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Creative play is a type and kind of play that have characteristics in common with the play of the Source of Creation. The most common experience we have of this type and kind of play is the play of a very young child about eighteen months old where the conscious mind has yet to develop and impose itself on the play.

What needs to be understood about our creativity is for any creative endeavor we undertake, we draw the energy we use to create from a flow of energy which emanates from a source deep within our being. No matter what we desire to create, whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, the creative life energy to create, and our creative power and creative ability, comes from the same source/Source. The energy for creation comes from within our being and not from anything external. We may use external things to help us create what we desire but they do not supply the energy for our creative effort. We experience this flow of energy within our being through feeling or as feeling. When it is strong enough we call it passion. Only when there is some passion, some flow of energy within our being to create, will we more forward into the world to create. When we are fully aligned with the flow of our creative life energy we will experience our creative passion which carries us to create the experiences to fulfill the intention for our life.

In understanding all our creative power emanates from this source/Source, we can realize all creative endeavors will have certain characteristics in common and reflect the characteristics of the source/Source. These common characteristics can be used to indicate if we have accessed or established an appropriate creative state of being. Conversely, if we create these characteristics in what we do, we will find ourselves becoming more creative about, or in, what we do. If what we are doing is not giving us the creative solutions we seek, we are probably missing these key characteristics.

The state of being which contains these characteristics, to one degree or another, can be called creative play. That is, a type and kind of play that will allow our creativity to flourish to create what we desire. These particular characteristics of creative play arise from the characteristics of the most creative state of being that you can enter. This state of being is found when you fully align with the flow of energy that flow from the source of our being at each and every level of our being. Since all emanates from this source, any creative play that we need to enter for our creative endeavor will have the “flavor” or the characteristic of this most creative state of being to one degree or another. Alternatively said, the characteristics of creative play contain the same characteristics of the source/Source of our creative power and this most creative state of being. It is only that we experience them to a lesser degree than when we consciously access the source/Source. The more our play has the characteristics of the creative source/Source within our being, or we can embrace these characteristics in our play, the greater the creativity we access.

When we access the source/Source of our being the first thing we will find, and it may be even overwhelming, is that we access an exceptional freedom of movement. It is a freedom unlike what we are normally capable of experiencing. This freedom of movement is experienced as a type and kind of spontaneous and innocent play, a creative play, which is best characterized as a state of being much like the state a young child experiences before mind enters the picture. The more you can move into this spontaneous and innocent childlike play, the greater the creative power we will access and the greater the chance we will be lead to the most creative state of being and to the source/Source of your creative power. So, the goal is to create conditions where the essential characteristics of this most creative state are present. The question is, “What exactly are the essential characteristics?”

The key characteristics that have been identified are the following. Although many of these characteristics overlap with each other, it is useful to contemplate them individually. There is one note that needs to be made about these characteristics. That is, we cannot construct them with our mind. We can not choose to become any one of these. They must surface naturally within our being. The easiest way to do that is to use play in our creative endeavors and allow it to evolve into creative play. Then allow the creative play to evolved into the play of the heart and eventually into the most creative state of being. That evolution will allow these characteristic to arise naturally in what we are doing. Some will arise sooner than others but eventually all will be present.

No expectations: Although consciousness/Consciousness my hold an intention to create a desired experience, there are no expectation on exactly how it will manifest. It is to step out of mind and frees itself from its own limitations and barriers. It is free to flow and unfold the desire recreating itself and/or its environment as necessary.

Surrendering to the flow of energy: Consciousness does not meddle with the flow of energy it has created. It is free to surrender to the creative process. It allows the energy to flow and unfold into a manifestation of its desire.

Following our internal compass: Following our internal compass is only to hold alignment with the feeling that arises from the flow of energy flowing to manifest the desired intention. It is not to become distracted with outer concerns. It is to hold a clear intention and hold a single point focus on manifesting that intention through feeling.

Realizing the most energetic aspect arises to be addressed. Although consciousness may not be consciously thinking about the fact the obstacles preventing the manifestation of the desired creation are the most energetic aspect arises, it is the awareness of the most energetic rising to be addressed requires us to address whatever arises. Consciousness cannot shy away from what arises for it knows that if the obstacle is not addressed it will thwart the manifestation of its own desire.

Freedom from the limitations of fear: Fear because of the past will most always be present. However, consciousness in aligning with the flow of energy knows that whatever arises must be faced for what arises is only an obstacle to what is desired. Although there may be fear, consciousness is not stopped. Rather it looks to address the real hazard within the fear addressing necessary compensatory measures and moves to face what arise.

Innocent and spontaneous: Without expectations and having stepped out of mind, consciousness is free to have a beginners mind and be innocent in what it does. It has no preconceived ideas as to what must be done, how it must be done or must occur. It is free to be spontaneous to meet the need as it arises.

A mistake free world: There is freedom from mistakes for no mistakes can be made in a true creative endeavor. Mistakes can only be made against a known criteria and are made by mind. Mind makes a comparison of what occurs with the expectations of mind and/or it predetermined criteria. In creativity, there can no mo mistakes. To create is to bring into existence something not previously seen or experienced. Hence mind has no way of comparing to determined if a mistake is made. There are only learning experiences as to what does or doesn’t occur to create what one desires.

Just be who we are, true to ourselves: Being out of mind, we are free to be just who and what we are. We have no images to uphold and have no need to perform or become something for another. We are free to just be true to ourselves and who and what we are.

It is to be the esoteric fool: To be spontaneous and innocent in what we do is to be the proverbial fool. The fool does what mind would refuse to do. The fool is free to experience and discover the truth of any situation that has been masked by mind.

Freedom of movement: One characteristic is freedom of movement. One has the freedom of movement to spontaneously move wherever the play leads. It is to be free to surrender to the flow of energy that is giving rise to the experience we are having and allow it to lead our actions and our life. It is to have the freedom of movement to explore what we are experiencing and to discover what the experience is, or isn’t, providing and/or communicating to us. Creative play is movement without obligation or purpose and/or any judgments about the movement that occurs. It is to remove our opinion as to whether we like or dislike what we experience and to remove our opinion as to whether or not we find it pleasurable or painful. Rather, it is about allowing ourselves to be present to what is, as it is, out of mind and fully present in the moment or in the “now.” We cannot choreograph the movement or direct it in any way. We may set the stage or choreograph the start of what we do, but once the play has started we allow the flow of energy which arises in that play to lead our actions. One is totally free to explore and discover where the flow of energy of the experience one is having is carrying them.

Not take our actions seriously: A most important aspect of play is to be able to act in a way that is not to be taken seriously. To not take our actions seriously contains two aspects. One aspect of not taking our actions seriously is there are no judgments of mind on, or about, the play and where it leads and what it leads us to experience. The other is what us actually do is not important. We play for the sake of play and not for any goal or objective. There is no competition, winning or success. There is just the experience of play and to experience true freedom

The second aspect of not taking our actions seriously is to understand no matter what we do, what we do is not important. Rather, what is important is the freedom to do what we do. If we focus on what we do and/or think what we do is important, we will lose the state of creative play. If anything is taken seriously, it is the freedom to act. This is what it means to hold our creativity sacred. It is to give ourselves the freedom to do what we need to do in the way we need to do it as directed by our intuitive guidance and in a way that does not compromise our creativity.

Direction of travel is toward freedom: One thing that always needs to be remembered is creative play takes us into a deeper and deeper freedom. It is about creating a flow of energy that leads one to greater and greater freedom of play. It is a play that allows us to experience greater and greater freedom in our creative endeavors. To create greater and greater freedom, sometimes we need to work with the energy and incur some work and some obligation, if not pain. Pain, without an accompanying new creation that provides greater freedom, from a creativity perspective, is a creation that really wasted and unnecessary. But there is no right or wrong when we create. Rather there are only learning experiences as to what does or does not serve us and what we desire to create.

Experience expansion and growth: We are infinitely creative being. The one key criteria that will always serve us is whether or not we are experience an expansion and growth within our own being. When we are in creative play, we will expand into the infinity of our own being. We will feel it and experience it. Exactly what we experience and what it feels like is unique to our own being But what we experience will be toward and expansion and growth of who and what we are. If what we call play is not allowing us in some way to become bigger and expand within, what we are doing is not creative play.

Freedom to process pain: We often think as we expand our awareness and move into the source/Source of creation/Creation we will be free from pain. However, unless we understand the role of pain and the gift that lies in pain, we will always be puzzled by pain and its appearance in our creative endeavors. What is important about creative play is that we are totally free to process our pain and what we feel as we feel it. We hold nothing back. We are free to allow the pain to flow as much as we allow the joy and laughter to flow.

Free to focus on what is: Being outside of mind, which hold the focus of our attention and awareness, we are free to focus on, and explore, what is in the environment in which we find ourselves. We are free to become that young child that is free to move spontaneously from thing to thing as they are lead. There is nothing that holds us to any one particular thing other that an interest to discover and explore what is being experienced.

Free to speak our truth: When we have something to say we freely say it. We are quiet when we have nothing to say. We speak our truth as we know it freely and willingly without any judgements or any concern for how what we speak may be perceived.

Can be alone and with ourselves: We are free to be totally lost in our play in whatever we do. The issue of being alone or with another in our play is actually irrelevant. We are more than willing to play with another and more that willing to play by ourselves. We are not afraid of being alone in this play. If they want a playmate or to be picked up and feel being held, we ask to play or we ask to be held by another. We are free to go totally where the energy leads us and captures our attention.

True to who we are in the moment: If a summation is done for all that is state here it can probably be summarized in the statement, “We are completely true to the truth that is our being as it exist in the moment of time.” There are no mental judgements, opinions or other types of influence from the mind on our actions. We are completely true to who and what we are and what we are feeling in the moment. We simply become consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself/Itself.

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