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In the topic “Interdisciplinary Aspect of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Material” it was said, “Often these mystics have or had either: 1) a spontaneous experiences of what can described as either as Oneness or a intimate experience of the Divine, or 2) spent an enormous number of years creating a state of being within themselves for what they believe is an experience of the Divine through some type of practice such as meditation, yoga, prayer, contemplation, rituals and the like. In this perception and/or experience, many of these mystics have claimed and demonstrated they have achieved a deep inner satisfaction that allows them to transcend the normal frustrations and issues of life

What is important for all of us in this statement is that because energy and consciousness are one and the same, reality will mold itself to what we believe. That is, we will create an experience of that on which we focus our attention and awareness. We can, and will create, experiences of beliefs that we hold long enough with a single point focus as in meditative practices. What is import to realize here is what we experience is what we think we experience and what we think is not necessarily representative of the truth of what is.

Two points need to be considered here. One is that mind characterize what is experiences based on the past and what it has learned. What it gives us is not necessarily correct. If we desire a experience of the Divine, we can and will create that experience. However, as discussed in the topic “The Problem of Mind and the Experience the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind,” we will not see the experience for what it is. We will characterize that experience based on what we think the experience should be and/or what mind is capable of characterizing. Mind will not, and cannot, properly characterize the true depth and breadth of the experience - no matter what our mind tell us.

That brings us to the second point. The Divine in infinite in what it encompasses. There are an infinite number of way of experiencing the Divine. In fact, in the oneness of Creation, you are an experience of the Divine as I am. However, we do not see the truth of this fact simply because of the perspective held by our mind. We don’t have to create an experience of the Divine for we already are an experience of the Divine. Our mind is just not capable of readily accepting and experiencing that fact. Our mind is finite and only knows what it has experienced. To truly understand the interconnected of all of Creation is overwhelming to our mind as we know it. It cannot being to process all the information that is available to it. The discussion, “Experiencing the Pool of Creation,” may provide a little insight to you as to how and why these statements are made.

The point to realize here is that any experience we create is an experience of the Divine. Additionally, we simply experience what we believe at some level of our being. We have a transcendental mind and an enculturated mind. Most perceive reality through their enculturated mind. When we access our transcendental mind as in a deep meditation or other contemplative practices, it is so deep and vast in comparison to our enculturated mind we think we accessed the mind of God. However, all we are doing is accessing a deep part of our own infinite being based on the experiences we have had of Creation.

The recommendation made here is that you start a dialog with your intuitive guidance. Ask it what beliefs you hold that are limiting you being able to see truth of reality and that you already are an experience of the Divine. It will response. Honor the intuitive guidance that you get. Iterate the process as much and often as necessary. In time you will come to see the truth of what is stated here.

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