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A shamanic view of healing

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If you explore creativity, you will come to find the most creative state is a state of play. It has also been discussed in the topic of “The Creativity Perspective on Health and Related Issues” that heal, as is illness, accident, disease and other misfortunes are created states really no different from each other. That is, we create them all. All that is different is how we create them and whether or not we judge them as acceptable and/or pleasurable, or as unacceptable and/or painful and unpleasant. In any case, play is the most creative state to create whatever we desire. As such, a state of play would be the fastest, easiest and gentlest way to create any desired condition such as health. So there is a straight forward logic which states that if one can enter a state of play with the clear intention to create health, they can create it. That then leads one to ask whether or not the individual who seeks healing can enter a creative state of play.

The logic behind this principle has been known since ancient times. In fact, it is the basis of a very old and ancient shamanic healing technique. There are a variety of shamanic traditions and customs on healing. This one approach is very consistent and particularly applicable to the creativity perspective and how we do, and do not, use our inherent creative ability and power. This ancient technique or approach did not focus on curing or healing a particular condition. Rather it focus on accessing the creative power to create whatever condition was desires. Most often it was a condition of health or at least relief from the condition and/or pain the individual faced.

The technique is quite simply and centered around exploring the answer to three questions. The three questions were: 1) “When did you stop singing?”; 2) “When did you stop dancing?; ” and 3) “When did you stop dreaming?” Dreaming as used here was not nocturnal dreaming but rather dreaming in one’s imagination thing to create. Depending on the answers, the shaman would then go about creating some type of action to create the space for a cure or healing to occur. Often the shaman would end up using some form of
soul retrieval. They used it to call back or retrieve that aspect of the individual’s create power and ability that was so totally suppressed or denied by what they experienced early in life such that the aspect appeared lost.

The three questions above asked by the shaman relate to the loss of one’s ability to play. If one realizes that state of play to which we refer is a spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself and one’s world, one can add several other questions to the list. These question would be as follows.

  • When did you stop crying or rather lose the freedom to cry?

  • When did you become too big to be hold by mommy when hurt and process your pain?

  • When did you stop laughing or rather lose the freedom to laugh?

  • When did you stop freely exploring and discovering life without judgement?

  • When did you lose your spontaneity?

  • When did you lose your innocence?
    Here we are talking about innocence at all levels of one’s being, spiritual, mental, emotional, and spiritual innocence. So you could ask four separate questions: 1) When did you lose your spiritual innocence?; 2) When did you lose your mental innocence, 3) When did you lose your emotional innocence?; and 4) When did you lose your physical innocence?

What is interesting is that many of the answer to these questions go back to before we developed a fully conscious mind. So often there may not be any specific memories that go with the answer. Rather we may only have a feeling as to why we lost what we lost. Frequently is it is only when we experience a similar experience or a similar feeling that we become aware that something is missing from our lives. In this case we will need to follow the feeling much the way we use our internal compass to guide the real reason why we lost what we lost.

This understand and approach is captured in “A Healing Exercise” that you may wish to consider using to regaining your ability to reenter that most creative state of being and/or to help access the creative power you need to create whatever you desire, and compliment your approach to healing and/or health. However, it is advised as discussed in the topic “Truth in Labeling - Disclaimer” found on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity home page that you do not use the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Tecnology as a substitute for, or in lieu of, any traditional and/or nontraditional healing modalities, counseling or therapy for your health needs. It can be used in conjunction with such healing practices. As discussed under the topic “Creativity Perspective on Health and Related Issues” it should be used in conjunction with them.

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