Misfortune in the creativity perspective

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Misfortune in the  creativity perspective

 The story

Misfortune is a judgment of mind

Within the creativity perspective, all perceived misfortune is only a judgement of mind for we really don’t know what the outcome maybe. What we judge as a misfortunate event may only be part of the price we need to pay for our desired creation to unfold.

In reality they are only opportunities for us to exercise our creativity in one way or another. The reason for this is that in any creative endeavor, our mind cannot anticipate what needs to occur for our creation to unfold. Often there are things that we can anticipate and are rather obvious as to what needs to occur relative to a specific aspect of a creative endeavor. For example, to build a house never before seen, one often needs to clear the land and dig the foundation. Yet, There are many events whose relationship to what we desire may not be obvious. There are especially those unexpected events whose consequences are seen as something that is undesirable but may ultimately have a favorable outcome. This fact is probably best reflected in a old story.

The story (Top)

The story is told about a old farmer with a prize horse, a few animals and some rather good crop land. One day the farmer’s horse ran away. The other farmers and villagers were sympathetic and gave their condolences to the farmer expressing how unfortunate it was that his horse ran away. The farmer replied, “Not, necessarily so. It could be good and could be bad.” A few days later, the magnificent horse returned with four mares. The other farmers and villagers were elated and commented on such good fortune. The farmer of course replied, “Not, necessarily so. It could be good and could be bad..”

A few days later, the farmer’s son was working with the magnificent horse and it kicked him and broke his leg. The other farmers and villagers of course commented on how unfortunate the farm was now that his son’s leg as broke. It was pointed out how the farmer would have no help with the farm for weeks. Of course the farmer’s reply was, “Not, necessarily so. It could be good and could be bad.”

Two days later a general and his army entered the village and took all the able bodied young me to go off and fight. - some of whom were eventually killed in battle. Of course, since the farmer’s son’s leg was broke, the general left the farmer’s son. The farmer’s reply at this good fortune was of course, “Not, necessarily so. It could be good and could be bad.”

Misfortune is a judgment of the mind (Top)

All misfortune is only a judgment of the mind. Mind is what keeps our creativity bound, not any external Creative Power. We have to look beyond mind. We have to trust the Creative Power of Creation to sufficiently to step out of mind. You are already in the care of the Creative Power of Creation and it is sustaining your life either directly or indirectly by suppling what you need to live which comes from the external world. You are already protected. It is taking care of you. It is just your mind has judgment and expectations as to what you think this protection should look like. You will still suffer what you think in means to be human. But it is your mind that needs to be overcome or transcended such that you can flow with the intention behind your life.

The question is, “What is that we wish to experience and does what happens ultimately serve your creative goals.” Often what we judge misfortune is only preparing the way for something different and more beneficial to enter our life. This issues with what we call misfortune is to look and see why we are calling it a misfortune and exactly how and why it is considered undesirable and what we can do about it.

In any event we judge as a misfortune, there always will be lessons learned so that we don’t repeat it. However, rather that protecting the way things are so that we don’t repeat the misfortune, we may be better served to change our life so that such an occurrence is no longer possible. To build a house on a flood plane of a river is inviting it to be flooded. To build the house higher and strong does not negate the flood. The river will still flood although you may not suffer as much loss with a higher, stronger house. However, if we move the location of the house outside of the flood plane, we no longer have the possibility of the river flooding the house. Now you may give up the scenic view or ready access to your boat on the river. In most cases, there always will be trade offs that you will need to make. That only returns us to the question above and add one additional part. To the question, “What is it that you really wish to experience and does what happens ultimately server your creative goals?” we need to add and pull the string on, “Why do we want what we do?”

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