We are not our body - our thoughts made manifest


Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience.

One perspective on an accident, illness or disease is that we can create them to learn that we are not our body and the body is only a vehicle that we use in which to have a physical experience. We use the experience to understand we are our thoughts made manifest into a physical experience. This is probably the most difficult form of accident, illness or disease to accept. Yet, accepting this form as a real possibility and acting on it as real is fundamental to understanding how we create our experiences. In time, you may even come to believe its truth and know its truth in your life.

This type of illness is probably best described in the anecdotal stories you have heard. Probably all of us have heard a story where a medical authority is quoted as saying something to the effect of “you’ll never work again,” or “you will never be able to ...... again,” or something similar and then the individual proceeds to have the impossible miracle cure. There are some individuals who have learned to create beyond whatever the physical limitation is. They seem to do what other would say is impossible. These types of accident, illnesses and diseases are what give rise to miracles. In these situations the illness is only another example that we are not our bodies and we can transcend remarkable obstacles as viewed from the physical plane. All conditions we experience are just experiences created by us for one reason or another. It is only our judgment as to what we consider normal, healthy and acceptable.

For others this type of accident, illness or disease may go one step further and provide new direction to the individual’s life. It needs to be realized as discussed under the topic of “Our Creative Sprit,” we have an infinite creative ability and there needs to be someone or something to call forth our creative spirit. Often these accidents, illnesses and disease that provide the occasion for us to realized we are not our body becomes the catalyst and/or the occasion to change one’s life. It causes something within the individual to be called forth to unfold a tremendous ability that would probably not otherwise have been tapped and accessed..

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