The creative/creation process is an ebb and flow which gives rise to a cyclic process


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It is said in the topic, “Ebb and flow of Creation - the basis creative process”: The most basic creative/creation process is separation followed by recombination back into a wholeness. There is a localization of energy into what is perceived by consciousness as a form - a form as small as a thought or feeling, as expansive as a universe. Then there is the dissipate of that form back into a non localized energy. The process is never ending and on going.

What needs to be understood here is the perspective we hold when viewing the process either causes to see a linear or a cyclic process and has a great influence on what we experience. For every event we experience on each and every level of being, there is a flow that can be characterized as in outward expansion and creation and then an inward collapse and dissolution. The flow of energy will be toward a turning point where the expansion ends and the collapse beings. What matters here is there is a flow which provides one type of creation experience as it flows toward a turning point at which point the energy reverses and another type of creation is experienced. .

Imagine standing at a point and seeing what we desire as apart from us. It is something “out there” and we must reach for it. This gives rise to the separation and the experience of separation. We move toward what we seek to close the separation to bring us back into non separation. When we reach what we seek we being the journey back. The journey back is an experience of wholeness and completeness. This creates an endless cycle of going out and coming back. At any instant in time or in any one fraction of the total expansion and collapse the flow may appear to be linear but it is cyclic in its long term nature.

Probably the best example of this is our existence in our physical bodies. We are born and appear to move linearly in time to our death. However, there are many aspects to our body cells are always dying and new one’s being generated such that sum total direction of expansion or collapse to our experiences that provides us with what seemingly linear flow which we can use to measure time. But there are pieces within us expanding and collapsing all the time.

But our bodies are only one part of our being. We are beings of infinite dimensions and these dimensions superimpose over each other such that there will be a dominate experience. At this point in time the physical experience dominates our perception. Yet, if you look at an individual death in the context of a larger whole of life, there is another generation that always arises out of the generation that dies. In many ways similar to the way individual cells in our body die but the body continues individual we too are like the cells in the body. In any one moment people are being born and other dies but the humanity continues.

If you are willing to entertain the possibility of our awareness never dying, you can also see death as the beginning of a period where you rest and prepare for your next incarnation. It is a time of dissolving and digesting the life that you had lived before your death. It is much like how music is made as discussed in the topic, “Making music analogy for the creative/creation process.” The time between notes is the movement to create the next note. To see this possibility it is necessary to become the detached witness and view our life from outside of our enculturated mind and ego.

Now if we imagine our awareness standing between who and what we think we are and what we seek, the movement of separating and coming together occurs around us and we do not move. We care constantly centered and reside in a calmness. Yet to experience this, we must see ourselves separate from both who and what we think we are and what we desire. One does not have to meditate to obtain calmness. We only need to be in the center point of our creation.

This gives rise to the statement made in the topic, “Masculine aspect of the creative process” where it is said, “ must be remember that there is a balance in Creation. Creation is an ebb and flow but it can be experienced as an oscillation around a centeredness that can be experienced as a calmness. To access one’s creative potential one must return to the source/Source of their being, back to that place where all form is annihilated and only unbounded free energy exists. It is the center point in any creative oscillation. When view from the center point, creation/Creation is a dance. It is a dance between the masculine and the feminine.”

The key here is to realizes if we stand in the center point as the detached witness, and just observe the outward expansion of separation and the inward collapse of wholeness we achieve an inner calmness that is not affected by the outside world. However, as consciousness, we will have to embrace a desire to get the process moving and surrender to the desire we create as that detached witness. Similarly, we will have to embrace a desire to change what we observe and again surrender to the change as that detached witness. Otherwise we will never change the basic flow and continually experience the same continued oscillation. It is here, acting without awareness and without detachment that we create the proverbial wheel of Karma. Only in the awareness of that detached witness do we break out of the cycles of the past.

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