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The essence of creativity and creation is duality. It is the choice of options. If you haven’t notice, there is always a choice between two options. This choice is the essence of creativity. There is a never ending dance of duality between two states or choices.

As a minimum there is the choice to go or not to go on the journey to explore our creativity. There is the choice to be different and to be an original or to be the same as everyone else. There is the choice to deny or not to deny the information that challenges our beliefs about the world and how it works. There is a choice to deny or not to deny the energy and feelings within our being. We have a choice as to how we will tell our story or not to tell our story. We then have the choice as to how we can tell our story. We can tell it is as a victim or as the creator. We always have the choice for or against.

People like to think things are not black and white and that there are gray areas and there is always an option which exists between the black and the white. However, that is not really true. There is only the illusion that there is a gray area and we are not moving in one direction or the other.

In actually there is only being in the duality of separation. We are choosing “either this,” “or that.” However we choose to be in the duality or out of the duality in oneness and choosing “neither.” Most of our choices cause us to live in separation moving between opposites. However, do have the choice to live in such a way that we either move towards separation or away from separation toward oneness.

In duality, there is only an instant in time where we are not going away or toward something It is that moment, that instant, where we are changing directions between going toward and going away. All that a gray area is is a position in between going towards or away. Buy our choice will always have a direction associated to it. That direction is more essential than people are aware for it determines what side of the duality we favor.

Everything of the physical plane and of Creation, is a dance between the “either” and “or.” It is the tension between the “either-or” that supplies the energy that keeps the flow of life in motion. It is like the way we walk in life. We go into and out of balance. If we are too far out of balance we fall. If we don’t go out of balance at all, we remain stationary. To walk is to be in the gray area. The gray area is the walk. It is the dance between the two opposites of going into and out of balance.

It is the tensions between the opposites that give the motion to the universe and it is the tension between the opposites in our life that give motion and direction to our life. If we look carefully at dance between “either” and “or,” and realize that we need to walk or dance between the “either” and “or,” we can find creative solutions to any problem or issue we face.

Every creation creates its opposite or an opposite. Every creation has its mirror image that which is a reflection of the creation. Each thought will have a opposite thought. Each physical form will have its mirror. The reason for this is that every creation starts with a choice, the choice to choose to create, but it also creates the condition of not choosing.

As discussed in the phenomenon of Pair production, the manifestation of a creation causes a “hole” to exist from that which the creation manifested. Even if you take a cup of water from an infinite sea and the sea fills the hole, there is something missing from the infinite sea. The sea is no longer whole until you put the cup of water back into the sea. The wholeness exists with the sea and the cup together no matter how far apart we separate the sea and the cup of water.

In realizing the existence of the duality of ever creation, we only need to realize from which position of the duality we are viewing the creation. We are always viewing the issue form one side or the other of the duality. For example, the individuation of “I” creates that which is “not I.” The identification or claiming “that which is mine”or what we possess creates “that which is not mine” or that which we do not possess. Good creates evil. Right creates wrong. Anything you name we create that which is not contained within the name or outside the name. Anything you can “be” we create “not be.”

Once we created the duality, we can then view the creation from one of three views. We can view it from within the creation, from within its opposite or mirror, or you can transcend the creation and its opposite and look at the pair. For example, in the “I - not I” duality, we can view from the first position of “I” or “this is me.” Or we can view it from the second position of “not I” or this is “not me.” Or, there is the third position of transcendence above the duality and look at the pair “I - not I” or ”me-not me.” This third position, the transcendent position is to realize we the “I” or “me” is only a role within the duality. How we define the “I” or “me” is really arbitrary. There are an infinite number of possibilities that we can choose from. However, we normally choose to define ourselves based only on what we have experience and then a limited set of those experience. Rarely do we look what the composite of all that we have experienced and all that humanity has experience as representative of the essence of which each of us are. We forget that we could play any role that any human has played.

The creative/creation process that we experience as a human in the physical world can be reduced to a two step process. It starts in the mind and we can see this process when we tell our story. Think back to how we viewed the story of our life. Do we view it as the circumstances of life happening to us personally or did we see ourselves as a player in a larger drama such that what happened to us was not so much personal but rather we were just part of the hole scene?

For example, when we were tell our story and we feel someone hurts us, were they hurting us personally with the intention of hurting is as the person we are, or were they so frustrated and angry with life and we were only a convenient scapegoat that they could point to as the cause of their anger and frustration? All anger and frustration comes from within the individual. Any time any one points to someone outside themselves they are only looking for a scapegoat for the disarray of their own internal state. We do have the choice as to which view we will take. The question is which view do we take.

To access the necessary creativity for what we desire to create, it is essential to know where we are in the creative/creation process at any point in time for the aspect we wish to change. We need to look to see if we have somehow placed ourselves in our current situation or has something external to us caused our current situation. In looking at an external cause we do need to realize of course, the seeds that we planted for how we wanted our life to unfold may not be recognizable in its fruit
The two key steps in any creation are as follows. First, there is the creation or formulation of the thought or seed which starts the process. Unless we have created that though in the transcendental view discussed above, that thought will causes the formation of a duality which consists of the though that we have and it opposite. Both will manifest in our life. Unless we are aware of that fact, we will find ourselves facing an external duality

The second part of creation is the execution and unfoldment of the thought which will mean the opposite of that thought also manifests. What we often fail to consider is the unpleasantness of life that we face is only be the manifesting of our original thought meeting its counterpart that we created. Of ten the unpleasantness in life is only the two coming together to annihilate each other. What the unfoldment of any thought will actually look like will depend from which view we choose to watch or experience the unfoldment. We need to remember there are multiple perspectives from which to view the creative/creation process. Some view are more pleasant than others. The recommendation made here is that we choose our thoughts and a perspective that allows us to create a life worth living and something that truly serves who and what we are.

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