Losing ourselves in the valley of contentment


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In any creative endeavor, we are faced with the anxiety of creation. Mind will do many things to avoid this anxiety. In particular it will find some way to numb what it feels or somehow suppress it or overly it with something that feels good. Yet when we don’t face the anxiety and/or any associated pain, we risk developing an addiction. Now, even if we can learn to be present to the moment and sit in the anxiety of the unknown, there is another trick mind will play to regain control. Mind allows us to think that we sit in the anxiety of the unknown yet it has never given up complete control.

It is probably clear how we are capable of falling into protective response patterns and habits created by our mind and kept from consciously embracing the creative/creation process. However, many don’t see how our addictive habits allow us to “think” we are very creative when we are not. In the end we only experience a limited portion of the true depth and breadth of our creativity. This issue is best explained in an analogy.

What happens is that we have allow ourselves to enter what could be called a “valley of contentment.” It is as though we start on a wagon train for Oregon from Missouri. But after struggling through the anxiety of the mountains of Wyoming, we find a nice valley in Utah. We decide to stop there rather than continue on and achieve what we originally intended to do. That is, continue onto Oregon. We have become satisfied with the pleasures of a current situation that seem so much better from where we started and the difficulties of the journey. Rather than continuing the journey into the unknown to manifest our stated intention, we “claim victory” and stop. We rationalize that we no long want our original intention but really wanted to be in this valley of contentment and the satisfaction this valley provides. In doing so, we seem content. But then over time, we are puzzled as to why we never create the reality of our choice and sometimes even feel we are powerless to create anything in our reality.

Rather than creating our reality of choice and facing what we need to face, we become content with following the natural course of the environment around us. We follow its lead and flow rather than following through on the flow within our own being based on the intention we had set. Rather than following the current and flow of the energy that will manifest our intention, we follow the current of our family, society or culture or something else that seems to satisfy our deep needs as long as this external flow of energy allows us to feel warm and fuzzy, safe and secure to one degree or another. It doesn’t matter whether we become addicted to a substance such a alcohol, food, a person, or some habit of  the mind, or way of being in the world. The question is, can we face the anxiety of the creation and the unknown through the duration of our entire creative effort. If we cannot sit in the anxiety of creation and the unknwon for as long as it takes, we will be caught in a habit that needs to be broken if we want to regain the depth and breadth of our creative power.

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