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As stated in the topic, “Obligation and burden in creative play,” the key to removing the feeling of obligation and the burden is to learn to not seen holding focus as an obligation or a burden. It is to see it as an exercise of our free will to create the experiences we desire to have. We can do this if we choose that on which we focus. But to do that, we must get past both our subconscious and unconscious programming.

When we step into creative play, we will feel the issue of work and obligation at some point. The question is whether we can remain playful in the obligation or we allow the obligation to take us out of play. In dong so we compromise our creative power and creative ability. Creation requires obligation and it is a chore to do what needs to be done to hold a single point focus until what we desire is manifested. It is exactly at this point where individuals often tend to give up their creative power and creative ability for they do not know how to face the obligation in play.

When the mundane world is pulling us in a variety of different directions and/or people in our life are complaining about what we are doing with our life, it is a chore and an obligation to hold a focus on what we desire to create. It can be very difficult to manifest a playful state of being to create what we desire while trying to respond to the mundane of the world. In this regard, we can analogously, look at any creative endeavor as giving birth to what we desire. To birth and raise a child can, and will, require work and pain. Some pregnancies are easy and pleasant. Some are painful and burdensome. Some children can be shear joy to raise, others are nightmares. What we experience in our creative endeavors depends on what we desire to create and from where we start and how tightly we hold onto what must be released.

The question is “Do you or don’t you want to create a new life - a new creation to experience or do you continually want to recreate the past.” If we create a new life we will have to birth a new life and face all that comes with creating, birthing and raising a new life. That is the problem humanity faces. Our lives will be the same unless we want to be reborn to create a new life. Along with that rebirthing process come the analogous birthing and child rearing that is required for the new life. Sometimes, there a pain in birthing. We judge what we desire to create as not playful because it takes away some of our freedom. Yet, in reality what we seek to create can give us more freedom than we can imagine if we choose to create freedom and keep the focus of our attention and awareness on play.

It needs to be remembered in any creative endeavor, the freedom we can image is based on what we have experienced to date based on the world as it is and the world of the past. To create a new world, where the freedom is greater than what we have experienced in the past, will cause mind and what we know to be of limited value. It is here we need to make a transition in our thinking.

If we do not believe we create by what we think and believe, what is communicated here makes no sense and will seem totally foolish. If we believe we don’t create by what we think and believe, we will live our life based on our past and the past of others and think this is the way the world must be. However, if we know that we create by what we think and believe, then everything here is true and we will have to face the fact that we are consciousness at play We have more creative power and creative ability to create what we experience than our minds can imagine. But to access it, will have to open ourselves up to the possibility we can create experiences beyond what we have experience and what our mind can conceive. On this point, we will never discover what we can create until we choose to explore, discover, and use the creative ability we find within ourselves.

To deal with the obligations and burdens we feel when we choose to recreate our life and the world we experience whole or in part, we have to choose what we feel as an exercise of our own freedom. We have to choose to play and choose to find playful and creative ways to deal with whatever we experience. If we take this attitude, we will find we can obtain solutions that meet what we need to do by in way that can be experienced as playful. The choice is ours. But we have to choose to create play.

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