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Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience.

One perspective of accident, illnesses and disease can be described as karmic or those determined or caused by past actions on our part whether in consciousness or unconscious action. These accidents, illnesses and disease we need to play out to allow it to come to completion and/or the energy bound within the experience to be dissipated. The need to fully dissipate the energy of an experience we create is discussed in the topic “Dissipation of the energy of a life experience” Karmic illnesses are those accidents, illnesses and diseases that process the energy that is held within our past. It needs to be remembered that true freedom is to become like the wind. Coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. That is, all our creative life energy is free and available to create an experience and all of it is free and available after an experience.

Karmic illness allows the energy that is bound in holding to a past experience to be acted upon and dissipated. This is actually a most interesting set of accidents, illnesses. It is here the miracles of modern medicine, therapy and even rituals and metatheatrics can be the most helpful. Karma is no more than the expression on the non-physical planes of the physical principle that an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force. If we have created a direction and/or intention for our lives, we continue in that direction or we travel to the completion of that intention unless changed. An intention is no more than a thought consciously or subconsciously held with some passion and energy to create it. However, wisdom can be used to erase karma. In the same way we can change the direction of an object by applying some unbalanced force to the object, we can divert an existing karmic pattern with wisdom. By applying the appropriate insight about the either the condition causing the karmic pattern or by understanding the direction of the karmic pattern we can divert and/or free the bound energy to flow into an experience that better serves us rather than some experience of pain.

Medical and healing intervention can be used in two ways in these types of accidents, illnesses and diseases. One is to work with the clinical manifestation and simultaneously work the karmic issues. The goal is to totally release the bound energy so that there will be no re-manifestation of illness (or manifestation as some other illness) because of the diverted or blocked energy. The second way is realize that a particular illness or accident has karmic ties and treat the karmic pattern after the particular illness or accident condition is healed or corrected as best that modern medicine can do.

This latter case is especially true where an individual is literally given a second chance at life as a result of modern medical intervention. For example surgeons repaired a girl I met who was thrown off a motor cycle that came to abrupt stop traveling at about 80 mph. Under medication, she had a recurring image of being an angry US soldier who died in Vietnam. However she, the attending medical personnel, and her family disregarded the images. I seemed to be the only individual who took them seriously. What is interestingly about this situation is the girl had consciously chosen to get on and ride the motor cycle with a driver who had had his license revoked for past unsafe practices. Nonetheless, she blamed the driver for her injuries and accused him of taking her life from her since she was slightly disfigured because of the accident. Given the magnitude of her injuries, she was obviously was saved by modern medicine. Yet she carries evidence of a karmic burden and deep anger that has been disregarded and will only manifest again in some other way. In fact, she is adding to the bound anger by blaming the driver of the motor cycle rather than accepting responsibility for riding with him.

It is in these kinds of situations that a deeper healing can be obtained with an understanding team composed of all the correct modalities to treat the entire being, not only the physical conditions. Until the angry soldier is somehow allowed to find peace, she will continue to live a reckless life. Whether or not she believes and you believe she was a soldier who died in anger in Vietnam doesn’t really matter. What matters is there is an underlying anger and denial of responsibility that can best be characterized as a soldier who died in anger. That is a starting point that can unravel the cause of the pattern of her actions.

Here again with these types of illnesses, accidents and diseases, we need to process them. Before we judge our physical condition which we experience as unacceptable or in some way unsatisfactory, we should either do one of two things. One is to need to use our body wisdom and access why we have the physical condition and then ask our intuitive guidance as to how to release the bound energy. Or we need to just accept what is, as it is, for at some level of our being we have created it. Rather than resent what we experience, surrender to the experience and process and release the energy within the experience.

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