The Masculine and Feminine Aspect in the Creative Process


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The masculine and feminine aspect of creation
The clutter around the masculine and feminine aspects of creation
The masculine and feminine aspects of the creation process
Energy consciousness and the masculine and feminine
Understanding the masculine and feminine aspect

Within the creative/creation process there is a masculine and a feminine aspect. They arise as a reflection and interpretation of the roles and function played by consciousness and energy in the creative/creation process and permeate every aspect of  creation.

In overview, to follow what mind thinks is to use the masculine aspect of creation. The masculine way of manifesting a thought is to act on the thought by inserting that though into reality by our actions. It is to act based on what mind knows. Using the feminine aspect of creation is to put that thought into the fertile field of our being and grow that thought into a form in the way we would plant and seed in a fertile field. The feminine way to create is to act based on our intuitive guidance and what intuitively arises from the unseen

For most of our creative efforts, the issue of understanding the masculine and feminine aspects of the creative process will never arise. They will arise only when we choose a creative endeavor where what we desire to create causes us to totally change our life and the identity form which we have been experiencing life. If the masculine and feminine aspect do arise in a creative effort probably the issue of sexuality will also arise in one form or another. Using sexuality in creative endeavors is addressed in the  topic, “Creative Sexuality.”

The clutter around the masculine and feminine aspects of creation (Top)

There is what can best be described as a clutter and messiness around the understanding of the masculine and feminine aspects of the creation. It is not a confusion because the basic understanding is present but the understanding is inaccurate for two primary reasons.

The first reason is that mind characterizes what it experiences based on the experiences it has had. We each are part of a creative/creation process. We are the ongoing unfolding product of that creative/creation process. Being within the process we can not fully see the process for what it is. Our mind as we know it, came into existence as a result of the process. Remaining in the mind, that is in what we think and believe, does not allow us to stand outside the process to see it for what it is. Yet we use the process that created us and sustains us to create life and propagate life without any really understanding of the process. What mind does is use its experiences to characterize, explain or understand what it experiences. It looks to what it knows about the male and female to understanding the creative roles of the masculine and feminine. This then leads to the second issue.

The second reason is that we come to understand the function and roles of the masculine and feminine as a result of the social customs of our society and personal experiences with the male, female and sexuality as a human being. Social customs and our personal experiences do not accurately portray their role and function.

To understand the masculine and feminine creative aspects of the creative/creation process several things are necessary. One is to look at the creative/creation process energetically much the way one would look how a battery as an energy source is examined. The second thing is to realized consciousness experience creative/creation process from within the process. Such a perspective cannot give and accurate picture of the entire process. The third is that it is necessary to review our own individual view of what the masculine and feminine mean. It is then necessary to compare our understanding of the masculine and feminine with their creative function and the meaning we carry as these meanings relate to the role and function of a male and female in our society. The two meanings are related, but different.

The masculine and feminine aspects of the creation process (Top)

The most basic creative/creation process is and ebb and flow. It is separation followed by recombination back into a wholeness. There is a localization of energy into what is perceived by consciousness as a form - a form as small as a thought or feeling, as expansive as a universe. Then there is the dissipate of that form back into a non localized energy. The process is never ending and on going. What causes the energy to localize in any given form is the environment in which it finds itself and the awareness or unawareness of consciousness associated with the process.

The masculine aspect of the creative process is any thrusting by consciousness to create, to mold reality into a new form. The masculine act is to cause energy to localized into a given form. As perceived from the human perspective, the masculine thrust into separation occurs is experienced in an orgasmic fashion, explosive or, at least rather quickly.

The thrusting by the masculine to create what it desires creates a separation from what is. The desire that is held creates a tension. The separation creates a tension between the masculine and feminine that fuels or energizes the creation. It is a tension for that energy which has been thrust out to return to the wholeness. That separation is then followed by a feminine flow of energy back into wholeness.

What gives rise to the masculine thrusting out actually occurs behind the seen in the unseen is a process unto itself. All we see is the birth and separation. We see the creation in form. The energy flowing back into wholeness is what animates the creation we experience. As such we only consciously experience one half of the creation process.

It is the joining with the feminine that the energy which fueled the separation releases and flows back into wholeness. The essential masculine act is to establish the connection with the feminine for the energy of creation to dissipate or dissolve the form to flow out of separation and back into wholeness. The energy flows back into wholeness according to the path of least resistance in the environment in which it finds itself. The masculine must hold that connection with the feminine to keep the energy flowing until the creation is finished otherwise the energy will be directed into a separation. The creation/Creation we experience is the flow back into wholeness.

The feminine is the flow of energy in accordance to the situation created by the masculine act. The energy flows to provide the desired experience of creation as it dissipates and returns to the source. The process is analogous to the form of a river being lost as it flows and dissipates in the sea. If we cannot freely dissipate the energy in the experience we bind and rob ourselves of our own creative power because the energy is not freed for the next creation.

The feminine aspect of the creative process is seen as the nurturing and sustaining aspect of consciousness. She holds the form of the new creation in such a way that the new creation is allowed to grow and unfold according to its own nature within the environment it finds itself. The feminine aspect is the return portion of the outward masculine thrust.

To thrust with the masculine is to create separation. To flow with the feminine is to create wholeness and remove separation. Without the masculine to connecting with the feminine separation continues. The separation is experienced as some type of a longing. It is expressed as the longing for something external to itself to complete itself. It is this longing which causes the desire to create to arise. It causes a desire to seek that which will satisfy the longing. The longing creates a tension. The greater the tension the greater the energy and passion to create that can be generates.

It is the passion or energy for creation which ultimate arises from the longing that is made available in the joining of, or a coupling of, the masculine and feminine creative aspect. For any creative endeavor we undertake the energy and passion we feel is what allows us to create what we desire. The energy is allowed to flow to dissipation only as the result of a joining of the masculine and feminine. Ultimate, all our creative energy and passion ultimately arises in the longing to join the inner masculine and inner feminine and then have the passion expressed externally.

Energy consciousness and the masculine and feminine (Top)

Energy consciousness is neither masculine or feminine. It assumes a masculine characteristic when it becomes aware and awake and chooses to act. The consciousness that becomes aware and aware does not need to become aware that it exists apart or separate from the rest of Creation as an individuated consciousness. As long as it chooses for or against something the masculine aspect arise as separate from the energy giving rise to the choice. If consciousness awakes and even becomes aware of its existence as separate from Creation it will not step into the masculine - feminine separation until it choose for or against something. The masculine and feminine aspects of creation/Creation arise as a result of choice as oppose to remaining totally with what is as it is.

The masculine is the choice to hold a thought, and allow that choice of thought to be the focus of one conscious or subconscious attention and awareness, or the choice to act on a thought. The masculine is responsible for Creation. The masculine is the cause of creation/Creation.

The experience of creation/Creation is the feminine. The feminine is to surrender to what is as it is. It is to flow with creation/Creation unfolding. When we step into what we feel and allow what we feel rather than controlling with the mind, we are in the feminine.

Understanding the masculine and feminine aspect (Top)

Each of us have a masculine and feminine aspect within our being. To truly understand and access the creative powers of the universe we will have to experience both these roles and their function. Directly experiencing the masculine and feminine is quite different than intellectually understanding them. In doing so, most will be very surprised as to what they will be asked to experience in one way or another.

For most, an experience of the feminine can be terrifying to their enculturated mind and it will step in with it judgements and preference early in the process to regain control. Creation requires one to step into the unknown. To stay in the alignment with the feminine for the duration of a creation process takes great trust. Most cannot say with the process and trust. The seek the known. Most look for external assurances they will remain safe and in doing so step out of the creation process as it needs to unfold.

To understand the masculine and feminine creative aspects, you will find it necessary to give up or suspend what you think and believe about what it means to be male and female both from a biologically perspective and a social and cultural perspective. It will cause you to give up what you think about what it means to be masculine or feminine including your ideas about sexuality. To the best of your ability, you will need to purge yourself of what you have experienced relative to both the masculine and feminine and how you came to think and believe what you do about these subjects. You will need to face these topics as completely new as possible.

In experiencing the masculine and feminine creative aspect, you will find parts will be much like the past and what you have experience. But, most often, with a new twist. Much will also be different and the implications quite profound. Your exploration will take you to understand why mind is considered masculine and the heart and what is symbolized in the heart, as feminine. It will shed some light on why many of the concepts of God are masculine and the earth and our bodies are seen as feminine.

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