Blinding passion


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Blinding passion is about creating with little or no awareness of the creative process. One is driven to create something simply because of the passion. In essence, we are metaphorically creatively blind. Whether we realize it or not, we are simply allowing the flow of energy within our being to lead us.

To start on any conscious creative effort, we need a level of passion. Passion is simply the way our mind experiences the flow of energy that will cause what we desire to create to manifest. The passion can be experienced as strong, intense and blinding like the passion a drowning person has for air – or, it can be experienced as a subtle, gentle, incessant, subconscious pull. In either case, we will need a passion sufficient to pay whatever the price is required to manifest what we intend. If we have a blinding passion like that of the drowning person for air, we need nothing else. It is a singled minded focus such that you either you will get what you desire or a part of you dies.

Blinding passion can be experienced in several different ways and falls into three basic types. One is the typic irrational passion with which most individuals are probably accustomed. The individual unequivocally states something to the effect, “This is what I want I am going to get it.” Nothing stops them and they are the proverbial steamroller stopping for nothing and crushing everything in its path.
The second type of blinding passion is a deep subconscious pull and/or drive. But the individual does not really know what they seek or why. This type of passion is most often experienced as a deep longing of the heart. It is often called the heart’s desire but is reflected in many other ways. Many aspects of sexuality fall into this category as does a person’s search for God, The Beloved or the beloved and the perfect soul mate.

The third type of blinding passion is desperation. He the individual knows what they don’t want and they are willing to do anything to get out of the situation in which they find themselves.

Although the energy behind blinding passion is an exceptional creative tool, from a creativity perspective, it is best to move the blind passion approach into a more conscious approach with a conscious awareness of our actions. There may not be any judgments on what we create, but there are consequences. Unless we are aware and awake when we act, we will be oblivious to the consequences. Although any creative endeavor takes un into the unknown and there will always things we do not expect, being mindful and aware allows us to proactive respond and mitigate situations that would otherwise be much more damaging.

Being aware and awake provides a more enjoyable overall journey with much less frustration than which arises in a blind passion approach. The bottom line is that, being the creative beings that we are, if we have a blinding passion for what we desire, we will probably get what we seek - or die trying. However, if we do not have such a passion then we will have to see what we can create that will excite and entice our creative spirit to become enthusiastic about creating what we desire.

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