Obligation and burden in creative play


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It sounds rather contradictory to talk about being in the freedom of creative play and yet to experience an obligation and/or burden. Nevertheless, this condition will exist unless we get past the intention for our life and enter the most creative state of being as discussed in the topic, “ “Creative play - movement, flow and true freedom.” The obligation in creative play arises from the fact that we enter creative play because we have an intention we wish to manifest. The creative play is a tool we use to help us to manifest that intention. In this regard, we are not technically completely free and experience true freedom. We are obligated to look for those solutions which satisfy the intention we hold.

What needs to be understood, is the creative process is cyclical and never ending. We cannot escape it. It is an illusion to think we can. Who and what we are is a product of the this process. We may change the form as to what is created, but we cannot escape the process. We can appear to start the process wherever we choose to enter the process to look at the process. This, in turn, causes us to think there is a beginning and/or an end.

Look at the process as a piano making a musical note. We typically say the music starts when the hammer hits the piano string and we hear the note. However the process that makes the note started before the note existed. It started when the hammer was raised off the string to strike the string. If the piano is continually playing the note, never stopping, the hammer continually rises and falls onto the string to produce note after note after note. In this case, there is neither a beginning nor an end, just a continual process. But, we can look at any part of the process to look at a complete cycle which will give the appearance of a beginning and an end.

True freedom arises out of this awareness. It is to realize that we will always be a part of some creative process. There will always be deeper undercurrents that grab us and carry us. True freedom arise in realizing the role of consciousness is to be the cause. In becoming consciously aware that we are being carried in a never ending process, we have the option of stepping out of any existing process to create a new process, a new flow of energy to carry us. The only question is what flow of energy will better serve what we desire to create - the existing flow in which we find ourselves or the one we create.

Most will start the creative process from where they are. As such, they start from some existing created form or experience. The creative process can start with an identity we hold, an occupation or a physical location we wish to change. More often than not, we start looking at the creative process as a result of some “disaster” or desperation when the existing form has been, or is being, destroyed. Most start looking to become consciously creative as a result of a divorce, job termination, an accident, a forced move or some other type of perceived setback. It needs to be noted and emphasized, where we start to look at the process and why we start the process has a great influence in how we perceive the process and how much freedom we find.

If we choose to become conscious to escape a pain we experience and do not explore the origins of the pain, we severely limit our freedom and what we can create. In essence, we only look at one direction - away from the pain. But if we never explore the root cause of the pain, it will only return at a later time in a new way. True freedom is about being able to explore all options. At some point in time, we will have to face the pain we try and escape.

It is a known fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed. The creative life energy within our being, that gives us the ability to create and energizes our creative actions, is bound in our existing creation - that which we are currently experiencing. It must be released from the current experiences we created. For something to be created, something, whole or in part, must be destroyed  for it is only in the destruction of the existing form that the necessary energy to create the new is released.

The realization and experience of this released energy is chaos. It is the dissolution of the old form into the new. The chaos is then followed by reforming the energy into a new form. In the reformation part of the process, the energy flows into the new form according to the blueprint we consciously, or subconsciously, establish. The energy solidifies or “fixes” itself into the form we give it and subsequently manifests in the new creation in accordance with the blueprint only to have the process continue ad infinitum. However, through all of this, the essence of the material of creation never changes. Only its form changes.

Our problem here is that if we do not completely dissolve the existing form, it simply get put into whatever we create. The root of our pain if not faced, simply get put into any new creation.

To understand exactly how we create and how we continually remold the past in a new way, we need to understand the creative process. In looking at the creative process of creation/Creation, we can find a variety of analogies and images that are used to describe the process. These many analogies are used to describe the process or parts of the process. Each emphasizes a different aspect of the process. Some are more complete than others.

Yet, for whatever analogy is used, we need to stand back and try to see what the analogy is actually trying to communicate and not take the analogy literally. Unfortunately, many believe the analogy rather than seeing what the analogy is trying to communicate. No one image adequately addresses all that needs to be understood about any one step in the creative process. Only in the conscious experience of the creative process do we come to understand what the analogies and descriptions are trying to communicate. There is no other way than to consciously and directly experience it. But to do so, we must be free to experience the process in creative play. We must be free to explore and discover what can be revealed as we travel through the process if we really want to understand it. Otherwise, the entry of mind, its judgments and what it thinks and believes, will mask the information we seek.

This is what occurs if we try and escape pain without truly understanding its cause. There is a gift in pain. Unless we understand how pain is a gift, we will never be able to become a conscious creator. The reason is this is we will allow our fear of pain to determine what we see and experience rather than seeing creation/Creation and the creative/creation process for what they really are.

In experiencing the creative/creation process, some see the creative process and the chaos which is created as entering a wild forest or going out into the wilderness. Here we become wild. We become a wild man or woman. We abandon the limits and boundaries which hold the existing form in form as the old form breaks down to create the new and free the energy for the new creation. We live without limits and boundaries for some period of time. Some see this part of the process as craziness. Yet this is only the chaos of creation/Creation. It is a well defined part of the creative/creation process. In any case, the freed energy will almost immediately begin to flow into a new form and the boundaries and limits for the new from beginning to take hold. The new form is set by the boundaries and limitations mind imposes on the free flow of the energy within your being It is within this chaotic process we need to have true freedom.

If we remain in the chaos with true freedom, we remain at the Source of Creation where all and anything is possible. However, it is not a state in which we can reside as long as we are in a human body. The desire and the intention to have a physical experience which gave rise to the body we have controls the process. If we try and remain in this state while in a human body, we will most probably go crazy or we will have to deny the body as many spiritual traditions suggest. But then we only defeat and do not honor our own truth for incarnating. That in turn does not create true freedom for we live with a denial within our own being.

The new limits and boundaries which we experience coming out of the chaos are determined by the intention we consciously or subconsciously hold in entering the play and any judgments of mind one makes about the chaos as it is experienced. If we bring our fears into the chaos and become afraid in some way, that fear gets encoded and embedded within the new creation. If we bring into the process anger, you will get anger embedded in the outcome.

Ideally, to enter the creative process and the chaos of creation/Creation we would empty oneself of ALL that does not serves us and/or that which we are holding onto from the past that should be recycled. Clear intention coupled with mindfulness and awareness is extremely important. They are essential to the process if we are going to gain conscious control of the process. In addition to setting a clear intention for what we desire to create, we should set a clear intention to figuratively “clean house” and flush out and remove all the ways of thinking and associated beliefs that do not serve what we desire to create. It is to hold our creativity sacred and look carefully at all that is interfering and/or compromising our creative endeavors and all that does not creatively empower us. However, most of us cannot let go of the past. So when we enter the chaos and subsequent reformation of any creative endeavor, rather than becoming completely free, we carry the past with us. This tends to be the burden of the past we are always carrying with us.

A poorly understood fact of how we create is that it is the limitations and barriers we impose on our creativity and the flow of the creative life energy within our being are what allow the creation we experience to form and manifest. This is true for any experience we have whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. However, few sufficiently “clean their house” and let go of the past so we are continually holding ourselves bound to the past.

Often the experience of these limits and barriers themselves gives rise to the feeling of obligations or burdens that we perceive in our lives. The essence of the creative process requires us to consciously or subconsciously hold or rather impose limits and boundaries on the free flow of the energy as a single point focus to create what is desired. It is here we pick up a cross, a burden, which we carry for the duration of our creative journey. The process of forming our new creation is like a journey exploring an unknown continent. In this journey you will travel across figurative mountains, valleys, plains and rivers which represent all the trials and joys we encounter to reach our destiny of manifesting our new creation. However through all of this we carry a cross for it is the burden that allows us to form the new creation.

Often this burden is carried subconsciously where it is experienced only as restrictions on what we can create. Some experience it consciously much like the obligation a mother or father feels about spending money on their children’s college education when they would rather be spending the money on something else. They know there are other things they want to do but they know they can’t do them and have to do what is required. Others only feel its presence as some indefinable constrain on their lives that restricts their freedom of movement and continually forces them to travel in a given direction.

In any case, eventually we arrive at a place where we can see the truth, whole or in part, of what we carry. It is as though we arrive at a ridge where we can clearly see we have arrived and we have created what we desire and can set our cross down. In seeing the truth that the limits and boundaries are what mind imposed on our life to create the life that we have, we are able to put down the cross we carry. In putting down the cross we experience the freedom of it being released and we are free to experience the creation we have created by carrying those particular limits and boundaries. If we are aware, we can use that freed energy to create a creation of an experience of even greater freedom.

Each creative endeavor which we undertake will have a period of chaos and reformation. The chaos will be seen and experienced as great freedom and even wildness. The reformation into a new creation will be seen as a burden or obligation and can be perceived consciously, subconsciously or only as an awareness of feeling. However, it is a burden only if we see it as a burden or obligation for in reality we are only in the process of creating what we desire and holding ourselves accountable to what we desire at some level of our being.

In regard to the obligation encountered in play, some see this process as a struggle and more of a warrior’s journey. It is a warrior’s journey in that it takes a warrior's strength and discipline to stay focused. It takes a warrior’s skill and agility to fight to stay aligned with the flow of energy to manifest their creation when the mundane of the world and the status quo of the world are continually trying to pull them away from holding a focus. What we experience in the creative process will be like will be unique to us. Whether it is a journey though a wild forest followed by the burden of carrying a cross or a warrior fighting to stay on their course, or something completely different, will totally depend on our own view of Creation and creation. But it doesn’t matter what analogy we use to describe what we experience. We will experience a burden of some type because the constraints themselves are determining the creation  we experience and are essential to the creative process.

The goal is to learn to not seen holding focus as an obligation or a burden. It is to see it as an exercise of our free will to create the experiences we desire to have. We can do this if we choose that on which we focus. But to do that, we must get past both our subconscious and unconscious programming.

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