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Creative states
Creative state of being
State of play
Creative state of play
State of creative play

From the creativity perspective, a state of being is a way of thinking and functioning in the world that is inherently natural to our being without a conscious effort to be in that way of thinking and functioning. That is, we do it natural without the involvement of mind.

Creative state of being (Top)

A creative state of being is mind, consciously or subconsciously, holding a thought, memory, idea, image or anything mind can conceive in such a way that it directs our creative life energy into creating it or an experience of it. That is, we hold it with some passion or desire to create it. We hold many thoughts, memories, ideas and the like. Some hold great energy. Some significantly divert our creative energy. Others are inconsequential.

When the subconscious holds these memories, thoughts, and ideas, with passion and/or a desire to create it functions as an autopilot and directs our creative life energy into that thought, memory or idea without our conscious awareness. As such we are always in a creative state as long as we have an attachment to anything. The nature of mind causes us to create. It hold memories and most of those memories carry a judgement of which were enjoyable and not enjoyable. Many of those judgements acts as desires that pull or push us away from certain things in life. Hence, we cannot not create. We will always create. We already are creating. The question is are we creating consciously or nonconsciously.

Technically and precisely, we are always in a creative state of being. When reference is made to a creative state of being, reference is being made to the existence of some conscious awareness of the process that we are creating and/or the desire to consciously create. For example, when it is written, “when we are in a creative state of being....” reference is being made to the fact that we are aware that we are creating and desiring to create.

State of play (Top)

The state of play is to be engaged in any activity that is experienced as play. There may or may not be any interest in creating when engage in the play. When in a state of play the play can be competitive and/or goal orientated.

Creative state of play (Top)

The Creative state of play is to engaged in and using some type and kind of play within one creative efforts. The play may be play of the mind or play of what is symbolized in the heart.

State of creative play (Top)

The state of creative play is to be engaged in any activity that is seeking to establish creative play. It is to move out of mind and play of the mind and move toward the play of what is symbolized in the heart. It is to become lost in the play to create something that is desires.

Creative play is to do something that is totally noncompetitive even with our own mind. It is done in a way that it is being done solely for the enjoyment of what we are doing which no particular end or objective in mind. To play a game with an end, to draw a picture would not be creative play for they have an objective. Creative play is to be totally free to explore options and possibility without any limitation of mind and what it thinks and believes.

Creative play allows us to become lost in that play responding spontaneously to what arises. This experience will lead us to experience the fullness of being and what surrendering to the flow within our being feels like. Once we know the feeling of what we desire to create as determined by the play, we only needs to live in the awareness of that feeling using our internal compass. In doing so, our life can become a single point focus or a living meditation on the fullness of being and its associated calmness. In doing so, we can be totally engaged in the world in any activity and still have an internal calmness and bliss and joy no matter what is happening externally

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