An inner and outer dance


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The inner and outer dance is the dance of our inner world reflected in our outer world.

It is dance analogous to the dance between the creation of a pair of particles and their annihilation. The awareness of the pair phenomenon and how energy is converted to mass applied and the movement of energy consciousness into an observer and the observed. This brings to our attention to the fact that no matter how we may view our inner world it is reflected externally and whatever we experience externally is reflected internally. How it is possible our inner world could be reflected externally is discussed in the topic “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors

Although the inner is always reflected in the outer and vice versa, the dance can be experienced in one of a variety of ways as suggested in the topic “Dances of creation/Creation” depending on how we focus our attention and awareness. For example, the inner world can be experienced as a dance between mind and heart, a dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine, or a dance between the enculturated mind and the truth of our being.

The dance is to know when the our focus should be externally and changing external conditions to effect the changes we desire and when we should focus internally. Or, we may find we need to work both simultaneously. The dance is to know that there may be very specific external conditions that need to be addressed to resolve an internal condition or a very particular internal way of thinking and believing may be giving rise to an external condition that does not serves us.

The dance is to know when we change one we change the other. The question is, “Which, the internal world or the external world, provides the fastest, easiest and gentlest way to effect the change we desire and meet the sacrifice of creation?” The way we master this dance is to become very mindful of aware of what we think and believe and what does and doesn’t occur in our life. It is to ask, “Why this particular thought or why this particular experiences as opposed to any other?” As we pursue such questions, we can being to see the connection between the inner and the outer.

Additional discussion in the inner and outer dance is found in the topics “The Third Dance” and “Learning to Dance”

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