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Creativity Relativity arises out of the equivalency of energy and consciousness and parallels the assumptions made by Einstein as to the nature of the Universe.

Creative Relativity states the principles/laws/rules of creativity are the same in any reference frame such that any two of these independent individuated points of consciousness will obey the same principles of creation since each could be considered an independent frame of reference. The expression of the creative principles may look different because of the environment in which they are expressed.

This principles sees the laws of creation, all of them whether they seem to give rise to physical creation or one of an infinite number of unseen realms, are the same for, and experienced within or without by, any consciousness are the same. This is because each consciousness is an independent reality or reference frame. This give rise to the understanding each of us, as is each point in Creation, are using the same creation principles to create our experiences. What applies inside are the same principles that apply outside. Only the perspective and their uses is different.

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