Elected Illness


Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience.

One perspective of accident, illness or disease is a type that we elect to have, or set the intention to have within this incarnation because it will provide us with a particular type and kind of experience or experiences. These are not the accident, illness, or disease that people traditionally associate with a karmic burden or retribution for past life action or a lesson we have to learn in this life. It is actually quite different and based on a particular experience our consciousness chooses to have, or needs to have that we choose to have in this life or need to have to accomplish what they incarnated to do.

A very simple example are experiences like circumcision of males, body piercing, tattooing, and other similar practices have been routinely practiced by many cultures. Little consideration is given to the fact that these are elected experiences and they produce an abnormal body. That is, a body different than the natural form of the body as it occurs in nature. When the skin is disfigured because of a burn in a fire we say the individual is scarred. The disfigurement of the body by a tattoo is not considered a scar. Yet relative to the body’s original condition, both are a form of disfigurement. One is an acceptable condition to experience and the other is not. There are a variety of things we do in which are an alteration of the what is really the normal state of the body which individuals considered healthy, normal and acceptable. The point here is not do judge these conditions. Rather it is only to bring our attention to the fact there are conditions that can be considered abnormal conditions that we can, and do, elect to have and may even consider them preferable. Similar there are also abnormal conditions we create without our realizing we are creating it

A more complex example would be if your consciousness desires to know what it feels like to go through life being blind, then being born blind, or going blind in life, may be the only way you can experience being blind. Being blind is not the same a putting a mask over your eyes for a short time period. Now why a person’s consciousness would desire to experience being blind is not something you or I can answer. Only the individual can go within and explore why they choose to have such an experience.

We assume that certain physical conditions are better than others but we forget that maybe we have somehow elected to have an experience that can only be experienced with the illness or deformity we have. For example, I cannot say why Steven Hawkins, the cosmologist has the debilitating physical condition which confines him to a wheel chair and speaking with the aid for a computer as he does. However, would Steven Hawkins have the depth of understanding about cosmology if he did not have his physically debilitating condition? If he were healthy and had a normal life, would life’s distractions take him way from the understanding and experiences his consciousness desired to have upon incarnating? Only his consciousness can answer that question,. The ego he created in this life cannot answer that question. Similar our opinions on his condition and our judgements about his condition cannot provide the truth about his situation. Only his consciousness can do that.
What we fail to accept, and probably don’t really want to accept, is that, as a human, to have certain types and kinds of abilities or understanding as a human, we may need to have certain physical limitations. Many mystics find it necessary to withdrawal from society. Many individuals talk about the love that emanated from autistic children and what they learn about life from them. Many talk about what they have learned through their accident, illness and/or disease about life, about people about the value of life. One characteristic of a near death experience is that many who experience it return with a greater appreciation for life and for what they need to do with their life.

To truly understand what our experience of an accident, illness and/or disease is all about, we need to be willing to step out of our mind and who we think we are and what we think about reality to answer this level of question about our own lives and the experiences we have. Our intuitive guidance which flow from the body wisdom that guides our life can give us many answers in this area. We just need to learn to listen to this wisdom and open ourselves to what we feel, when we feel and where we feel it.

In cases with this type of accident, illness and disease, often we will not be able to correct the condition unless our consciousness chooses to have a different experience. This is not about our ego choose to experience something different. It can choose all it wants and will not change what is happening. We need to go within and find the root as to why we are creating the particular condition or conditions. If you think about it, being allowed to correct the condition you incarnated to have whenever you don’t like it would probably defeat the whole reason for incarnating in the first place. With these types of conditions the goal is to complete that portion of your life that this condition represents. However, you will be able to make the condition more manageable. You may even find a way to access your creative power or become the occasion for others to access their creative powers such that you manage the condition almost into nonexistence.

One observation that seems to be valid is often one of the main reasons we elect to have certain accidents, illnesses and disease is to understand compassion. There is an ancient proverb which states, “Do not judge another until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” It is type for individuals to say, “You don’t understand what I am going through” and they then use that as an excuse to discard advice rather that coming to the realization that their pain is unique. Only they can explore why they have the particular pain they do as opposed to any other and learn to use their unique experience of pain, accident, illness or disease.

We fail to realize how different the world is when viewed from a position other than what is considered a normal or acceptable view. In this regard, before we judge our physical condition and the body we have as defective, unacceptable or in some way unsatisfactory, we should do two things. One is to utilize our body wisdom and access why we have the physical conditions we do. Or, we need learn to just accept what is as it is for at some level of our being we have created it and trust that we will get what we need from the experience. All conditions we experience are just experiences created by us for one reason or another. It is only our judgment as to what we consider normal, healthy and acceptable.

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