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The Initiation Ritual

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An initiation within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material can be used for one of two purposes. One is the more common use of the concept and it is to indoctrinate an individual into a way of being whether that way of being be within a organization of some type or a crossing the proverbial line drawn in the sand. The initiation ritual is that ritual or ceremony where that indoctrination occurs. The indoctrination is performed as a ritual to create that memory which is available to remind the individual they are no longer who they once were. They are now different in some way as a result of the ritual. Within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material the initiation is more often used to create those conditions which allows an individual the opportunity step out of a former way of being into a new way of being.

Relative to the second purpose of the initiation, as stated in the discussion topic "Initiations" the ultimate goal of an initiation within the creativity perspective is to gets the individual out of mind and into the freedom of their creative spirit to know what the free unfoldment of their creative spirit feels like at each and every level of their being. It is to become aware of the feelings associated with the unfettered and free flow of our creative life energy. The experience of freedom helps to obtain the minimum set of experience for our mind to properly characterize what we feel or to understand what we need to do in a particular creative endeavor. To access the knowing of what we need to do in a creative endeavor we need to access a deep feeling. That is, the deep feeling associated with feeling the flow of energy which will give rise to what we desire to create and experience.

Exactly how the initiation ritual will be performed and what it entails depends on what one desires to create. In general, any initiation should contain an element of "not doing" such that the individual does something different than what they have done in the past to know they are different.

The initiation can be a self initiated initiation. Given how the mind and ego dislike to loose control it is not easy to create the situation where one is really able to use their mind to step out of mind. Although it can be done, one is often fooling themselves to think mind will readily let go of the world that it knows. Nevertheless, if one is able to create a self initiated ritual, they take the first major step is creating an understanding in mind as to how to step out of mind for any future creative endeavor. This ability to transform oneself at will to become the phoenix is essential to accessing the depth and breadth of our inherent creativity.

It is recommended that any ritual help establish a strong relationship with the creative power/Creative Power of creation/Creation in a way that allows for: (1) our creative spirit to become free; (2) holds our creativity sacred; and (3) enables our creativity grow and unfold into the infinity of our being.

In considering creating an initiation, consideration should be given to reviewing the thoughts provided in the discussion topics, "Initiations" and "Rituals and ceremony."

Elements of an initiation ritual

The following are some thoughts as to what could be used or done in an initiation. The series of topics under the heading of "Creating Rituals" listed in the discussion topic, "Sequence of actions in creating rituals," provides access to more detailed discussions on the topics.

Although not necessarily applicable to all initiations, within the creativity perspective any initiation should provide some type and kind of opportunity for the individual to step into and exercise their own creative power and/or call back their creative power.

Moving to a new way of being in the world is a new creation. As such the creative process will require some element of the individual’s inner and outer world to change. The initiation should provide the individual with a way with which to deal or address the sacrifice of creation. For example, the initiation can include a leaving and grieving ritual, an emptying and/or death ritual, and other similar activities that allows for the individual to break free of the past. The initiation can be a creation ritual and the creation ritual can be an initiation. The ritual may included some actions or activities which represent literally or symbolically the new way of living in the world.

The initiation should be a catalyzing memory for the individual. In this regard, generic rituals should either be avoided or a generic ritual incorporate a sufficient number of personal actions that allow for the individual’s uniqueness to be accessed. On this point, any organization or group of individuals which seek to create uniformity is action is not an organization which will harness the creative spirit in a way which serves both the individual and the organization. Consideration may want to be given to pulling the string on what one seeks in any particular organization and/or consideration give to developing an organization which help to address the needs of the individual creative spirit as discussed in "Organizational Creativity."

As discussed in the topic, "The Seven Chakra Questionnaire Background" we can look at any transition in our life as moving a blimp or hot air balloon which has been moored with a series of ropes. Each attachment we have to something within the existing creation we experience can be seen as one of the mooring ropes. To break free to move to a new location all the mooring ropes must be released. Otherwise the blimp or balloon will not be free to move. Whatever initiation which is created should be reviewed to see if it addresses all the key attachments. Otherwise the individual will remain bound to the existing creation.

Any initiation should incorporate some element of a "not doing" exercise. The "not doing" practice should have some elements at all levels of being (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) relative to the intention one is trying to manifest.

From the creativity perspective, the initiation should prepare the way for mind to step aside and allow Creation to determine what needs to be done as the creation process unfold to create a new way of being in the world. The initiation should open the door of mind to get out of the way. We must then follow what our intuitive guidance and body wisdom leads us to do if we hope to meet our intention. In essence, our choice to engage in the initiation is mind playing the role of consciousness in the creative process to become the cause to create a flow of energy which then unfold into the desired experience. Having stepped into the initiation mind fulfills that role and then needs to step aside to and surrender to allow the flow of energy to manifest what is desired. Mind must hold it desire with the passion a drowning person has for air but yet surrender to the flow of energy as to where it leads. In any case, the energy of the initiation should create that catalyzing memory to continually inspire our life and our creative efforts.

How many times?

One question that often arises is how many times does one require an initiation. There is a general understanding prevalent that one is only initiated once and there is a truth is this. We only need to be initiated once to any level of understanding and any particular way of being or state of existence.

However, the path of life is spiral and onion like in nature. We continually spiral around in our understanding to a new level and new depth and we continually peal of the layers of life to reveal deeper and deeper layers to life and to the truth of reality. Additionally, the mundane of the world keeps pulling us back into old patterns of life and/or continually distract our attention and awareness. In our journey through life we may find it appropriate to be initiated again and again to each new and deeper level of truth we obtain or to reaffirm and existing way of being to resist the distraction of the mundane.

But it needs to be emphasized, the ritual is only the outer actions of a inner transformation. If one does not fully embrace the changes within, the ritual becomes a hollow shell and meaningless. In any case, if there should be some type of life change that accompanies the initiation such that one can show how the past before the initiation is different than present. In some way we must act differently in the world.

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