Beginnerís mind


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Beginners mind is to have no preconceived ideas, expectations and/or judgments of any type about what you are experiencing. It is to enter an experience without any biased of prior experience. It is to be like that very young child who is able to innocently and spontaneously explore themselves and their world before mind enters the picture. We are born into this world with a beginners mind. In may ways you can say that death, sleep and forgetfulness only exist to recreate beginnerís mind. Otherwise we would be so preoccupied with our mind and what we think that we would never be able to experience what Creation has to offer.

In reality, we can never return to a beginnerís mind for we are forever changed by what we experience. We may put what we experience consciously out of our mind but the experience still resides within our nonconscious mind. However, if we can step out of mind and enter a state of spontaneous and innocent creative play and allow ourselves to freely discover and explore whatever we experience we can achieve a very good approximation to a beginnerís mind.. All that is needed is to lose ourselves in play before we have the experience we desire to have.

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