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Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience.

One view of accident, illnesses and disease are those that our consciousness brings to us because of how we have chosen to live our current life. Here the illness or accident is not determined by a choice of our creative spirit such as for an elected illness or to learn we are not our body. Nor are they karmic illnesses and arise from a past karmic burden or action or from some type of genetic illness. Here the illness or accident manifests simply because we are not living the truth within our being and we deny one or more aspect of who and what we are because of the way we think. Quite simply, we fail to finance health.

These are the conditions where we consciously or subconsciously elect to give our power away for one reason or another. These accidents, illnesses and disease are entangled within the
Web of beliefs. It is a web about who we think we are, how the world works. This web of beliefs includes all the issues that surround what we seek to own or control, the view of ourselves and our self esteem, what we choose to love and not love, how we do or don’t speak our truth, what we judge as good and bad, and how we view our lives. In these types of accidents, illnesses and beliefs we simply fail to finance a healthy condition because of how we scatter and fragment our creative life energy. To understand how we are failing to supply the energy needed to maintain health or how we are denying ourselves such that we are diverting our creative life energy from a creating a condition of health we only need to access our body wisdom and intuitive guidance to see how and where we are.

Within the energy consciousness model, health, whether as a state of being or as state of one’s body, is seen as an experience of life that is “financed.” That is, one needs to have a sufficient amount of energy to create the condition we desire and provide a sufficient amount of energy to sustain that conditions. The fact we call one condition healthy and another not healthy is really irrelevant. The issue is do we or don’t supply the energy we need to create the condition we desire. Although one will always find some external condition that can be used to explain their accident, illness or disease, the ultimate source of the non-healthy condition is how the individual has failed to finance what they desire. Frequently they fail to manage the flow of their creative life energy and divert their creative life energy from which they call a condition of health. It takes mindfulness, effort and energy to create a conditions of health just as it takes mindfulness, effort and energy to create any experience we have.

Accidents, illnesses and diseases usually force one to withdrawal from who they would normally be living their life. If one believes they create their reality and the experiences they have as proposed here, one needs to look at why they would force themselves to withdrawal from the life they were living. They have to ask, “Why do I force myself from what I appear to want to do to create a state that causes me to do what I consciously do not be choosing to do - that is being sick or injured and withdrawing from the life I was living?” The question is then, “What part of my being and my belief structure creates this seemingly unwanted experience?” We say “seemingly” unwanted because it is obviously wanted at some level of our being or otherwise we would not be having it.

Whether we realize it or not, or accept it or not, feelings and emotions represent a flow of energy within our being. When they are denied and/or suppressed, they energy flows into and through the subconscious only to burst forth in some unexpected and unplanned way. Within the creativity perspective, symptoms are meant to bring our awareness to our body and what the body is trying to communicate to us. However, if the symptoms are arising from suppressed feelings and emotions, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the symptom or pain for they are not following the normal flow path to expression. Although the location of the symptom and pain may give a general area of where the energy is suppressed, it will not give exact details. One may have to pull the string as to what is really giving rise to what we feel. Additionally, in the same way some organs do not themselves give the symptom often we face a flow of energy that gives its symptoms other then were we expect. For example, in males the heart often gives its symptoms in the left arm. Energetically, when males fail to love who and what they are, a heart issue, the symptom can arise within the genital region for they are unable to thrust out in their truth. Many sources cause symptoms to arise in locations other than where they may be expected.

The energy within one’s being must be processed, that is lived and experienced, or dissipated by a conscious release of accepting it and directing it through a “controlled” experience. If one does not consciously address and release the energy it will release itself though a subconscious release path like pain, accident, illness and or disease. If one remains consciously asleep and unaware the energy will process thought physical symptoms and conditions and one’s mind will always find some external negative cause for what they experience. However, if one is awake and aware, they can direct the energy in the way that they choose and dissipate it in a gentle more pleasurable way. One’s intuitive guidance with the use of clear intentionality can lead one to the easiest and quickest way to dissipate the energy. To be awake and aware is to aware enough to consciously ask the intuition as to how to best dissipate the energy and then be awake and aware as to how the intuition communicates what is to be done. One then must have the courage to act on what the intuition asks one to do. But it needs to be noted, a virtual experience, a simulation, can be as effective as a real experience in dissipating the energy. In any case, feelings cannot be denied expression for they represent the a flow of the creative life energy within one’s being that is flowing toward dissipation. If the energy is not dissipated, it will be unavailable for the next creation.

There are many ways feelings and emotions get pushed into the subconscious and this is no more that scattering and fragmenting our energy because each of these suppressed feelings and emotions carry energy. There are many pains and life experiences of childhood that thwarted our energy flow that never have been allowed to properly heal or the experiences were so overwhelming at the time that we were unable to effectively process all that we needed to process. In addition, to the loss of our ability to play through these experiences, we may have sowed the seeds of future illness.

A second way we scattered and fragmented our energy is to divert our energy to meet the expectations of the world. Or, we placed on ourselves burden we must carry through life. The most common example is our ideas of what success looks like that will be acceptable to those around us but is not the success that gives us fulfillment.

A third way is really an expansion of the first two. It includes all the ways we continue to deny the flow of our creative life energy much the way we did as a child. We fail to achieve what we set out to do and have our analogous falls in which we hurt ourselves in some way or we deny ourselves to satisfy those around us. As a very small child many of our falls tend to be physical. As a young child they tend to be more mental as to learning what is right and wrong. As an adult are falls tend to be emotional. We do what is “right,” we don’t physically fall and get injured but yet we still suffer pain in not getting what we want.

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