Analogies for Understanding Individualized Consciousness

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Analogies for understanding the individualized points of consciousness
The origins of individualized points of consciousness
Analogies for individualized points of consciousness
Ocean current analogy
The piano/music analogy
The electromagnetic spectrum analogy

Pool of water analogy of energy consciousness
Summary comments on the analogies
Problem with all analogies

The starting point for this discussion “The origins of individualized points of consciousness” addresses many of the same concepts and principles found in the topics an “Individuated Point of Consciousness” and “An Infinitely Creative Being.” It can be skipped when entered from these discussions. This discussion “Analogies for individualized points of consciousness” provides some analogies from the physical world which lend themselves to understanding how the phenomenon of individualized consciousness is possible.

The origins of individualized points of consciousness (Top)

The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective presents the concept that a unique infinitely creative consciousness within Creation had no one with whom to share itself. In its loneliness and desire to share, it created a state of being which gives the illusion of an infinite number of unique individualized points of consciousness.

Each of point of consciousness is an expression of a different aspect of the original consciousness capable of awakening to the awareness of who and what it really is. Each seek a playmate or someone with whom to share itself as did that original consciousness. Only now each point of consciousness is capable of experiencing and playing with any other point of consciousness. It can find and experience it playmate.

However, each is unique. No one other point of consciousness can or will fulfill the desires of another. Only in the totality of experiencing all the individualized points of consciousness or awaken to all other aspects of itself will one individualized point of consciousness awake to its true nature and true desire. Only the illusion of Creation created by the mind keeps each of these individuals points of consciousness in the “dark” so to speak as to who and what it really is.

Each point of consciousness is similarly infinitely creative and infinitely vast. It is ultimately identical to the original consciousness and one with it. It is just asleep and unaware of this fact. As a result of this illusion, each is an entity and a universe unto itself. Each, if it so chooses, is capable of expanding its awareness to encompass all of Creation or creating a Creation as vast as the universe unto itself separate from Creation. Each of us are one of those individualized points of consciousness.

Additionally, each of these individualized points of consciousness is holographic. Because each individualized point of consciousness is only the expression of an aspect of the original infinite consciousness, each contains the whole. However, the illusion of mind, keeps the individualized point of consciousness in unawareness of this fact. Within the illusion, the whole is unavailable to the individualized consciousness to access it.

The greater the awakened awareness of any one individualized points of consciousness the greater awareness it has of the whole. Yet, the whole can be seen in any one individualized point of consciousness. It is like a hologram. The smaller the piece the less clarity as to whole. The greater the piece of hologram, the greater the clarity. In essence, we increase the size of the piece of the hologram by expanding our awareness This is the whole basis of the concept called enlightenment. It is to awaken our awareness to the wholeness of what is. The greater the awareness awakened, the greater the clarity as to the true nature of Creation. If the individualized consciousness could awaken to an infinite awareness it would achieve a cosmic consciousness and have the awareness of the whole. But then it would not be perceiving as an individualized consciousness. Rather it would have come full circle back to the point of origin - a Cosmic Consciousness looking for a playmate with Whom to share Itself.

The question is, “How it this possible - how can we understand this phenomenon of individualized consciousness?” There are a few analogies from the physical world which lend themselves nicely to how this phenomenon actually occurs.

Analogies for individualized points of consciousness (Top)

In looking at Creation, we can see there are a variety of individualized flows of energy in creation. Many appear to be creations within creation. For example, we can look at the multiple different cloud that form in the sky all seemingly from different currents in the air. We can similarly look at the ocean which has multiple currents flow in it at any one time. Within the energy consciousness model, each of these individual currents can be seen having the possibility of awaken to the awareness of itself as and individualized entity. If it does so, it would be an individualized creative spirit. The following analogies have been found useful in understanding the concept of how individualized points of consciousness can arise.

What we do need to emphasize now is that there is an infinite number of individualized views that can be taken by the consciousness within the universe and each is different yet each is essentially the same. This characteristic of sameness but yet being unique is the common property of all these analogies.

Ocean current analogy
(Top): When we look at the ocean, we see the entire ocean is water. At first glance it all looks the same. However, within the ocean are definable currents with reasonably perceivable boundaries. In some cases all that separates the current from it environment is simply the temperature of the water which is only a measure of the energy it possesses. Otherwise the current and its environment are identical. Yet, they are all part of the same ocean.

So too the flow of energy within our being. There are definable currents with perceived boundaries but yet the are all part of something larger. Consciously, we perceive these definable currents within our being as roles we play and think nothing of them. The role we play with a small child is usually quite different than the role we play with an adversary in our work place. Yet, each of these roles we play are only how we choose to channel and define the flow of energy within our being to act one way or another. Similarly, we too are only a flow of energy within a larger process only playing what could be called a role.

Within Creation all can be seen as different currents of energy playing different roles simultaneously. All that separates any one aspect from any other is the perceive boundaries. Yet within the wave-particle nature of energy, there is an aspect of the energy of any particle that permeates all of reality and there are no boundaries. It is just that the energy localizes in such a way to give it a definable form as a particle. 

The music analogy
(Top): We can look at consciousness as the 88 keys of a piano. The piano (with all its keys) is the Consciousness of the Universe. God, a Cosmic Consciousness, the Consciousness of All That Is, the Creation Power of Creation, if you wish to call it that. Each key on the piano functions exactly the same way but each is a separate unique tone. Our individualized consciousness can be seen as one of the key. we are one key. We are one unique expression of that piano. Although each individualized consciousness is not the entire piano, the piano is incomplete without each and every key and every key functions exactly the same way as any other. They only sound different.

The God or Creative Power that is within us is the key of the piano represents us. No other key on the piano is like our key and no other key can make the sound we can make .But, in many ways, we function just like every other key. Only our sound is different.

We can look to see how any one piano string works and find they all work the same way as any other. Each produces a note or sound when struck that functions like any other note or sound. In this regard, our ego - our unique experience of our individuality - is very important to the universe. This piano is incomplete without us - and our ego. We, in many ways, are incomplete without all the other keys. Music is only made when our key is played with all the other keys and in relation with the other keys whether simultaneously or in series.

We only need to learn what other keys allow us to make harmonious music and what keys cause a discord or unpleasant sound. Yet it is to know that at times, the unpleasant sounds are needed to contrast the beauty of harmony. Even those aspects of our ego that seem so seemingly awkward and annoying to others may only exist for the necessary contrast.

Extending this analogy into Creation, Creation can be seen like a piece of music played by an orchestra - the superposition of many such notes The topic, “Music analog for creation/Creation,” further discusses this concept.

The implications of an infinite number of unique and independent individualized points of consciousness “making music” is much broader and deeper than we may first suspect and the piano analogy cannot begin to cover all of them. The piano keyboard is not infinite. Although there may be an infinite number of sounds between any two keys and as above and below, the key board itself is finite and limited to only eighty eight notes. But, as discussed below, this is the problem we face with all analogies, each in some way is incomplete..

The electromagnetic spectrum analogy
(Top): Another analogy, but perhaps more difficult for most (because most have not studied the physics of electromagnetic radiation), to understand individualization of energy and consciousness is the electromagnetic spectrum analogy. It is to look at the different frequencies of the infinite electromagnetic spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum of electromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, TV waves, infrared radiation, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, x-ray and other myriad of higher and lower energy radiations. Each frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum can be seen as an individual independent frequency analogous to the notes on the piano but here our piano, the electromagnetic spectrum, is infinite in size.

The electromagnetic spectrum is an infinite spectrum of vibrations. A vibration can be represented as an oscillation up and down and drawn as a sine wave. For those not familiar with electromagnetic waves or the electromagnetic spectrum an introductory discussion is provided in the topic “Introduction to Electromagnetic Waves.”

The electromagnetic spectrum has an infinite number of electromagnetic waves all of the same basic nature and each exactly like any other except they differed only in frequency and wavelength. The colors of the rainbow is an example of seven of them. However, most electromagnetic radiation lies above or below our normal range of perceptions. We need specially constructed instruments to detect the energy above an below visible light. Each point on the electromagnetic spectrum is a frequence of vibrating energy and functions the same way. Yet, each is uniquely different. Each appears and is perceived differently yet they are in essence the same. They each interact differently with matter. Frequencies that are near each other on the spectrum act is a similar way. Frequencies that are widely separated seem to be something totally different.

What is important in the electromagnetic spectrum is the contrast between how a given type of wave at one end of the spectrum, such as radio waves, will interact in the physical world in a seemingly very different way than another part of the spectrum, like an x-ray. Yet, both types of waves are essentially the exact same thing—a vibration or variation in the electromagnetic field caused by accelerating a charged particle. For example, the AM radio waves will be stopped by things the x-ray can readily pass through although either type of wave follows the same laws of physics. A similar example is the rainbow caused by sunlight passing though a prism. Because of the thickness of the glass of the prism, some frequencies of the sunlight slow down more than others and we get the typical rainbow pattern of red, orange yellow green indigo blue and violet. Yet all the colors are following the same laws.

What differs is how they interact with the particular environment through which they pass because they have inherent differences in their frequency of vibration. They are the same but different—like the two keys on a piano. But rather than just sounding different to one’s ears (like the notes from two different keys), the interaction is so different when in the same environment they seem to be totally different in their essence when they are not. From a music perspective this is like listening to the sound of a very deep base guitar and the high pitch sound of a flute in a different room from which they are made. The very low sound of a base guitar can be “felt” as a vibration and seems to travel though solid materials and the walls itself where as the high pitch sound of a flute is stopped simply by covering the ears or shutting the door to the room.

It  is the difference and contrasts which gives rise to the experience of Creation. Any one frequence is no better than any other, just different. We have a preferences but they are only our judgement of what we like and dislike that makes one better than another. Yet that difference between the expression of the different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation no matter how small, is enough that we perceive a whole Creation because of those differences. If we look carefully, many of the advances in technology over the past one hundred years resulted from our understand of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is anticipated similar phenomenon changes will accompany the understand that we each are individualized points of consciousness.

There are several things that can be realized about these individualized points of consciousness. One is that each point of Consciousness i, in essence, the same but uniquely different and will appear different depending on the environment in which we observe them. Another is that the consciousness that is us, the awareness and witness that looks out from behind our eyes and can observe the thoughts that pass through our mind is a unique consciousness viewing Creation. It is viewing from the perspective of, or from within, the Consciousness that is manifesting physical reality. In other words we are a view of Consciousness. This unique perspective is the foundation of our ego, that is, who we come to believe we are because of the experiences we have had. Yet we are not our ego and who we think we are. As we will can come to see and experience, as long as we see ourselves as separate from the world we experience we will not be able to rid ourselves of our ego. Similarly, if we are attached to our physical body and we believe it is who we are, we again will also not be able to transcend our ego.

Although the electromagnetic spectrum is a very powerful analogy it too does not being to express the full depth and breath of what is possible. The physics of electromagnetic spectrum and superposition of waves to create things like AM and FM radio and other electromagnetic phenomena gives some fantastic insights into the deeper and broader aspects of reality, discussion of these analogies are beyond the scope of understanding of most in less unless they have background and training in the field radiation energy physics, communication engineering, electro optics and other similar disciplines. There is no desire to create a physicist and an engineer here in this writing. The desire is only to create the space for you to understand how deep and broad your creative abilities are. It is up to you and your own creative passion to figure out how you will understand and express what you know and desire to create.

Pool of water analogy of energy consciousness
(Top): The way a poll of water creates ripples is another analogy related to how this process of consciousness separates itself into an infinite number of individualized points of consciousness how each can expand and encompass all that is. Here, we look at energy consciousness as a vast pool of water. The water is the energy consciousness. For now, we can let the pool of water have boundaries that we can see.

If we drop a pebble or small stone into the center of the pond, we will cause a vibration, a ripple, an oscillation, in the water that moves out from that point to encompass the entire pool. What we will observe is that the size of the ripple near the edge of the pool is not as large than at the center and as the ripple moves away from the center it gets smaller and smaller. If the pool of water is large enough, the ripples eventually expands so large it seems to die out. However, there is an infinitesimal amount of energy that extends to infinity.

Similarly our actions span all of Creation. If our actions carry little awareness, we affect only a small area around us. Although our energy is felt through out Creation there is no effect beyond a limited radius around us. If we have large awareness, our actions ripple outward into a larger and larger segment of Creation. If you have totally awareness, we would affect all of Creation by our actions.
If you drop two pebbles into the pool, there will be two independent ripples. Each ripple is independent of the other. Yet each will interact and interfere with the other creating a pattern different from the pattern if there were only one ripple.

Similarly if there are three pebbles, again there will be three sets of circular ripples each independent of each other. Yet all three interact forming a pattern unlike that found by one or two ripples. Each ripple and the way the interact all follow the exact same laws of physics.

Obviously the effect goes on and on as we drop more pebbles into the pool. Each pattern creates is completely different than any other. The size of any one ripple depends on the pebble that causes the disturbance. A small pebble or less energetic pebble will produce a small ripple going only a short distance before dissipating its energy. A more energetic pebble (in either mass or energy) will create a larger ripple that can extend to the boundaries of the pool without its energy dissipating. Similarly, the more energy we adds by a consciousness focus of awareness and attention behind our actions, the greater the effect they will have.

What needs to be noted here is that the pebbles can be dropped anywhere in the pool of water. If there is only one pebble, it doesn’t matter where we drop the pebble for a circular pattern will be produce rippling out to the edges of the pool or to infinity if the pool has no boundaries. However, if there are two or more, the location of the pebbles becomes important as to what pattern is produce. Each point in the pool of water will now cause a different pattern to be produce when two pebbles are used. Although the composite patterns have the same general shape and/or form, they are different and unique. Although any one pebble produces a circular pattern, two or more ripples depend on where the pebbles enter the pool. Hence each point although producing the same circular shape will cause a different overall pattern to result.

Our consciousness is any one point in the pool. Although the ripple created by our consciousness is the same as any other point or consciousness, the pattern created when it interacts with another will be different than the ripple created at any other point. Since energy and consciousness are one and the same, our awareness determines how much energy is put into the ripple. Of course, our ripple can the be very small or extremely large. The greater awareness you have, the larger ripple you can create and it is possible to have an awareness that can cause a ripple to expand the entire poor, or analogously, all of reality.

Although the consciousness is what causes the ripple and determines the amount of energy that forms the ripple, the consciousness only observes the ripple it creates. It is not the ripple. The ripple is the experienced as the creation in which the consciousness find itself. Depending on what the consciousness creates, it can create an experience of a very small part of reality, a small ripple in the pool that dissipates it energy quickly, or it can create an experience of all of reality, the whole pool. The only point that needs to be understood is that whatever we experience, in any reality, is the composite or collective of what all the other points of consciousness create with we.

Summary comments on the analogies (Top)

In all of these examples it needs to be noticed that for ocean current, the sound of the piano, the formation of an electromagnetic wave or the ripple on a pool of water, we must continually move the water, disturb the piano string, disturb the electromagnetic field, or the pool of water respectively to continue the promulgation of the current, sound, electromagnetic wave or ripple. From a consciousness perspective, we must continually focus our attention and awareness in a given way to maintain a give experience of energy or creation. If consciousness does not choose to change its focus, it will continue to focus its attention and awareness in the same way whether it goes to sleep or not. It is only in changing our awareness that we change the energy and the creation we experience and hence have the possibility of significantly changing the creation we experience.

The examples talk about how Consciousness fragmented itself into an infinite number of independent consciousnesses. What needs to be understood is that we are a fragment or piece of Consciousness. As such we are identical to It and capable of fragmenting ourselves into an infinite number of parts in the same way as Consciousness.

In the same way consciousness is the ocean, the piano, electromagnetic spectrum or pool of water that has an infinite number of parts creating Reality, we are the ocean, the piano, the electromagnetic spectrum and the calm pool of water that has an infinite number of fragments creating the reality we experience. In much the same way a piano player, the observer of Creation, can choose to stop all the music of the piano, the Creation, so too with Consciousness. It can calm Its pool of water if it so chooses to do so and we can calm ours. However, that does not mean we cease to exist. It only means we cease to be expressed until Consciousness awakens us or we awaken ourselves for we do have a free will.

Similarly, whether we realize it or not, we are capable of calming all the individual fragments of our consciousness to create a calm pool of water in which to recreate our reality. As with Consciousness, that does not mean all the individual fragments will necessary stay asleep unless conditions are correct to keep them asleep. The fragments within our begin are made of exactly the same material as us. In the same way we have a free will, they to has a free will. So it become incumbent to learn to list and communicate with entities who have a free will both within ourselves and outside ourselves.

Problem with all analogies (Top)

All the analogies presented here, as are all analogies, are in some way incomplete. If what was being discussed could be adequately and effectively expressed, analogies would not be needed. It is important to not take the analogies as the literal way the individualization of consciousness works. None of the analogies can do justice to what this individualization of consciousness really is. Although the truth of the individualization of consciousness can be said in words and discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, what these words really mean and imply is beyond what mind can really fathom.

Consider the following and what it really means about us and Creation. We each are an aspect of the Consciousness within Creation experiencing Creation as viewed from that aspect. In some ways you can say the Consciousness within Creation is schizophrenic and has only split itself into an infinite number of illusionary personalities that it thinks are real. Each of these “personalities,” the individualized points of consciousness, are capable of creating a whole universe unto itself the equivalent of the Creation we experience or it can experience the creation of any other individualized point of consciousness as a creation within creation. We create what we experience and the reality of those experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. We focus our attention and awareness in and through what we think and believe.

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