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Creation is infinite The creative process occurs, and is occurring, at many different levels or in many different overlapping and independent ways simultaneously. For each and every creative process that occurs or is occurring, an existing created form comes into existence then ultimately dissolves back into its component parts or the “stuff” of Creation only to be recast into a new form.

As multidimensional infinitely creative beings, there will always be a part of ourselves dissolving and being recast into a new form. We are a creative living process constantly being destroyed and reformed. It is an on going and never ending process. We are just not usually aware of this process because we are the process itself.

We see the movement in the external world and we see the external world change but are unaware that we are ourselves are moving and changing constantly redefining who and what we are. We fail to see and understand the movement within our own being. There is no ultimate death for the essence of our being, that stuff out of which we arose, cannot be destroyed and it cannot not exist. All that happens is that we reform or reshape ourselves into a new creation. In this regard, there is no “place” of “no-thing-ness.” Never was, and never will be. The place of “no-thing-ness” is simply the experience of the stuff of creation when it has no form as perceived by consciousness.

The process of dissolving the existing creation can be seen and experienced as a death. It is the death and destruction of the existing form. But it is also the liberation and freedom from what has bound the energy. Whether we focus on the death or the liberation depends on how you choose to view the process. The experience of this process is reflected in what has been called the Dark Night of the Soul and the Kundalini Rising.

The part of the creative process which is reflective of the space between the death of the existing form and its resurrection into a new creation is often experienced as chaos. When we are creating, there will always be aspects of our life that are chaotic and seemingly in turmoil. There is nothing wrong with this. It is part of the process. Chaos is part of the creative process and will always exist to some extent. Whether we feel that turmoil is a different question.

The particular thought that we need to carry with us from this discussion is that chaos and the feeling of chaos will be present in every creative endeavor. It is natural and inherent in the process. The chaos of this creativity can occur inside ourselves, experienced external to us or experienced both inside and external to us depending on what it is we are trying to create. We can expect to have some chaos enter the area of our life or our actions that are truly creative. This bring up several important concepts.

One of which is the cauldron of creation. That is, there is a point in the process where we may seem to be sitting and boiling or cooking in a cauldron and we can’t seem to escape. We do everything that we think we need to do to create what we desire but nothing seems to be happening. We can’t understand what we are doing wrong. However it is only a step in the creative process where the existing creation is being dissolved before the new begins to emerges. How long it takes depends on what we are trying to create. How much turmoil we feel depends both on what we are trying to create and/or how sensitive we are to what we feel.

The second is that we may, or may not, feel the chaos in some way within our physical being. What we feel will depend on the perspective or view about our life and the world that we have created. It is not uncommon to feel an agitation or unsettledness within our being as we are going thought the creative process. It is as though we can feel ourselves cooking. It is nothing to worry about and we may just want to change how we are viewing the process.

If we feel the chaos, we are in mind with an awareness of feelings. This is because mind is what has created that which is being destroyed and perceives the destruction of its creation. In many ways, mind is experience a part of the destruction of itself. If we do not feel the chaos, either 1) we are in mind and have numbed or denied the feelings and/or diverted your attention from what we feel and our feelings in some way, or 2) we are out of mind and in the flow of energy. If we know we are creating and we feel nothing, we may want to explore why. In exploring why we feel little or nothing, we may find that we have numbed ourselves to pain and/or live in a mental habit that diverts our attention away from pain.

A third is the perceived silence between the manifestations, a place of “no-thing-ness.” Between the dissolution of the existing form and the appearance of the new form there is a “no-thing-ness” much like the silence between two notes being played on a piano. However, in reality, there seems to be a calmness between the dissolution and emergence of the new creation because of how we are choosing to view the process. As a musician, as the creator of the music, we can, if we wish, sit in this silence and not play the next note. Before the note is played in what is perceive to be silence, there is the movement necessary to create that next note. We do not experience that movement because we are focusing on the music and not what is making the music. Of then to our mind, which is focused on the creation rather than the creation process, the conscious experience of that movement is chaos. Yet, if we become aware of the creative process, the chaos is evaporates.

From a creative perspective, the most profound way to view this state of the cauldron is to understand that silence and nothingness does not mean nothing is happening, it only means we are not focusing on the whole creative process and what is happening behind the scene. We have only taken a perspective that lets us have the illusion that we are in a place of “no-thing-ness” when in fact you are within a larger process.

If we think about it, many mystics go to a place of no-thing-ness. They then have realizations, see into the past or future, see into a person’s mind, and/or other phenomenon that are not normally experienced. By taking the proper view what they do simply look into that space between thoughts, that calmness, that place of no-thing-ness to see what is happening behind the scenes. It is simply a matter of changing our focus.

To understand this, we can look at the process of looking at the space between thoughts as looking at an agitated pond of water with many ripples. As the pond is calmed, the ripples stop and we can either 1) look at a calm and quite pond, or 2) by looking in the right way, we will see into the depth of the pond and what is below the surface. It is simply a matter of deciding how we choose to look. There is nothing magical about seeing though time and space. We just need to know how to look and be aware of that for which we look. All that needs to be understood is that our mind may not have the minimum set of requisite experience to properly characterize what we see.

In the creative process there appears to be four places where a calmness, stillness or place of “no-thing-ness” appears to exist. One is after dissolution and before the moment before a creation emerges. As said above, this calmness and quietness is somewhat of an illusion because we are not observing the complete process of creation.

The second is where there is no movement of energy. We can only experience creation if there is movement and to have movement you need to have energy. If there is no movement, either all the energy is fixed or bound, or there is no energy such that all the energy has been removed. But since everything is energy consciousness, you can’t really move all the energy from any aspect of Creation. All you can do is fix or freeze the energy causing movement to stop. That in turn creates the illusion there is no energy.

The third is actually a combination of the first two. It is a consciously created state that is a place of no-thing-ness where the energy appears to be removed. That is, we move into a creative process (like meditation) allowing the existing form to dissolve (sit and meditate withdrawing from the world) and then freeze the process occurring in the cauldron (deny body sensations of the body) and we have a seemingly place of “no-thing-ness.” This is to create the pond without ripples and look only at the surface of the pond not paying any attention to what you can see below the pond or what is being reflected back to you.

Although this calm, quite state can be created in meditation, in the end, it is only a creation that must be destroyed and recreated another time. As soon as we get up and get on with our life that state is destroyed. It was only the temporary suspension of the flow of energy an did not eliminated it. This is why it is very difficult to hold the calm and quietness we experiences in meditation when we are active in the world. Life events cause us to experience energy flows that disrupt any calmness within your being.

The fourth way to create “no-thing-ness” is to align one’s consciousness with the flow of energy. The energy that is flowing into a creation and out of a creation has no form. It has a flow but no form. It is no-thing. By flowing with the energy as it moves into and out of creation and stay focused on the energy you will always be in a place of quite, calmness and peace independent of what is occurring external to the flow. The “trick” one needs to learn if the want to carry a calmness within their being is to surrender to the flow outside of mind allowing the energy to fully dissipate in the experience. That dissipation cause as natural calmness to arise.
We can Look at what is described here as sitting in the current of a river. We are calm and peaceful yet we see the surrounding countryside move by. You do not appear to be moving but rather the environment appears to be moving. But in reality, we are moving in a calm and peacefulness.

This phenomenon is why Einstein’s physics of relativity was so profound and such an initial breakthrough in understanding. We are not aware that we are moving and all the laws that govern movement and govern the Universe appear to be equally valid if we are, or are not, moving. We only know if we are moving relative to someone or something else. Hence the need for Creation and the fact that we will always create with someone or something. We need the other if for no other reason to know we are moving. Otherwise you will have no reference point to understand if our energy is flowing or not flowing.

If we study the creation process one will see that in reality “no-thing-ness” exists in only two places. One is to be within the creative process in total alignment with the flow of energy for the flow has no form. The other is to stand outside the creative process and seen the space that exist in the moment be the dissolution of the existing from and the creation of the new form. It is the space or the empty container in which a new creation can form. That is, that space we create by moving out all that obstructs or stands in the way of what we desire to create. We can place your conscious awareness at either place.

To place our awareness in the flow, we can fully participate in the creative process and be actively engaged in any activity. It is to be in the calmness that comes with being in the flow. Or, we can step out of the creative process and attempt to freeze the space that is created for creation to occur and reside in that space of “no-thing-ness”. This is what many esoteric traditions do and why many esoteric traditions recommend that we focus our attention and awareness to create a calm state within our being like a calm, ripple less pool of water. In reality we are creating a space for creation to occur but then we attempt to hold that space as opposed to flowing with the creation itself. Ultimately it is an issue of control where mind does not desire to surrender. It want to control what it experience.

Whether or not we have available the necessary free energy for the new creation to be planted in this space we create depends on how the space was created. It depends on whether the existing form that was dissolved, that which was discarded from our life to create the space, was somehow fixed or allow to flow. What many traditions do is, because of what they teach the individuals to think and believe, actually bind and fix one’s energy or regulate its flow into a creation determined by the tradition as opposed to determined by the individual. Part of this may a be required to create the experience that is desired and supplied by the tradition. In that sense there is nothing wrong with fixing and binding one’s energy. We are simply creating an experience and after the experience we can let it go. The problem is whether or not we are able to release their energy to be free to create the next experience we choose or we continue to be held and bound by the tradition along after it has served what we desire.

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