Some thoughts on healing

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Some thoughts on healing

Returning to a state of play

Healing comes from within

An issue of betrayal

From where does your healing arise?

The nature of healers

The key to healing

Bleeding our creative life energy

Inadequate band aide fixes

Using a guide

Some thoughts on a guide

It was said under the topic of the “Healing Perspective” that we perceive there is something broke that needs fixed. Under the topic of the “Creativity Perspective on Healing and Related Issues” we said that nothing needed to be fixed. Rather an unhealthy state is no different than an healthy state. We created both healthy and unhealthy conditions using the same methodology. It is much like baking a chocolate cake or a yellow cake. Every thing is essentially done the same. It is just that some of the ingredients are different.

Returning to a state of play (Top)

If there is anything that can be perceived as broke or need fixing, it is our ability to play. The most creative state of being is a playful state. Any healing ultimately has it root in our ability to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself and one’s world. In that state, we can create whatever we desire. It particular is about returning to a state of play to either the condition we face to playfully change the cause and/or the conditions we desire to face to playfully create the cause.

To change the cause is to work with the past. To create the cause is to work with the future. In general, we only need to work with the past to the extent it affects the specific future we wish to create. There is no need to move a wall in you house if you only wish to change the rug. The question is, “What reasons exist within your being that does not allows us freely and readily return to that state of play?”

Healing comes from within (Top)

Within the understanding of the Energy Consciousness Model of the universe, healing and wholeness comes from within our own being. It does not arise from anything external to us although it may appear as thought there is an external cause or perpetrator for our condition, whether it be the cause of the illness or the cause of the healing. We heal and become whole when we choose to change and /or correct any misalignments of energy dissipation that is occurring within our being. If we have an illness, we can correct the physical conditions and be cured but not necessarily heal the condition that caused the problem to originate in the first place. Our dis-ease arises form misalignment within our being in the way we are misdirecting and/or scattering the energy that is creating and sustaining our being for our free will ultimately controls this energy and all that manifests. To heal fully and embrace the wholeness that you already are, one needs to get control over all their powers and sever any attachments that may be robbing them of their power. However, it just needs to be realized that sometimes the body is so damaged it is beyond effective or total repair and one will be unable to restore it to that desired pristine state.

An issue of betrayal (Top)

The lack and betrayal of love can be a significant issue in the conditions we face. Here we talk about a particular kind and expression of love. Here we talk about love in the form of allowing another to become who and what they are without imposing anything from the outside. In particular it is not betraying this from of love when one becomes intimate in the express of their truth. The lack of love is reflected in our inability to create the space for the free expression of an individual’s truth. Betrayal of love is when either er use the free expression of an individual’s truth against them or we seek to consciously or unconsciously get them to serve our needs in one way or another. Betrayal of intimacy early in life lies at the root of many of the things that make us fragment and scatter our energy. That in turn does not allow us to create what we desire and often makes us unable to finance health.

Unconditional love, supporting another to become true to who they are in intimacy at the deepest levels at each level of our being can help us heal, brings happiness and makes us well. We look to drugs, diet, exercise, surgery, religion, spiritual experiences and the like to make us well. We avoid smoking, stress, drugs, food, “bad” company, and the like to not make us sick. Yet we fail to consider how important it is to become intimate in a space where we are free to become who and what we are, true to ourselves from the depths of our being.

We tend to look at health, whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical as something that can be found outside ourselves such as finding the right person (teacher, lover, doctor, etc) or the right environment and/or right techniques. However, health is not about finding anything outside ourselves but becoming the right person. That is, true to who and what we are. That in turn leads to the right people and the right environment that nourishes our heath in any and all levels of our being. The “right” environment would then be a place for us to be free to become who and what we are.

From where does your healing arise? (Top)

In this view, no remission of illness is truly spontaneous. Rather what we experience as spontaneous healing is found in becoming that “right” person. In these types of healings we are not consciously aware of the underlying mechanisms we create by change in who we think and believe to allow the healing to be experienced. In all our healing, strong healing forces are “secretly” at work healing the damage we create. As you practice loving your self and employ the principles in the energy consciousness approach to embrace the creator that you are, you will come to see for yourself that physical illness will often follow when one is not able to decline unwanted commitments and/or other demands made on our energy. That is, the individual does not see a more “acceptable” way of saying no. The issue however, is not what you do that causes the illness or accident but the denial of your own truth. Then in accident or illness, you have no choice but to decline your commitments because your body says no for you and you are forced to withdrawal from the decision you made. It is much healthier to learn to assert yourself and not give away your creative power. You need to ask yourself and be brutally frank in your answers to the best of your ability, “What do I gain from being ill?” and “What am I forced to address when I am ill?” The answers you get tell you how you have been denying yourself and your truth. Or, you may find there are much deeper reasons for the illness and they lie in what you, as an unique, infinite, individual creative spirit, choose to create.

The nature of healers (Top)

Within the realization all healing comes from within, there are two types of healers. One group are the healers who think they and their methods are healing the patient. The second group are those who only realize they create a space to allow the individual to access their own internal healing powers. That is, the healer gets the individual to subconsciously access their unlimited creativity to create the reality of their choice. In both cases the healer and any actions the healer does only reflect to the individual the part of the individual’s subconscious that needs to be awaken. It reflects that part that needs to be awaken for them to become aware of what is denying them their wholeness and robbing them of the ability to become consciously self determined at every level of being. The individual, in their free will, can then choose, or not choose, to take their power back. There are some who don’t want to heal for then they will have to take responsibility for conditions in their life that they have created.

The key to healing (Top)

The key to healing is to realize that there is a natural process that allows us to heal and we need to allow that process to work. Natural as used here is not referring to “natural” healing modalities as opposed to modern medicine. It is also not faith healing or like any of those modalities. The term natural as used here means there is a natural healing process in the body that is in full alignment with the wisdom that grew the fertilized egg into an infant and subsequently into an adult. It is capable of healing every injury the body has for it is what put the body together in the first place. It is about bringing the mind into alignment with one’s creative life energy to heal the separation between mind and heart that caused the illness. To access this “natural” process one needs to access and align with the body wisdom and intuitive guidance and follow its lead. To do so creates a calm state within one’s being. Then in that calmness, ask one’s body wisdom what is recommended. One should not be surprised if says something as simple as “Go to a doctor and get an antibiotic and stop listening to your nagging mother/father/husband/wife/significant other.”

Outside intervention only assists us in the process and helps in those situations where the natural process are overwhelmed and/or may not be capable of dealing with the size and magnitude of the injury. For example, a large cut where many stitches are needed or a bone must be set to allow it to heal properly. Often what we do is a ritual that allows us to align our inner power. At other times they are the way we access the necessary outer creative powers. It needs to be remembered all created experiences are a result of
an inner and outer dance. The creative power to create what we desire to experiences sometimes comes from within and at other times it comes from without. Our task is to learn within is which.

Bleeding our creative life energy (Top)

What need to be realized is that any time we suffer a wound within our being caused by life, the pain and hurt we feel allows us to bleed away our creative life energy much the same way any cut will bleed. However, those wounds that bleed or drain our creative life energy must heal naturally within the natural process according to one’s own nature and in alignment with what caused the wound in the first place. Since we are all unique individuals, how and in what manner each of us become wounded will be somewhat unique and the healing we need to undergo will also be somewhat unique.

This is extremely true if the wound is caused from within our own being as opposed from something external to us actually penetrating our bodies defenses. Within the energy consciousness model all wounds, accidents, illness and disease ultimately are causes from within our being and the external circumstance is only the occasion for the wound to occur. We, in one way or another, create them. We create them as a result of how we have choose or not choose to manage our energy. The flow of our creative life energy must fully dissipate in a physical experience if it is to be made available for a new creation. The accident, illness or disease is the way the flow of energy is best dissipated for the composite of what we have chosen in our life.

What needs to be realized is that any wound, accident, illness or disease may be sufficient in itself to correct the imbalanced flow of creative life energy within our being and the natural healing process for that wound, accident, illness or disease is sufficient to address the root causes of the injury that exists within our being. However, if injury we suffer is in any way only a partial correction of the imbalance or an actual manifestation of the imbalance, healing the injury will not fix the cause of that injury. We will have to make an effort to go back and fix the cause. However, any time we utilize the body wisdom without imposing the mind and fully allow the body wisdom to correct any pain or hurt we have, do what it leads us to do, then we will fix the hurt or injury naturally. This of course assumes we have learned to differentiate between what our body wisdom and intuitive guidance is communicating and the desires of our mind.

Inadequate band aide fixes (Top)

If we do what our mind thinks needs to be done rather than following our intuitive guidance and the body wisdom to heal the wound we will cause an effect what can best be described by putting a gauze or bandage on the wound that is bleeding. However the gauze or bandage is placed such that the gauze or bandage actually bonds to the scab to become embedded in the scab that heals the wound. Consequently, every time we try and remove the gauze or bandage we remove the scab causing the wound to reopen. These are typic of the very deep pain and injury we suffer that continually festers within our being that never heal. They keep popping up in different way but all go back to a single unhealed injury. As one looks at these wounds they will find many of them go back to one’s childhood. They go back to when we suffered the displeasures of our care givers, teachers and society for trying to follow our heart and our passion. Or, they go back to a time where we did not know, or lost the knowledge of, how to follow the guidance provided by our body wisdom for healing. To stop the bleeding of our creative life energy, that source of our being, and in an attempt to heal these wounds, especially as a child, we did what we could. Analogously to the way we put a band aide or gauze on a wound, we put some type of band aide, “fix” or adapted some type of protective stance over these wounds rather than allowing them to heal naturally. These band aides, fixes, or protective stances usually are some habit and way of being or responding in the external world or to the external world.

As the scab formed to heal the would the gauze of the band aide we placed on the wound has become attached to the scab. So every time one tries to pull of that band aide fixe that we used rather than healing naturally, we reopen the wound. What this means is that every time we try and change that behavior or way of being, we reopen the wound that we protected with that fix. If that fix was effective, we probably used it routinely over time. Hence, in many cases, we have a whole series of wound nested together that will be reopened almost simultaneously if we try to radically change our behavior that we used to protect ourselves. Hence the pain and hurt of the past can be overwhelming, terrifying, and down right immobilizing. Yet what is symbolized in the heart and our creative life energy cannot properly function with all these band aide fixed attached. Any time we used anything other than a natural fix, we will cause the old wound to reopen at some time in our life. Yet we are constantly reopening these wounds and feeling the pain and bleeding away our creative life energy.

So as you learn to listen to your heart, you will find it necessary to pull off the band aide and gauze that you place on the wound to allow the wound to heal naturally. When you do, you will reopen the wound for you will be pealing back part of the scab that has come stuck to the protective actions that you have implemented. In learning to listen to the heart, you will need to be prepared to have many old wounds of the heart to be reopened so that they heal naturally as you stretch yourself past who you think you are and have been because of the experiences that you hold. In the same way soaking a wound in water will help dissolve the scab and the scab that has become bound to the gauze, by creating a space of love and acceptance of self and bathing yourself in that love, you will dissolve the scab of the heart and make your journey less painful. You need to give to yourself all that it needs at any level of your being to allow yourself to heal. To others you may become selfish or self absorbed but in reality you will only be learning to love yourself as you are. Until you can love yourself and be yourself, you cannot love others for you cannot give what you do not have. Until your heart is healed and what is symbolized in the heart, you cannot truly love yourself or another. As long a you have not healed your wound of the heart, you will be in the pain of your own being and that is all that you will be able to give to others is pain for again, you can only give what you have.

Using a guide (Top)

A guide can be used to heal the pain and separation of the past. But a guide can only take you there if they themselves have gone there and/or they understand the creative process as it relates to reconstituting the flow of our creative life energy. The process to heal these old wounds is an experiential journey and not something that you can learn in a classroom and/or mimicking another and what they have done. A person can only take you as deep as they themselves have gone. One cannot give what one does not have. A guide in this regard will only teach you how to go within and access your internal compass and then you will have to follow what you compass directs you to do. The guide does not lead you on the journey, for your journey into your healing is uniquely yours and no one can take it for you. They lead you to your own heart and your heart will tell you what you have to do to heal. The guide may subsequently accompany you on that journey allowing you to be who you have to become, but they cannot take the journey for you or tell you what to do. Only you can do that. But you have already within your own being all that you need to accomplish the task.

Some thoughts on a guide (Top)

On using a guide it needs to be noted. Some guides are not healers. Some healers are guides. Some healers are guides but don’t know they are guides. Some who guided do not know they guide. That key to any guide is whether or not they lead you into your own heart. Then they are able to keep you focused on your own heart and wisdom while giving you the space to process what you need to process as your past surfaces to be processed. Some will say a guide has compassion. Yet some guides are very detached and seem cold and removed. Your own internal wisdom will tell you if the individual you are using is that guide that you need. You only need to look carefully to see if you are growing and expanding in your own power and power is returning to you regardless of the pain you feel and the past that you find necessary to process.

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