A Price to Pay and the Minimum Set of Requisite Experience

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A Price to Pay and

the Minimum Set of Requisite Experience

Price to pay

Why a price to be paid in the creative endeavor

Mind and the minimum set of requisite experience

Make the journey faster and easier

Price to pay (Top)

What needs to be understood is that there is a price to be paid for any creative endeavor and that price is not monetary. Although parts of that price may be monetary, it is not something you can simply pay for in the way mind thinks or wants. You can’t just exchange money and think you can pay the price. The prices is much beyond what money can buy. The price to be paid is a result of the fact that you will need a source of energy to create what you desire and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

To create what you desire, the price to be paid is the sacrifice of those aspects of the existing form necessary to create both the (1) space for your new creation and (2) free the energy that will give rise to your new creation. These are inescapable fact. The price to be paid will also include a price that is paid by another for your creative effort. Creativity is not done alone. We need others to give us the experiences we desire to have. An example of the price paid by another of which we all are familiar is the price that was paid by our mother for us to come into this world. In any creative effort, there will be an external feminine presence (not female but a feminine nurturing presence) that will pay a price for your creation. Most are unaware of the presence of this nurturing feminine creative energy in their life. Exactly how and why this will happen is a direct result of the creative process and how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. How it is possible to understand how we create the reality of our experiences is covered on the web site “Creativity Physics” at physics.andcreativity.info.

Two questions in any creative effort are (1) “How much is the price that one will need to pay - what is the ultimate cost?” and (2) “Who is that “other” or “others” who will assists me my creative endeavor?” Unfortunately, the answer to both these question is that it all depends on what you desire to create and why. Remember, a true creation is something not seen or previously experienced, or significantly different from the past. Hence, you will not know that final cost or who you really need to help you until the creation is fully manifested.

From personal experience I can say the price that was paid for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding was more than what I could have ever conceived. Even if someone has laid the entire cost out, it was too much to be believed as possible. If I had consciously known the cost beforehand I don’t really know if I would have started the journey. Yet, the journey was taken. On this point, the journey did not unfold as my mind expected. The people who really helped me get the understanding was not who I expected or could have anticipated. Nor did they provide the information in the way that I expected. Here again, if it was all laid out beforehand I would not have believed it. I would have also judged the approach as very inefficient if not illogical. Yet, in hindsight, certain things could not be understood until certain experiences were had. So too many of your creative endeavors. The question we face centers on, “How do we approach both the payment and looking for those who will really give us what we need when we really don’t know?”

Why a price to be paid in the creative endeavor (Top)

It needs to be understood, all of the available creative energy you have is directed toward living your life as you currently experience it. All of your creative life energy that you need to create something is raveled, entangled or otherwise entwined in creating what you now experience. Similarly, all the energy of the Creation is simply directed toward creating Creation as we currently experience it. If you are going to create something new, something else, in some way, must be sacrificed to create that something new. So you will have to give something up from your existing world, both the inner world and outer world to create something new. There will be both an inner price and an outer price.

You will have to pay the total inner price and part of the outer price. Since Creation/creation is not done alone, another or other will also have to pay part of the outer price. If you are not willing to pay the price, you will not create what you desire. The price that you need to play is determined by what you desire to create and not what your mind wants to pay. Since what you desire to create does not yet exist, you mind cannot know exactly what that price will be. Exactly what that price will look like cannot be known for mind only knows the past and it cannot tell you what you will need to do.

You will find is that you will need to pay for things to help you break the patterns of the past. You may need to by books, visit certain sight, take certain trips, meet with certain people and/or even pay for a coach, a teacher, a therapist or a healer to guide you on part of your journey or to techniques that you may need for your exploration.

The inner price is giving up how and what you think to embrace the new thinking. For example, consider new beliefs found in the book you buy. In terms of an inner and outer price to be paid, the outer price may be the amount of money you pay for the book. The inner prices were the beliefs you give up that changes how and what you think. Or, the price to be paid may be that you need to change the way you life your entire life (the outer price) to have complete new and different experiences (the inner price) than living the you did in the past

As a minimum, the price to be paid is that you will have to become different in some way. You will have to move out of your mind - what you think and believe about your creative endeavor - to see differently. A part of oneself, the old response patterns and the way of life they created in the world, will have to die. New response patterns and a new way of being in the world will need to be developed. Response patterns that allow one to enter the creative state to create the new creation. One of the particular inner prices to be paid is giving up all the response patterns of the past relative to one’s desire that your mind currently use to keep yourself safe. Those patterns that are used to not expose yourself to the possibility of again experiencing the pain of having your creative endeavor thwarted in any way as you experienced in the past. Those patterns whole, or in part, are used to create what you currently experience.

In this journey you may find you pay for something that is of seemingly no use to you or someone may give you something for which you seem to pay no price. It needs to be understood, that there are no chance occurrences and there are no mistakes. There are only learning experience

When you pay the price and you clear the space, the new will occur. To buy a book and find it is of no use to you is not a mistake for you now know what doesn’t work or what you don’t need. That is a learning experience, not a mistake. You cleared the space for something need to enter your life by choose to read the book. Similarly if someone comes and gives you something seemingly for free, there was a price that has been paid. If you have no room within your being to accept what is given, you will never see the gift a person has and/or what they have to offer. Only when you clear the space within your own being can you see the gift and accept it. The price that was paid was all that you did prior to receiving the gift to be open to the gift. Here again, there are no mistakes. Buying the book that does not serve you may cause you to give up the reasons why you bought the book and what it is you were seeking in the book only to open yourself to another avenue for what you need, like the gift and person who comes into your life to give you the gift you didn’t expect.

It needs to be understood when you pay a price to hear a person speak or for the material they write, you do not pay for answers. The answers you seek ultimately come from within. Rather what you pay for is to expose yourself to another person’s view of the world and of Creation as they have experienced it or how they report the experience of others. What you hear will hopefully focus your attention and awareness such that you become open you to hear what is already inside you that you know. You only needed an occasion to bring it out what is within. In any case, you will have to determine the truth of what is reported to you to see if it is true for you and effective in your creative endeavors for what you desire to create.

Mind and the minimum set of requisite experience (Top)

It is said above mind cannot know beforehand what all needs to be sacrificed and what exact the price to be paid will look like. It needs to be remembered mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. A truly creative endeavor is to experience something that does not yet exist. Hence mind will not be able to see what needs to occur until a minimum set of requisite experience is obtained to see how all the pieces fit together.

In many ways it is like putting together a picture puzzle or a mosaic. Some pieces give you more information than another. But until you get a minimum set of pieces laid out, you cannot see what picture the puzzle makes. You many not need a particular set of pieces to see the picture but there is a minimum set of pieces you must have before you are sure of the picture. So too any creative endeavor. Until you get that minimum set of requisite experience, where each experience is like a puzzle piece, you cannot see all that needs to be done for the creative effort. How long it takes to get all the necessary pieces for that minimum set is entirely dependent on what you desire to create and from were you start your creative effort.

In any truly creative effort, there is obviously more information than required that is nice to know. That is, there are more pieces to the puzzle than that minimum set. Then there is the information your mind thinks it need to know but does not give you that minimum set. Finally, there is the information you need to know. The question is how do you get what you need to know within the constrains of the time and money available to you. Unfortunately, you don’t know. You have to surrender to the creative process and pay the price whatever it may be to create what you desire. Then, even if you pay the price and acquire that minimum set of requisite experience, you still may not be able to create what you desire for there is the outer price the other must pay and they many not be willing to pay it.

Under the topic of “Accessing Creative Power - Implementing Creative Step/Guidelines #4,” I stated “I was overtaken by a seemingly impossible dream. For all practical purposes I was impregnated with a dream that appeared, at first, impossible to create. But yet I knew that it needed to be given life. It needed to be gestated, birthed and helped to stand on it own two feet. There was nothing in my life experiences that prepared me for what it really meant or even to being to understand how to manifest it....It [the dream] truly was a gentle phoenix” Although I had no idea of how to begin such a journey let alone create a gentle phoenix, I was pulled to start a journey to create it.

So, to start my journey, I did what my mind considered should be done. However, I was also open to what my intuitive guidance provided about the journey. In the end I found what my mind lead me to do was no where near as fruitful as compared to what my intuitive guidance lead me to do. In many ways I had to “burn off” the belief that my mind knew what to do. In time I learned to just follow my intuitive guidance and use my mind to make it safe to acquire the experience my intuitive guidance was directing me to have.

It took ten years to get the pieces and put them together to understand how it was possible to manifest that dream. The effort required a combination of ten years of a single pointed focused effort of exploration into creativity supplemented by forty-four years of not so focused prior life experiences. But then I discovered there were still things that were needed because there were three level as to what could be created. One level I could create by myself with a minimum sacrifice on the part of any others. However, the other two levels cannot be created unless there is another or others who are willing to pay the outer price to create it. Quite simply, creation is not done alone and we will need others.

So, it can only be expected that there will be many private or communal excursions of unknown number and length that you will need to take as you get the necessary minimum set of experiences you need to create what you desire. How long it takes for you to get all that you need of course depends on where you start and what you desire to create and how you do or don’t follow your intuition. How much assistance you need or like to have on these journeys in also unknown until you take these journeys. And as stated, you may not be able to create what you desire for you will need the sacrifice and part of the price paid by another.

The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines have been designed to help you get the minimum set of requisite experience. They will help you do several things. One is they will help to create a single point focus in your life to keep focused for as long as it takes to create what you desire. A second thing is they help you develop a creativity perspective to let go of those things or aspects of your life that you will need to give up to pay the price. They also provide a way to bring that other individual into your life in a way that can help make the price they pay gentler and easier.

Although you will need to take an unknown number of private journeys to gain the minimum set of experiences that you need to create what you desire, you should allow your intuition to lead to those experiences rather than doing what your mind thinks. Otherwise the price you will pay is much higher than necessary. Creativity by its very nature requires one to move out of what one thinks and believes as discussed in the various parts of this web site.

Make the journey faster and easier (Top)

In understanding the creative process and how all experiences require a flow of energy, you can use your intuitive guidance through your internal compass to access the flow of energy that will give rise to what you desire to create. It can show you the direction you need to go to get that necessary minimum set of requisite experience. All you can do is rely on a very clear intention and the guidance of your intuitive abilities.

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