Growth cycles of a creation


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Creations are an unfoldment. Creations rarely manifest instantaneously. Those that do have had most of the unfold done in the unseen world. In some way is it is much like the birth of a child or the appearance of a note of music. We see the child come into existence and hear the note. But often we fail to realize the volume of effort that goes on in the unseen world of the womb for nine months or the rising and falling of an unseen hammer on a piano string before the note is heard. However, most of our creations will grow and unfold much like that of a tree. It will grow over time and there will be periods of rapid grown and periods of slow unfoldment.

Since we are creating something not previously seen and/or previously experienced we really have no idea how long it may take. We may think you are planting a flower that will grow in few months whereas we are really planting a tree that may take years to bear fruit. When we get what we desire quickly, there is no issue. However, if we have to wait years and we don’t know how many years we have to wait, it is very easy to become distracted, bored and even lose faith. We may doubt the success they are having, or worse, doubt our own creative ability.

We may also become extremely frustrated because of the seemingly endless “hurry up and wait” periods that are often required for a creative effort. This is best understood in looking at a fruit tree that takes many years to bear fruit. Every spring there is a “hurry up and wait” period. Spring causes a quick burst of life beginning a new growing season. There is the growth of new foliage and it is a time for blossoms but one finds they still have to wait several more spring cycles before the tree is capable of bearing fruit. Since the time to bear fruit is long and the cycles of “hurry up and wait” frustrating, we can easily lose hope and abandon their creative efforts.

The truth we all need to face is that is that we may have asked to create something that may take a better part of a lifetime. Many creative endeavors are like children. They take years of nurturing before they are strong enough to go into the world alone without the safety and security of a nurturing parent. Being able to walk does not mean one is knowledgeable to survive in the world. So too any creative effort that we undertake. We need to surrender our life to the growth cycle and process of our creation and not to what we want or think.

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