combination of habits and lesser trauma that can create voids within our being.

In this perspective of accident, illness and disease, the flow of our creative life energy looks more like a Swiss Cheese that a solid stream. It is full of voids all over the place. The void represent where we have lost or denied our creative life energy and are unable to express who and what we are in accordance with the truth of our being. The problem is if we don’t fill ourselves with our own creative life energy, our subconscious though its internal and external manifestations will fill it. It will fill it with something that will allow us to express our creativity. It will challenge us in some way such as an accident, illness or disease. Or, one can even become “possessed” by an alien entity or one is perceived to suffer “spirit intrusion.” Our creativity, as is the creativity of others, is then directed to heal the condition that is created.

If this void exists without being filled, the least damaging outward manifestation of this void will be experienced as loss of creative life to act or do. In other cases it may be experienced as a loss of energy as in chronic tiredness, a disenchantment with life. In more sever cases it can be experienced as depression or a feeling there is nothing to look forward to in life The most extreme cases could lead to an attempted suicide. In general the void will appear as a “non energetic,” non passionate response to life. Simply said, our life lacks passion for life and for living.

As with any of the other five types of accident, illness and disease, there will most often be external things to which we can point as to what appears to be the “cause” of the conditions we experience. Ultimately the conditions reflect how we are or are not able to align with the flow of our creative life energy to create something that better serves us. If the void is big enough the void will take on a life of its own that appears “alien” or “not normal” to our being. Yet our creative life energy is always flowing and this void is not separate from us. Although it will be perceived as a separate, a void or as an entirely separate entity it is only a part of ourselves which we have been unable to embrace. Whether we perceive the void is filled by our own energy or some other energy or entity of the universe, it doesn’t matter. All is energy consciousness and if we remove our awareness from a part of our being or deny the existence of a part of our being that does not mean nothing is there. It just means we have removed ownership of that aspect of our being.

Creating the void (Top)

The way this process works is as follows. It needs to be remembered that creatively energy and consciousness are one and the same thing and creativity is the way consciousness or energy expresses itself. When energy consciousness is unexpressed as either consciousness or energy a void develops or is created. That does not mean the void contains no energy consciousness, it just means it is just unexpressed. If the void lies within the flow of our creative life energy, that void is seen as a void within our energy flow. The existence of this will only mean we have removed our awareness from that aspect of our own energy. When we remove our awareness, our claim to that energy so to speak is removed and it becomes free to express itself as it choose. It becomes, or can take on, a life of its own. Exactly what it looks like depends on the conditions in which it forms. What beliefs we carry consciously and subconsciously about what such a void would represents creates the conditions for its awakening. As any consciousness that awakens within a flow of energy, what the void awakens to depends on what understanding is carried or being created by the flow of energy it awakens. Another way to look at this is we simply allow a part of ourselves to go to sleep and it may, or may not, reawaken. That questions is what does it remember when it reawakens if it does reawaken. The conditions in which it awakens helps to determine what it remembers and who and what it thinks it is. That, in turn, determines how we experience it.

Energy consciousness is holographic. That is, each piece of energy consciousness contains an awareness of all that is. The larger the piece the greater the clarity. The smaller the piece the greater the lack of clarity of fuzziness. However, when consciousness awakens it only remembers, recalls or focuses on a small fragment of what it remember from all that it knows. So, although it contains within itself a knowledge of all that is, it clarity on such matters is further reduce. As it awakens it defines itself by what it remembers and acts accordingly. What we remember is strongly influenced by the environment in which we awaken. This void acts in the same way when it awakens. It is consciousness that same our consciousness and acts and responds no differently. Hence when this void can function and/or awaken in one of four ways. If the energy consciousness of the void never awakens it simply remains as part of oneself that is loss and inaccessible until it awakens or is called forth. Unless someone or something, somehow awakens us, that part will always remain lost. It is here were a soul retrieval or someone taking a deep interest in our being is able to call forth this part of our creative spirit to bring it back to us. If someone cares enough to accept us for who and what we are as we are, and welcomes us to a “home,” a safe space is created for that lost part of our creative passion, our passion for life, our soul, our creative spirit, to return home.

The void awakening as a lost fragment (Top)

If this void awakes and remembers it is a part of the flow of our creative life energy, it will manifest as a return of our lost soul fragment or fragments. The kundalini rising, a surge of creative passion, a new enthusiasm for life all would be reflected if this aspect of our creativity returning on its own. This however is not a spontaneous healing as one would associate with an illness or disease. Rather it is just our ability to live life in such a way it is safe for this lost soul part to return. Or alternative said, it is safe for us to freely express that aspect of our creativity. That is why spiritual and esoteric techniques which create the space for phenomenon like the kundalini rising or a person being “born again in spirit” cause a feeling for life and new enthusiasm for life to arise. The same effect will occur whenever an individual is in a safe and secure space for denied parts to be expressed. It can be with an individual or within a community of individual where the lost soul part feel safe to return. When these denied parts of our being do return there is a surge of passion for life and for living. Yet, it is only about creating that safe and secure space for one to be free to live true to their being however it expresses itself.

The void awakening in separation (Top)

If the consciousness in this void awakens as a part of our being but somehow feels alien, that is unwanted, unloved, not cared for, or somehow feeling removed from our being, it will manifests and some abnormal conditions such as an illness or disease. It is part of our being but has a life of its own that is not in support of, or in alignment with, the flow of where our energy is going. It is as if the illness or disease causes us to stop and withdrawal from what we are doing so as we can focus our attention on it and give it love and attention so that it does not otherwise feel removed and have feelings of abandonment. If we embrace that part of our being rather than denying or suppressing it, we heal. If however, we cannot face what this part of our being really represents, we are either stuck with a more permanent disability or disease or some long term condition that only represents a part of our being we cannot fully integrate into who and what we are. And of course if the separation between this part of our being and who we think we are is great enough we can die.

It needs to be noted here that we are talking about a void being created within our being and that void being experienced as something separate or apart from ourselves. Whether that void takes the form of a as something internal to us such as illness or disease, or gives the appearance of something external to us such as being filled by some alien spirit, when the condition is corrected the individual needs to fill this void with their own embracement of life. Otherwise they remain vulnerable to some new illness or intrusion.

This is very important and lies at the root of a healing versus a cure. A “cure” fixes the abnormal condition but the root of the problem is not addressed. That is, the void is not properly filled by our own life. In this case the individual is open to a manifestation of the root issue in some other form. A healing addresses the root cause. That is we fill this void with our own life and embrace the part of our being and its expression in the world.

There is an interest note to be made here. One cancer counselor is quoted as saying, “many are cured but not healed and many who are healed die.” When viewing this statement from a purely physical perspective it doesn’t seem to make sense since the idea and purpose of healing seems to be to keep the person alive. How can this counselor say, many who are healed die. From a creativity view point and how we create our reality this is not surprising. To understand it, we must remember the process.

One has a serious void in their being that manifests as an illness or disease such as cancer because they cannot fill that void with their own passion for life and for living. When one heals they get to the root of why they could not fill the void within their being with an expression in physical life. What that means is that they choose to embrace that aspect of physical life that the void represents in whatever form of physical life it expresses.

However, it must be remembered we incarnated for specific reasons. As we move through life, we develop the habit of protecting our selves and our life to survive at all costs. When we complete what we came to do, rather than being free to leave, the habit continues to carry us forward protecting ourselves and surviving. When we break the addictive pattern or habit and heal, the consciousness inhabiting the body discovered it has achieved what they came to do. It then realizes it has no reason to continue the physical experience. In essence, the habit was keeping them alive. They could not feed their life with creative endeavors to fully embrace who they are for who they are had none to give. But the habit of staying alive was doing so sufficiently to keep them alive. When their life was put back in alignment with their creative life energy, it is found their life was over. So the subconscious diverted energy from it spirit to fill its physical life out of habit and creates an illness that would tax their creative powers to keep them alive.

It is hard to believe we cannot even move into a more pleasurable realm of existence because our own habits keeps us bound here and we can’t accept the truth of our being to move on. Yet, in may ways what is described here is a reverse karma. One way to see karma is a habits that bringing us back. Here, in this phenomenon, we remain here because of habit and don’t leave. In essence the process is the same.

Before moving on, it is appropriate to note spontaneous healing. Spontaneous healing are simply our consciousness fully embracing the part we had alienated such that it instantaneously reincorporates itself into the wholeness of our being. When it does so, we become whole and complete and the separation and diversion of our creative life energy that originally causes the illness or disease to manifest is healed and we return to our true self inwardly and outwardly.

The void awakening - spirit intrusion (Top)

This moves us to the third way of awakening this void of energy consciousness. Spirit intrusion or the classical “possession” by an alien spirit. Here the consciousness in this void awakens but feels no association with our being or part of our being. It feels totally alien. It is as if it awakens in a foreign land. But since the space in which it awakens provides a warm and fuzzy feeling of safety and contentment, it stays. The spirits are alien only in that they believe and we believe they are not really a part of the individual’s creative spirit in which they reside and they are not seen as being in alignment with the natural flow of the individual’s creative life energy.

These spirits or entities are not bad or evil and necessarily intend harm. It is just they find a warm comfortable spot to live in the void the person has created and they don’t want to leave. In the wholeness and oneness of all that is, they are a part of us but we just do recognize them as such. The technique to remove them is to show them a more enjoyable and pleasurable place such as their original home and they then choose to leave. Yet what we are really doing in the depossession, the casing out of the spirit, or enticing it to leave, we are in fact, creating a new environment and a safe and secure space for ourselves to reclaim that part of our being.

However, the most essential point about this phenomenon is how we create the void within our being by failing to fully align with our creative life energy and embrace our passion for life failing to fill our entire being with life. The void is then filled by some form of energy or consciousness “alien” to our being that we perceive from either inside ourselves or from the outside. But if we leave that void and do not fill it would our life and our passion for life and for living, something else will manifest in our life to fill it.

In many ways this spirit or entity that intrudes into our being is just a part of ourselves and reality that lies so deep within our dormant consciousness and foreign to how we think and believe the world works that is frightening, totally unwanted and totally not cared for or desired. If left unattended it will take on a life of its own and can slow awaken more and more of the neighboring energy consciousness to believe it is also this alien entity and slow take over and “possess” the individual. It is the ultimate in becoming a victim and given our power away. Here rather than giving our power away to an external being, we give it away to that which lies within ourselves. As the behavioral pattern becomes ingrain it becomes another form of addiction that we use to deny who and what we are. Here again it will be “cast out” if the person believes sufficiently in the process that is used and they choose to make it happen. Hence, they choose to go to a healer in whom they believe can make it happen.

Void awakening by another (Top)

The fourth way this void can awaken is through the actions by another. It is the traditional soul retrieval journey. But it can also be a simply intervention by someone taking an deep interest in who and what we are. They create the space and make it safe for the lost, denied or repressed parts of our creative spirit to come out and manifest. Here the intervening individual looks to bring back those part of the one’s creative passion that have been lost for whatever reason.

Usually a traumatic experience lies as the root cause where soul retrieval is most effective. The intervening person creates the space that is it is safe for the individual to bring those parts back into oneself and integrate them. The reason why a intervening person is essential in this approach is because often the individual is betrayed by society or those who are suppose to care for them. Consequently, the root issue is a lost of trust in others. It takes another who is willing to enter the unseen world to retrieve that which is lost or to create a safe enough space to allow the individual to get back in touch with the part of themselves that was betrayed.

In all of these forms of the void, the essential issue is an individual is unable to freely express who and what they are. They have a lost their ability to be in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of their entire being at each and every level. They have been unable to be free to completely embrace all aspect of their being with their own creative life energy. For one reason or another they have learned to deny who and what they are.

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