Creative play and the issue of perceived freedom


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It is said  that one of the characteristics of creative play is to be free from the judgments of the mind and not to take one’s actions seriously. To be free of the judgments of mind also means to be free of any obligations. What this in turn means, is that to become free of an obligation can give great freedom. So the freedom gained when an obligation is lifted can be experienced as play or playful. However, the freedom we feel when obligations are removed will not necessarily give us the type of play that enhances our creative abilities although we may think you have entered a very creative state.

The key point here is that to be free is to be spontaneous and innocent in one’s movements without any imposing judgments about the movement which includes moving in a direction we choose to move. When obligations are removed, if we move toward or away from any experience because the obligation is removed, that movement is not being spontaneous and innocent to explore and discover. Rather, it is only another level of control imposed by mind as a result of past experiences.

For example, supposed while we are living at home we needed to keep our room extremely neat and clean because of parental demands. When we move away and live by ourselves, we are now free to keep our room messy. We are free of the obligation of having to have our room neat. However, to consciously or subconsciously keep our room messy as a demonstration of our freedom to do what we wish is not freedom of movement. Freedom of movement would be to explore and discover what level of tidiness and messiness that truly fits our unique creative needs and abilities. It is to do both. It would be to playfully create a mess and playfully cleanup to see where the balance point lies in our life for what we desire to create.

To playfully create a mess and playfully clean up the mess would be to not take the mess we create or the clean up seriously and with judgment as to what is right or wrong or one is somehow better than the other. Strict controls will stifle our freedom where as lack of controls do not provide the discipline to bring our desired creation into manifestation. There is a balance point that we will have to explore and discover that fits the situation we face and what we desire to create

The bottom line here is that whenever a burden or obligation is lifted, we will have a freedom within our being. The question we need to look at is whether (1) the freedom we feel is only a result of a dropped burden and there is a flow of energy that is carrying us that we did not consciously choose to create or (2) the flow of energy we feel is something we, ourselves created and desired to have and desire to go where it lead.

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