Using creative play - Using play other than the most creative state


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Using creative play
Using play other than the most creative state

Using creative play
Challenging the limits of mind through feeling
Challenging the limits of mind through mind

Using creative play is not as easy as using play in our creative endeavors. Play in our creative endeavors is really about getting us out of mind and keeping us out of mind to explore options that reside outside the limits and barriers of mind. Creative play is about moving toward play of what is symbolized in the heart. This type and kind of play posses a problem for most of us.

When we are born into the world we are is the play of what is symbolized in the heart. We lose the ability to be in this play as a result of our play being thwarted in one way or other as we grow into life. As we shut down the ability to be in the play of what is symbolized in the heart, we also begin to shut down our ability to be in creative play and move more and more toward play of the mind.

We look to mind to create response patterns to life that prevent us from feeling pain when our play is somehow thwarted and keeping us safe. In time, these response patterns to life and the limits and barriers imposed by mind prevent us from going too deep into creative play and into our own creative power and creative ability. Hence, to use creative play in our creative endeavors it is almost assured we will have to address some, if not all, of the reasons why we lost our ability to be in the play of what is symbolized in the heart. This is the deepest level of creative play we can enter without going through the doorway toward the most creative state of being. Regaining the ability to return to the state of play with which we came into life is discussed in the topic “Returning to the most creative state of being through creative play.”

Using creative play (Top)

Given the fact that it is state that using creative play can be difficult because of the past we may need to face, we can ask the question, “How does one use creative play and what exactly does this all mean in an every day practical sense?”

The answer to this question is that in our daily life, creative play is about understanding and using our intuitive guidance to guide our creative endeavors. It is to be free to act to continually honor your intuitive guidance until we create what we desire yet not take the guidance seriously for, as discussed below only the direction it provides is correct. That is, we allow ourselves to play with what we get. By continually going to our intuitive guidance, we are continually seeking to align with one or more of the deeper undercurrents of Creation giving rise to Creation. This, in turn, is both keeping us out of mind and keeping us close to aligning with the flow of our own creative life energy.

It needs to be understood, that mind will provide an interpretation of the energy we experience which rise from the intention we set based on our past experiences and provide that interpretation to as our intuitive guidance. The thought, image or understanding we get is only the best our mind can provide based on the past and mind will not necessarily have the necessary minimum set of experience to correctly interpret what we experience and sense. In this regard, there are inaccuracies being imposed on the interpretation of the experiences we have because of the limitations of mind. Hence, we cannot take our intuitive guidance seriously. The only aspect of our intuitive guidance that we can ensure is correct is the direction in which we need to travel. We each can and should do our own experiments to see how this works for us for it its effect will be slightly different in each of our lives. If we change our intention, we will observe we get different intuitive insights base on that new intention. This is because there is a different flow of energy giving rise to the new intention.

These inaccuracies act as the limits, barriers and boundaries to the correct interpretation of what is experienced or become obstacles to where we need to go to get create what desires. If we stays within the limits and barriers imposed by mind, we will be unable to find the creative solutions we seek. It is necessary to understand the existing limits and barriers may not provide a large enough space to explore what our intuitive guidance is attempting to communicate about what needs to be done to create what we desire. We may find that we will need the freedom to move past those limits as necessary. We may find we have to challenge the truth and validity of the limits themselves. We will needs to move past the limits and barriers imposed by mind.

Creative play is about learning to understand how to move freely or loosely within the limits imposed by our mind when it provides us intuitive guidance. Challenging the limits and barriers of mind can be done one of two ways. One is through experience and feeling. The other is a more mental approach.

Challenging the limits of mind through feeling (Top)

The first way to challenge the limits and barriers imposed on the intuitive guidance by mind is through experience and feeling is to simply gain more experience. When the experience is gained, clarity is obtained. The best way to gain that necessary experience is to honor the intuitive guidance we receives in a suorephex, that is, a surrogate or real physical experience for it will lead you in the direction we need to go. In doing so, we honor the fact we have sensed the energy and we honor what mind tells us in the best way it can as to what this energy is or represents. If we honor the intuitive guidance in a suorephex, we move toward aligning with the flow of energy we sense that lies at the base of the intuitive guidance.

Honoring our intuitive guidance in turn, allows us to move closer to aligning with the energy and allows us to see what aspects of the energy we sense that mind cannot adequately interpret. We will know we have achieved alignment with the flow of energy to create what we desire through feeling. This is to use our internal compass to guide us. We can feel an “optimum” feeling within an intuitive insight that does not change for it is arise from the center of the flow of energy giving rise to what we experience. That feeling can lead us in a direction we need to go. We only need to maintain the optimized feeling. As we take actions that decrease this feeling, we know you are moving out of alignment with what we wish to create. In trying to align with the energy and attempting to explain to ourselves what we perceive, we will gain the necessary experience to do create what we desire. It is an iterative process.

Challenging the limits of mind through mind (Top)

The other way is to explore what we think and believe and intentionally move past the limiting beliefs we possess. It is to “not do.” That is, to become other than what we think and believe. It is to challenge our thinking and beliefs through actions. It is to construct our own experiments. It may be to explore the opposite of what we think and believe and/or to look for ways to move past what we think and believe to find alternatives or different ways of thinking.

Using the creativity perspective, which holds our creativity sacred, is a way to do this. The creativity perspective is specifically designed to address this issue. It can impose both limits to keep us safe and protect ourselves yet give us the freedom we need to explore as necessary. The trick, so to speak is that mind seeks to protect. By choosing to hold our creativity sacred, we direct mind to protect our creativity. That then opens the door to allow us to go into the unknown and have mind supporting our efforts to move past it own limits and barriers.

In the creativity perspective, we impose limits and constraints to keep ourselves, and others, safe but we look to see how, or if, the limits we impose are compromising our creativity. It is a way analogous to the way we performs a hazard or safety analysis in the construction of a new building or new industrial process. When constructing a building or industrial process the engineers look for occupational and environmental health and safety issues in order to mitigate any potential hazards. In performing an analogous safety hazard on what our intuitive guidance asks us to do, we can review the actions we will need to take to honor our intuitive guidance to ensure both safety is maintained and our creativity is not compromised. Rather than letting our fears and/or real or perceived hazards stop our creative endeavors, we can find a way to continue our creative endeavors yet maintain a sufficient level of safety.

By keeping fixed limits and barriers we can explore how those limits and barriers do or do not affect and/or compromise our creativity. We then gain the understanding as to which type and kind of limits and barriers need to be removed or retained and when for a particular creative effort. In essence we can have the proverbial cake and eat it too. In doing so, we will have the freedom to free our creative spirit or keep it captive in the cage of our own making. But no matter what we choose, we will become the creator for we will be the one who is choosing. This is the most powerful creative step we can take. In choosing in awareness we (1) consciously know what we are choosing and (2) can always go back and can change the choice if it does not serve us.

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