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Origins of the desire for a warm and fuzzy feeling


How seeking a warm comfortable space can interfere with our creative endeavors

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In many discussion topics reference is made to finding a warm fuzzy place or a warm fuzzy feeling. The discussion on the warm fuzzy place described it as follows: "Whether one realizes it or not, the consciousness of energy consciousness seeks to be in a warm, fuzzy, safe and secure space. In this space one will feel complete calm and nourishment. When we experiences this state our being (body and consciousness) becomes quiet and relaxed and tension is released. Within this space the creative spirit is free to do what it desires to do. It can be a profound healing space if the creative spirit or the body is in anyway wounded. Because the creative spirit become free in this warm fuzzy place it also becomes extremely vulnerable."

The origins of the desire for a warm and fuzzy feeling arises simply from seeking to avoid pain and/or the anxiety of creation and entering the unknown. Since the creative process takes us into the unknown, requires a sacrifice of some aspect of our inner and outer world and causes us to enter the chaos of creation, mind seeks a place were it remains in control and there is no pain and/or anxiety. As described below, the term "warm fuzzy feeling" arises for two reasons as described below.

Creating some way to remove the pain/anxiety, deny, suppress and/or numb our pain/anxiety is quite common. Seeking to deny, suppress or numb our pain/anxiety through some addictive behavioral pattern or through the use of an addictive substance is well known and one of the more common approaches. Such actions lies at the basis of many addiction problems that end up requiring professional and/or medical intervention. A second very common way is looking to find an inner satisfaction through a spiritual path. This approach is discussed more at length in the topic "We are perfect as we are." On this point, often it is through what can be called a spiritual rebirth or finding "God" or a new from or understanding about "God" that many find freedom from their addictions.

However, relative to creating the reality of our choice and accessing our unlimited creativity, there is another addictive pattern of which we need to be aware and needs to be addressed. That pattern is the desire to seek "a warm fuzzy feeling" at the expense of our creative ability and creative power and the freedom of our creative spirit. In the exploration into our inherent creativity the most surprising discovery was how consciousness seeks this "warm fuzzy feeling." The problem with this pattern is that it is at the expense of the freedom of our creative spirt. Seeking a warm fuzzy place/feeling at the expense of the freedom of our creative spirit robs us of life and the passion for living. Clinically It can even manifest itself as illness , depression, soul loss or "spirit possession" or "spiritual intrusion."

The term "warm fuzzy feeling" for this phenomenon is used for two reason. One is that this feeling causes one to have a desire much like the desire of a child to cuddle up with their mother or cuddle with a favorite stuffed animal or security blanket such that we will compromise our truth so as to not be denied this feeling. The desire for this experience is such that we compromise our truth seeking comfort. This is what happens to us as children causing us to lose our ability to creatively play. We seek this space because it is seen as having been accompanied by the nourishment and emotional support supplied by our mother in the early months of life that is essential for our growth and development. As we grow, we willingly comply with whatever is asked of us rather than lose this comfort. As we continue to grow older and develop the ego, we may rebel at what is asked but nevertheless we still long for this space and tend to compromise ourselves to get it and feel it. This is why sexuality can be such a problem for many individual. Sexuality through it close body contact can give many of the same types and kinds of feelings found in the warm fuzzy place which consciousness desires.

The second reason why phenomenon is called a warm fuzzy feeling is what has been learned by some individuals who work with would be called depossession of spirit entities or exorcism. Shamans work with a similar phenomenon often called a soul intrusion, that is, an invasion of another spirit into oneís being. It is reported that when an individual is incapable of fully living life and embracing their creative life energy and what their creative spirit desires, a void appears in their being. Since the individual does not fill the void with they own life, they can experience what can be described as alien spirits moving in. That is, these alien entities find a comfortable home in the person in which they reside or possess and donít want to give up the comfortable home - that is, they get a warm fuzzy feeling being there.

There are two ways to view these alien entities. One way is the intruding spirits are alien in that they are not really a part of the spirit or the natural flow of the individualís creative life energy. These spirits or entities are not bad or evil and necessarily intend harm. It is just they find a warm comfortable spot to live in the void the person has created and donít want to leave. The technique is to show them a more enjoyable and pleasurable place such as their original home and they then choose to leave. The most essential point about this phenomenon is how we create the void within our being by failing to fully align with our creative life energy and embrace our passion for life failing to fill our entire being with life. The void is then filled by some form of energy or consciousness "alien" to our being from either inside ourselves or from the outside. The entity fills that void because it is a safe and secure space for it to live.

We can look at this phenomenon of filling a void by an alien entity as if we were out in the wilderness with no place to live. We find a cave with nothing living in or occupying the cave. It is a void that we can fill and it will provide us a safe and comfortable place to live. Here we are alien entity feeling the void within the mountain. We have no intention of harming the mountain or hill which created the cave nor harm any of the surrounding vegetation. However, by living there we tend to enlarge it to make it a little more suitable to our liking. We also shift the vegetation because we are constantly going in and out of the cave and foraging the nearby land. The presence of life itself causes the environment to shift.

So too within our being. If we donít fill ourselves with life and a passion for living within our entire being, the void we create will become prone to being filled with any entity that is looking for a place to live and express itself.

A second way to look at this phenomenon of a void and not totally filling all aspects of ourselves with life is that the void simply becomes a way the shadow aspects of ourselves, often reflected in an unhealthy condition requiring us to change our life, manifests to fill the void. This aspect of ourselves desiring to fill the void with some type of life is then reflected in something such as an illness or disease or some entity from without. Most often it is simply our nonconscious filling the void with some type and kind of life creating an experience to exercise the creativity of that aspect of our selves we feel to simply give it life. However, if the void is large enough and comfortable enough, we are subject to what is experienced as spiritual intrusion. Although what we experience as an intrusion may be our own creation, it is large enough for it to take on a life of its own. Alternatively said, without some other creative activity tor focus of our attention and awareness we create illness, of which a spiritual intrusion can be seen as an illness, and the have an excuse to become creative to heal ourselves.

One phenomenon we all have probably seen is if a person has nothing to look forward to in life, that is, the will or reason to live, they tend to get sick and even die before their time. It is all related. If we donít fill ourselves with our own creative life energy, our nonconscious though its internal and external manifestations will fill it in some way. The nonconscious uses illness  and disease internally and accident and spiritual intrusion externally.

Relative to healing and curing, whether experienced externally as a removal of the intruding alien spirit or internally as removing an illness or disease, the individual needs to fill this void with their own embracement of life. Otherwise, they remain vulnerable to some new illness or intrusion. This is very important and lies at the root of a healing versus a cure. A "cure" fixes the abnormal condition but the root of the problem is not addressed. In this case the individual is open to a manifestation of the root issue in some other form. However, a healing addresses the root causes.

There is an interesting note to be made here. One cancer counselor is quoted as saying, "many are cured but not healed and many who are healed die." When viewing this statement from a purely physical perspective it doesnít seem to make sense since the idea and purpose of healing seems to be to keep the person alive.

However, from a creativity view point and how we create our reality, if one has a serious void in their being because they cannot fill that void with their own passion for life and for living, it would not be surprising that when they heal, that is, they get to the root of why they could not fill the void in their being with physical life, that they choose to leave physical life. It must be remembered we incarnated for specific reasons and then we develop the habit of protecting our creative spirit and our life to survive at all costs. Then when we complete what we came to do the habit continues to carry us forward protecting ourselves and surviving. When we break the addictive pattern or habit and heal, the consciousness inhabiting the body discovered it has achieved what they came to do. Then there is no reason to continue the physical experience. The habit was keeping them alive and they could not consciously feed their life with creative endeavors to fully embrace who they are for who they are had none to give. Consequently, the nonconscious filled it out of habit and created an illness that would tax their creative power. It is hard to believe we cannot even move into a more pleasurable realm of existence because of our own habits keeps us here and we canít accept the truth of our being to move on. Yet, in may ways what is described here is a reverse karma. One way to see karma is a habits that bringing us back. Here, in this phenomenon, we remain because of habit. In essence the process is the same.

The issue here is seeking a "warm fuzzy feeling," that safe comfortable space, is inherent to consciousness and it can and will become addictive as any addictive substance or activity one employs to avoid pain, anxiety and/or fear. However, in talking about what gives one individual a warm fuzzy feeling will not be the same as another individual. We each have are own unique desires and create this pattern in our own unique way. What is warm and fuzzy for me may not be warm and fuzzy for you. In any case, it is difficult to believe how the mind can be so self defeating and defeat its own desires and stated intention by habits that produced these warm and fuzzy feelings. It is quite understandable how we used these addictions of the mind, that is habits of the minds that give these warm and fuzzy feelings, to avoid facing displeasures or things we did not like or want in our life. But, sometimes it is hard to realize how they actually became obstacles to defeat oneís stated intention and interfere with the manifestation process for something we want. However, these habits that give a warm fuzzy feeling are much like other addictions in how we used addictions to mask what we would rather not face or feel.

The question one needs to look at is, "Exactly what is it that we do not want to feel in the manifestations process that becomes self defeating even when we tried to manifest something pleasurable? Some fear losing that which is pleasurable or that with which they come to be satisfied and contended. Some become so content within an aspect of their life they will create obstacles not to feel deep pleasure so they donít have to fear losing what they have. We can only feel pleasure to the depth we allow ourselves to feel pain. Look at it this way, it is only knowing there is a deeper pleasure than we currently have that will allow us to endue the pain of letting go of the pleasure we currently have. Here it needs to be noted that the inner satisfaction that can come from the heart is not the same as pleasure. Pleasure and that which we think is pleasurable is of the mind. The inner satisfaction that never runs dry is of the heart and exists independent of what is occurring externally.

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