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Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience.

One perspective on illness is that of a genetic illness or inherited illness. It is a separate type of illness but in some ways can be seen as a combination of the elected illness and karmic illness. Genetic illnesses or genetically related illness represent the baggage families and cultures carry forward. This is not necessarily a hereditary illness that we characterize as lying within the gene and transmitted from parent to offspring although it can be. But it must be remember, one can use an inherited illness not necessarily as a genetic illness as described here but solely and the vehicle for an experience of the illness as discussed under the topic of elected illness. The hereditary nature is only one facet of genetic illness and is representative of the karmic aspect bound within the family line.

Rather, here we refer to an illness or disease resulting from not being true to the body and its genetic nature that created that body. In the same way a person as an individual can cause an unhealthy condition by not living their truth as discussed under the topic of illness resulting from inadequate financing and over extension, when a family denies the truth within its genes and lives contrary to what their bodies as represented in their genes desires to experience, genetic illness will develop. Genetic illness may be internalized into the genes but is does not have to do so. It may be transmitted culturally and in the family traditions and customs.

Obviously modern science would say hereditary illnesses are a result of some spontaneous and relatively random mutation of the genes that gets propagated in future generations. It is said relatively random for although you don’t know exactly where there will be a mutation, certain chemicals, radiation and the like can cause particular types and kinds of mutations. Although we can point to some external condition that causes a genetic mutation, pointing to an external cause can be said for anything that happens in life. There will ways be an external reflection of what is happening internally and there will always be an external change for what is happening internally. The question that needs to be asked is what exactly is the family, the family culture or the society itself causing the family to do such that the family denies something inherent within the family genes so that it will manifest an a illness, genetic or otherwise.

A simple example that I have observed is to consider a family genetic pattern that has a predisposition for shamanic experiences and a tendency to become the shamans in whatever tribe they live in. The family genes have a predilection for working with energy and the unseen realms of matter, energy and consciousness. If that family converts to a tradition or theology imposed from the outside that forbids shamanic-type practices and none of the member of that family are able to function in the priestly class of this new theology or tradition, the very nature of the family gene are denied. It would be only inevitable that one can expect a genetic disease to develop in some way or perhaps worse, the family line itself dies out. The same is true for a family with a predisposition for art, music, engineering or anything else that is never allowed to be expressed.

There is an aspect to the genetic illness described here related to the denial of a family truth that is different than the other types of illness described. To cure a genetic illness within a genetic strain or to cleanse the family truth, it will be necessary for someone with that genetic strain to fully live and embrace what the genes represent. They will have to live and be the truth of their genetic nature and the family lineage. The will have to discard the lineage of the social customs and what the family thinks is correct or which the family has come to accept. Rather they must live to what is inherent within their genes.

We are very much creation/Creation recreating itself from within creation/Creation. We have to live and be the truth if we wish the truth to be expressed. If we wish to live fully health lives, we must realize that we are perfect as we are and in that realization, live who and what we are and align with the truth within our being. That truth is in the heart and not the mind. To live the truth that we are may cause us to have experiences our mind does not like but until we process the energy bound within our being. This must be do both individually and collectively. We may individually process our bound energy and become free individually but we will still be bound as a human. We are bound by the collective and what we collectively think it means to be human. To free the collective each of us will need to become free individual. But there will be those who need to lead the way to break the pattern of what we think it means to be human to show the way.

So, to heal a genetic illness someone within that lineage will have to embody and live the truth of that lineage in all ways. This may mean living life with an illness or disability with which they are born to transcend that illness or disability. Or it may mean a family member goes completely against what the family thinks so that the truth of the family itself is manifested so as to not manifest the illness but create a new path. Someone within the lineage must repair or recreate the lineage from within that lineage by being the truth of that lineage, no matter what it looks like to the external world. Again, the intuitive guidance that flows directly through the body wisdom and the creative life energy that sustains the body will provide all the information we need to accomplish this task. That is of course if we learn to listen and follow the information. Much of what we face in life is not necessarily our making. We are integrally tied and interconnected with those around us. There is much we can do for our families and our society. Many of us carry burdens not of our own making but are willing to do so for the society and/or family we wish to help transform.

When a person dies from an illness or accident before he/she has lived their life expectancy or live with a debilitating illnesses or condition, we seldom ask what truth within that individual is being denied so that their creative life energy is diverted and a healthy condition cannot be finance and maintained. We usually point to an external cause, reason or excuse but do we really understand how and why we create the reality we do in the way we do? We seldom ask how much illness (at all levels of being) is created because the individual is not allowed to become who and what they really are so they spend most of their life denying the truth of their own being.

In this regard there is much information to be gained from accident, illness, and disease that we never access. Our family history and the illness, accident, disease and methods of death of the society in which we live tell us a lot about the programing we are most probably living out. If we look carefully at our life – how we live our life and what we believe – and then look at y\our society and our family, we will find many things we may wish to change.

To find what lies at the root of what we experience, we only need to ask, “Why does my family/society have this illness and not some other?” Although there are external causes to which we can point, the real causes (from an energy consciousness perspective) of polio, chicken pox, the black plague, small pox, heart disease, ulcers, AIDS, asthma, diabetes, and the myriad of other illness and disease for which we have and don’t have cures, are still not addressed If we look at all curses, we will always see a corresponding change of lifestyle and technology that accompanies the cure. The two are integrally connected. There is no reason why we cannot live with “perfect health” but we need to ask, “What is the lifestyle or lifestyles that correspond to ‘perfect health’ and what do the they look?” We can ask such questions for there is one, or at least one for each of us as to what our “perfect health” would look like. We only need to pull the string of “Why?” until we get our answer. Then we only need to look at our life and ask, “How much of that lifestyle have I copied and live or how much have I denied and why?”

As you work with this approach you will begin to see how you can use any internal or external experience of your life to access how and why you have created the experience you have. You only need to listen to the answer and decide exactly how you will utilize the information you receive. Most importantly, you need to be able to be in your body and aware of how you feel.

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