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Much of the esoteric literature talks directly or indirectly about enlightenment or becoming enlightened. Each and every spiritual tradition seems to its definition as to what enlightenment means in the context of their unique tradition. Each also seems to have some type and kind of initiation requirements and/or "performance measures," so to speak, as to when one can be considered enlightened in that tradition. For better or worse, some traditions agree and some donít agree, and, of course, the followers of some traditions seem to talk more enlightened than others and some seem to live more enlightened than others.

But the question is, "What is enlightenment?" Also, there is a question as to whether or not any one particular tradition has it "all together" because we never seem to be able to agree what it means to "have it all together." But, nevertheless, it has been said that those who are of the inner most understanding of any tradition find that they have more in common with those of the inner most circle of another tradition than individuals of their own tradition.

So what is it about this enlightenment and what is this enlightenment that seems so illusive and undefinable that many seems to ultimately seek and in which spiritual traditions are so interested in?

Definition of enlightenment (Top)

A dictionary definition of enlightenment is the act or state of being enlightened. To enlighten is to give revealing or broadening knowledge to someone or to cause to know or to understand. To be enlightened is to understand.

Relative to the dictionary, we can become enlightened about any topic. However, most see enlightenment as gaining spiritual understanding as opposed to other types of understanding. For example, one definition of [spiritual] enlightenment is to become aware of the unity and mutual interrelationship of all things to move past the idea of a separate and isolated individualized self and to identify oneself with all the ultimate reality. This of course carries the implied assumption that what we consider spiritual is somehow better than what is physical. In fact, if we can see and understand that all is composed of energy, including ourselves, and act on this understanding by aligning how and what we think with the laws of energy something rather startling happens. We automatically become aware of the unity of all things through energy, the mutual interrelationship of all things through energy and how all things exchange energy. Additionally, we can no longer see ourselves as separate and isolated from all the things in which we exchange energy for we are simply one big energy exchange process. Yet, we need no spiritual understanding to achieve this. We only need to look at what the physical world has taught us. So, we are again faced with what does enlightenment really mean.

The creativity perspective on enlightenment is about understanding the creative process, how we create our experiences, how we create the reality we experience and to become a conscious creator of the experiences we have. As such, enlightenment is to have the awareness to understand the implication of our thought, our words, our actions and our memories in whatever we do. In this regard, we may be totally enlightened in one area or aspect and totally unenlightened in another. Given we are multidimensional beings with an unlimited creativity, that leaves a lot to be enlightened about. So the question is, "What is it do you really seek to be enlightened about?" What really lies at the root of your desire/intention to become enlightened?

Actually, nothing really more needs to be said about enlightenment. You can read on if you wish and you may even come to see why what is said above about enlightenment is all that needs to be said.

The bottom line on enlightenment is not about what we are lead to believe in reading all the books by those who say they are enlightened or who think another is enlightened. It is about knowing the truth of our being and what it is we are here to do and do it, no matter what the consequences. It is to understand the true meaning of the Christ story in the Temple at age twelve where he said he must be about His Fatherís business. And to which he was faithful to the Fatherís business unto death. But we all scream in fear, "I donít want to die" But who said our individual unique Fatherís business will lead to death? We fail to see that the business of our life is what brought us into life, gives us life and gives us a profound freedom in life wherever it leads. It leads to the resurrection or reawakening of our creative spirit as the creator of the world we experience. Is that not what Christ really did? Did he not recreate the world based on living what he supposedly believed in unto death? Was not the world forever changed by what He did. Doesnít matter if Christianity got it right or wrong. Christ as the creator/Creator, changed the world. Is not the same true for Buddha, Mohammad, Confucius, Lao Tzu or any other great teacher. Is not the world forever changed because these individual lived their truth wherever it lead?

Some thoughts on "light" and understanding light is to become enlightened about creation/Creation (Top)

In many cases, to know and understand is to simply see and be awake to be mindful and aware of that which is at hand and that which is manifesting; spiritually, emotionally, physically or mentally. In this regard, enlightenment is about awakening consciousness and awakening to who we are and what we are and what is really happening before us as opposed to living in some illusion our mind creates or some story we tell about what we see before us. Analogously, it is about being in light and seeing, and being out of the darkness and thinking we know what is happening..

Whatever that enlightenment may be, in the Story of Creation as told in the Judaic Christian Bible, God said "Let there be Light." This can be taken many, many ways. It can be the creation of duality - light versus darkness. It can be the creation of understanding - "Let there be Understanding." Similarly in equating light and understanding and seeing them as synonymous, the statement, "Let there be Light" could be the start of the reverse of a eon ebb and flow process of separation from the Oneness and the time to reverse the breathing out cycle to recombine into Oneness. Or, it could be no more than that mundane task of turning on a cosmic light switch to only see and experience the beauty and joy of creation on the earth plane as opposed to stumbling around in the dark. In any case, no matter how we look at it, enlightenment is about being in the light, seeing and understanding.

In talking about enlightenment is it fitting and appropriate we talk about light (En- LIGHT- enment) and what light really tells us about Creation. In talking about light, we are faced with talking about waves and particles and the wave particle nature of energy. Light as we know it and experience it on earth tends to exhibits it wave nature more that its particle nature. Most other things on the earth plane exhibit their particle nature as opposed to their wave nature. In this regard, enlightenment can be seen as moving into our wave nature as opposed to our particle nature. In doing so we can experience the physical plane in wave consciousness as opposed to particle consciousness. Doing this, forces us into seeing and experiencing the interconnectedness of all of Creation.

The particle nature of matter is the part of the wave-particle duality that we are normally consciously aware of experiencing every day in our lives. This particle nature reflects how we consciously use these particle principles to control and manipulate our reality. That is, we see ourselves and every other living form as separate, isolated and unconnected. We see the interaction between any two particle or objects more like billiard balls on a pool table that bounce of each other when they interact.

Even though we may not be aware that we are using these principles we routinely do so. This particle nature of reality has been the classical Western view of the world and it a very mechanical way of viewing how our world manifests. Objects in motion stay in motion. An object at rest stays at rest. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. Cause follows effect. The bigger the object, the bigger the resistance to changing the motion of the object. Within this particle view, we talked about all our intentions and beliefs adding together giving us a composite mass with a huge momentum for our life in a particular direction that can only be changed in very small increments.

A particle had finite boundaries with sharp demarcations and that it existed only within its boundaries and no where else. All particles were seen as separated entities. Because particles are seen only existing within their boundaries, these particles need to come in to physical contact with each other to share energy. Particles are not seen as overlapping in their existence. This world of particles is best characterized as billiard ball and putty ball collisions between objects. Particles bounce of each other sharing their energy though collisions and direct transfer of energy thought contact. Or, like putty, they stick together after contact and moving together as one body.

When we use theses particle nature principles directly in our lives we view reality as interactions between separated and independent bodies that need to be in physical contact to exchange energy. We expect to see an analogous set of independent interactions on every level of reality whether it be spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. That is, what is spiritual stays in the spiritual. What is mental stays in the mental, what is emotional stays emotional and what is physical says physicals. In the particle world, the door is not open to the belief that what we think influences what emotions we will generate and feel and what we think does not affect our body. Or what we do with our body does not affect our spiritual aspects and what we end up thinking. However, this is not the case. More and more evidence is suggesting that our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects are all interconnected and are always influencing each other.

At the most fundamental levels, modern physics has shown Creation does not work the way our mind normally thinks it does. Since the turn of the twentieth century and the discovery of the atom, electron and applications to electricity, we have slowly moved from this particle world to the world of the electron into the world of quantum mechanics where the principles of interaction are different. The telegraph with transmission of coded messages through electronic impulses across "vast" distances (vast for those times was a distance greater than the sound could travel) was one of the first applications of these principles. With the discovery of the wireless communication, the world of the wave started to unfold. Humans could now use technology that took us beyond our every day world of physical experiences into a new world of electromagnetic waves which we do not normally see, feel, taste or touch. [The word "normally" is used because there are individual who are reported to be able to either see, feel, and/or taste electromagnetic waves]

Although we have stepped into the world of waves, non localized energy and the like, this understanding is not yet truly integrated into, and used, by our belief structures in the way the world of particles is currently embedded in our beliefs. Today we have a large number of consumer products and technologies that utilize the property of the wave. But we still think particle in most of our everyday thinking. Our belief structures have not yet evolved to incorporate the wave nature of matter into our every day thinking and way of being. That is we can and do perceive through time and space all that time. A particularly acute example of this way of particle thinking is the manager who feels they need to have all their people within a very sort distance from their office so they can physically interact and be within the range of the people they supervise. They feel they must be within physical contact range to manage.

However, the wave nature of the reality has routinely been demonstrated by other managers who effectively manage people yet they are separated by great distances. It does need to be noted here that there are, in fact, some very subtle things to be gained by being in close proximity to another individual, but what is gained is also non-visible, nor obvious. That is, we are energy beings. What is felt, but not recognized as being felt, is the short range energy emission from the individual. This particular facet is discussed in further depth below. The goal at this point is only to introduce the principles of waves so they can being to become part of our belief structure. As part of our belief structure, we then will be able to experience them as a part of our being as opposed to something that occurs outside of us whereby we need to rely on some technology, like a radio or television antenna to pick them up. That is, we can sense things at a distance through our the wave nature of our being and we do it all the time. In, fact, our body can be used as a antenna to detect and utilize the flows of energy of Creation.

Awakening our consciousness to it wave nature (Top)

Many of the Eastern mystics talk about using meditation to take their consciousness to a place of being beyond things and beyond form. That is, to a place of "no-thing-ness". A place where nothing exists. It is what can be called the pure unmanifested realm of energy. However, this "place" of "no-thing-ness" only exists in the moment when the energy of the existing seen or unseen form dissolves and it flows into the new seen or unseen form. It is a place in which our consciousness can reside but in reality it is no different than any other place in which we place our consciousness. It is just a different type and kind of experience. That is, an experience without form.

What needs to be realized, is there is no time other than our comparison of two events. There is no form unless there is some discontinuity to which we can point to define one form as compared to another. If we step out of comparison in all forms, including events, our awareness can reside in this place of no-thing-ness for eternity if we choose. Once we go there, in that instant of being there, there is no form so there is nothing to compare to measure time or to experience. If we move into that instant completely detached from the past or the future, we can reside there for eternity. But to hold our awareness to this place of no-thing-ness is an attachment no different than any other attachment. It is the expression of the preference of our mind for whatever mind gives as its reason.

What needs to be realized is that only when we surrender to the flow of energy within creation were the focus of our attention and awareness is being the flow can be out of mind for there is nothing to compare for nothing is fixed for we are flowing. Only being in the flow as the flow are we out of mind. Mind is what fixes or freezes any experience we have. When we are in flow, mind is either changing or we are out of mind. Mind fixing itself in a comparison is some way is what gives rise to creation/Creation.

To desire to go to a place of no-thing-ness, we need to ask why we want to go to a place of no-thing-ness. We need to realize that consciousness creates things to know itself. It needs both movement and it needs discontinuity to experience the "I am" and the "I am not." Without movement one cannot know who and what they are. If one attempts to goes, or seeks this place of no-thing-ness, before they fully discover who and what they really are, they will be bound in an unawareness for they have no way to discover who and what they are.

Many have been taught to seek this place of no-thing-ness because of the calmness it seems to give. But what only needs to be understood is that the more aware we become, the less movement we make or need to have. It is the movement that allows us to become aware. The more awareness we have, the less movement we need to become aware for we are aware and we see no need to move. By becoming aware, we naturally move to a place of calmness. In awareness we are willing to sit and be with what is, as it is. Since we are aware of what is, we understand the why of what is and we have no reason to change what is for we are aware of why it is the way it is. Another way of saying this is in awareness, we need less contrast to know who we are for we know are all of it. In this regard, it is out of the darkness, that place of no differentiation, that creation manifests so that we can come to know ourselves. To be a place of "no-thing-nessí is to be in darkness. To be in Creation with the contract of form is to be in the light.

But here is the "trick" of Creation so to speak. The more aware we are, the less movement we need for we are content to sit with what is, as it is. But when there is no movement we will go to sleep. Going to sleep is inherent to consciousness when there is no movement. So eventually we will go to sleep. In doing so, we will forget who we are and have to re-awaken again. Hence, the eternal dance of going to sleep and awakening.

This process of awakening and unfoldment is as natural as any other process we experiences. There is an ongoing ebb and flow. It will eventually happen. But because we have a free will, we have control over the process. We control how we define ourselves and determine what direction we do or do not evolve by how we expand our awareness, contract our awareness or freezing it at it is. If we look carefully, we can come to see the process of expanding and collapsing our awareness is ultimately determine by how we consciously answer and live, or donít answer and/or live the question, "I am ...."

In the Book of Genesis it is said that creation starts with the statement, "Let there be light." With the energy consciousness model and the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective where we hold our creativity sacred, this statement is only a very ancient way of saying the Consciousness that Created the physical plane - that energy behind the sound of Om of Eastern mysticism, is only an individuated consciousness awakening from its sleep to begin the journey to rediscover who and what it is. What it creates is based on what it remembers about itself upon awakening. In awakening from its sleep, it has had to shed light into it own being to define exactly who and what it is. It has to awakening itself. It has had to explore its own creation to understand exactly who and what the creator/Creator is. It is a process in which we all undergo.

The energy of Om created a physical world out of its energy and imagination/consciousness much like Disney created Disneyland out of his imagination and the energy within his body. Om created Physical Creation to define itself and explore itself. Om has had to create a variety of vehicles from which Its Creation can be explored and understood. It creates us, or rather give us the opportunity to become human to explore Its creation. We, and the other independent point of consciousness, just as powerful as the consciousness that created Physical Creation, get to come and experience what it means to be physical. We are invited guests, invited by Om to experience Omís creation. In doing so, we compare what we experience to who and what we are and in doing see define ourselves and who and what Om is.

In many ways, as a result of the changes humanity is bringing to Physical Creation, we can say humanity, the collective conscious, is Om awakening to its self and exploring itself. This can be said in that humanity is uncovering all the law and rules that govern how Physical Creation works. In doing so, humanity will have the opportunity to change what being physical means or rather, how physical creation unfolds. Whenever Om has gained a sufficient awareness of who and what it is, it will either leave Physical Creation to move on to create something new leaving the concept of a physical world to those who wish to enjoy it, or it will evolve it into something new.

However, we too have our own creation. We just havenít awakened to this fact. We are still awakening because we keep comparing ourselves to that moment we awaken from our last sleep cycle. Maybe some day we will allow others to experience who we are in the way the "Om" behind Creation has allowed us to experience Itself. To do so, we must compare ourselves not our current human birth and the moment we entered Physical Creation. Rather, we need to compare ourselves to the moment when the consciousness within, or behind, Creation elected to shattered itself causing Creation to be experienced.

What needs to be understood, for someone to experience us, we have to allow them to get inside our world and dissect us just as we have entered the physical world of "Om" and It has allowed us to dissect Its Creation. But we need to remember, we are invited guests of "Om" who is only teaching us how to create our own world. The language of consciousness is creativity. Our creativity reveals who we really are. If we copy life, we never become who we are. It is only in living our truth that lies deep within our being that we become who we really are. To know our truth, we must look within to see how our truth is, or is not, being reflected externally.

Our consciousness reflected in our creative spirit is passionate to express itself and show exactly who it is and it has chooses to express itself thought the use of the physical body. When our creative spirit is not allowed to express itself it feels the pain of separation from its creation, from its beloved, from its other half of being, from its true soul mate and is its reflection in manifested form. It is the premise of the energy consciousness model that the root of many addictions ultimately arise because individuals try and numb the pain that exist because of their separation from the desired creation of their creative spirit. That is, the pain resulting from how their consciousness want to live as a unique creative individual and how they have been taught to live by everyone around them. In the denial of their creative passion, they have to live in the pain of separation from the world their creative passion longs to create.

In facing the truth of our being, we can create that life and desired creation of our creative spirit and the reason for its incarnation. In living this truth and looking to the moment as to when the consciousness within, or behind, Creation, elected to shatter itself, we can come to see that each of the individualized points of consciousness are holographic. That is, each piece, no matter how small it perceives itself to be has the whole inside of itself. Because each individualized point of consciousness is only the expression of an aspect of the original infinite consciousness, it perceives itself to be less than the whole yet each contains the whole. It is simply not awaken to this fact. The illusion of Creation, keeps each individualized point of consciousness in unawareness of this fact. Within this illusion, the whole is unavailable to the individualized consciousness to access it. Here we live our lives and independent particles. However, we can awaken to the awareness to see that whole is within ourselves. Here we awake to our wave nature that spans all of Creation and permeates every aspect of Creation. .

What needs to be understood, is that energy consciousness is multidimensional. In fact, it has a infinite number of dimensions and/or attributes all of which can be unexpressed or expressed in some from. Although one aspect, attribute or dimensions is losing energy and collapsing back into the source, the energy is gain by another aspect, attribute or dimension. That aspect flows outward into some form only to eventually collapsing back into the source and transfer the energy to some other aspect. As such, the ebb and flow into and out of form is an ongoing and never ending process as the energy is transferred from one aspect or attribute to another.

On this point of infinitely multidimensional, each point is infinitely dimensional and each of us are multidimensional, infinitely creative being. However, we have only awakened a very small percentage of those dimensions to our being. Our human form, that is our body, and the Creation we experience is representative of that portion of our consciousness that we have awaken. In some ways we can view awakening and the process of enlightenment as only open these successive dimensions to our awareness. As we awaken to our infinite consciousness across these infinite dimensions, we eventually reaches a point where the expression of our awaken consciousness is not longer a human body or, maybe better said, our awaken consciousness can not longer fit in a human body and we "transcends" or evolves past being human. Here is need to be noted transcending the physical is not done through mind and what it thinks it needs to do. Rather it is done through awareness such that our awareness outgrows the physical and no longer fits being human.

The greater the awakened awareness of any one individualized point of consciousness the greater awareness and clarity it has of the whole much like the hologram. As in the hologram, the smaller the piece the less clarity as to whole. The greater the piece of hologram, the greater the clarity. In essence, we increase the size of the piece of the hologram by expanding our awareness The whole can be seen in any one individualized point of consciousness. It only needs to awaken to this fact. But it is not something that we will find outside ourselves. Rather, we find it within by learning to explore our infinite nonconscious

This is ultimately the whole basis of the concept called enlightenment. It is to awaken our awareness to the wholeness of what is that lies within ourselves. The greater the awareness awakened, the greater the clarity as to the true nature of Creation. If the individualized consciousness could awaken to an infinite awareness it would achieve a cosmic consciousness and have the awareness of the whole. But then it would not be perceiving as an individualized consciousness. Rather it would have come full circle back to the point of origin - a Cosmic Consciousness looking for a playmate with Whom to share Itself.

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