The Suorephex

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A suorephex is a surrogate or real physical experiences (SUrrogate Or REal PHysical EXperience - suorephex) which we create to honor the intuitive guidance we receive.

The idea is that we are an infinitely creative being that is interconnected with all that exists. Our infinite nonconscious will honor any request we make. The answer is provided to us as an energy through our intuitive guidance which we can feel within our being. We will either sense it with our bodies and/or it will be characterized by mind into a thought. This is why it is so important to be open to feeling and to be able to discern what we feel.

Mind only knows what it has experiences. So whatever our intuitive guidance provides is only the best characterization that mind can provide based on its past experiences and interpretation of the past. Mind many not have the minimum set of experience to properly characterize any one experience. This is especially true for creative endeavors.

To create is to bring into existence something not previously seen or experience or significantly different from the past. As such, it is not something mind has experienced and mind will not have the necessary past experience to accurately characterize what our intuitive guidance provides on the subject of what we are creating or attempting to create. Consequently, the thought, image or idea mind provides as to what our intuitive guidance is telling us will be incorrect in some way. How it is incorrect we will not be known. However, the energy within the characterization mind provides is correct. So we need to honor that energy. We honor that energy by acting on what our intuitive guidance provides.

To literally act on what mind provides as our intuitive guidance may not be wise if the information is incorrect and/or the actions appear unsafe. However, we can always symbolically act on anything mind provides. Hence rather than literally acting on what mind provides as intuitive guidance, we create a surrogate experience. That is, we create something like a metatheater or ritual that allows us to fully act on, and act out, our intuitive guidance but we do not create any hazards if we did it literally.

When we create a surrogate experience, the memory in mind can be as real as actually having the experience. Similarly, when we move to actually act on our intuitive guidance, mind will not know whether or not what it provided is correct. Our intuitive guidance systems will begins to see where what it provided was incorrectly characterized by the mind and will present another insight to move in a direction that more accurately corresponds to the original insight present. We then need to iterate the process until mind gets that minimum set of experience to properly characterize the energy that our intuitive guidance provided in answer to our original question.

This process may seem long. However, once one becomes comfortable with it, it can go quite fast and initially we are quite surprised as to how accurate our intuitive guidance can be and what we can access through our intuitive guidance.

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