Ways to use play in our creative endeavors


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Ways to use play in our creative endeavors
Using play - a diversion of the mind
The first way to play - subconscious processing
A second way to play - play under observation
A third way to play - playing with another
A fourth way to play - a returning

It most cases when we use play in our creative endeavors, we will be starting either well within the imposed limits and barriers of our mind or we will be close to it moving past those limits and barriers in a rather well defined area. The methods proposed here start at this point and allow us to lose ourselves in play turning our play into a creative play. The greater our play can become creative play and move to the play of what is symbolized in our heart, the greater creative possibilities we will find.

Using play - a diversion of the mind (Top)

For our creative efforts, play can be used in four primary ways. Each is somewhat dependent on the type and kind of information we seek or what we desire to create. Each way depends on establishing a clear intention for what we desire to accomplish. In this regard, the first thing we need to do in all cases is establish clarity of intention and look to see what feeling we are desiring to create by holding that intention or to obtain in manifesting that intention.

There are only two fixed things in any of these processes of play. One is to maintain a very clear intention as to what we wish to create and hold it with unwavering faith and trust that the creative/creation process will lead us to manifest it. The second is to align with the flow of energy to the extent possible and follow it with the spontaneity of that flow outside the control of the mind. This is done by looking to our intuitive guidance and honoring the guidance we get. The rest is pure play. If is not the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration as to how to create the reality of our choice then it is at least a play that is amusing and not taken seriously where we are free and lighthearted in a continuous and sustained fashion.

The reason why play is key to moving toward the most powerful state of creativity and provides the greatest vehicle to manifest any creative endeavor is because it can provide a diversion to the mind. It creates experiences such that mind does not become trapped in time and thinking, analyzing, judging and waiting for its creation to manifest.

Ideally the play that is discussed here is the play as it would be to create a state of play as it would be experienced by an young innocent child living in the wonderment of Creation and at the discover and exploration of Creation. It is about living in the spontaneity of the moment and letting the flow of energy within us leading our effort and being out of the thinking, judging and analyzing mind. For an adult, that is obviously difficult to do for we do have many concerns that our mind finds difficult to escape.

The idea is to move towards this spontaneous state of being without making this state of being “the goal” to be reached. Otherwise, if this becomes our goal, play of what is symbolized in the heart cannot be obtain and will be lost if accessed. Rather we will become stuck in play of the mind. Any goal we attempt to achieve is something being imposed by mind. This is why it is said we must use play to lose ourselves in play and allow the play to turn into creative play. If we try and create creative play, we are in mind and will never be able to live mind to experience the creative play we desire to create.

Play of the mind and what the mind thinks is useful only up to the extent mind is willing to surrender to the play itself. It needs to be remembered one does not have to return to the play of what is symbolized in the heart. Our mind only needs to allow us to play in a space that is large enough that mind does not step in and interfere with the play. Remember, the purpose of the play is to divert the mind.

For us to move toward being in creative play and toward the most creative state of being, there are some things that will need to be accomplished. The first and biggest issue is that to allow ourselves to be in the innocent play of a young child, we will need to work though all the reasons why they shut down this state of being as a young child. It needs to be realized in whatever form of play is selected, as soon as we moves into any situation that reminds us of the past and why we shut down our ability to be the play of what is symbolized by the heart as a child, we will shutdown again unless we are very mindful and aware of what is happening.

The greatest asset we can develop is to learn to discern what the heart wants from the what the mind wants and learn to use the feelings of the heart as an internal guidance system. To do this we most probably will need to pro-actively use our intuitive guidance to get us there. Although intuitive guidance does come quite naturally to each of us, most of us are not taught of is existence let alone how to use it. To use it we need to be mindful of our thoughts to recognize it.

For many of us, we may have to spend a little time developing and learning to trust our intuitive guidance. To do so, we need to learn to be open to feeling to be free to allow our body to feel and allows ourselves to be in what we feeling. We need to learn to allow our feelings to lead. It is to learn to be free to go where the feeling lead. It is to learn to allow what we feel to set the intention and direction for our life and use mind to attend to the details to make it happen. In this regard, we may face moving to deal with any addictions and/or response patters that we sue that do not allow us to feel and what we may have been using to diver our attention and awareness away from feeling.

To use play in our creative endeavors, we will have to create a safe space in which to play so that mind does not have to worry about protecting us from the external world. In essence, we have to take way any excuse mind will use to reenter the picture. More often than not, mind will reenter the picture whenever it perceives a safety issue, real or imaginary.

Whenever mind says “no” or “stop” owe will have to look at why mind is stepping in to stop our actions and then address the reason. We will have to face the fears and concerns of the mind whether they are real or illusionary for until mind gets out of the way, we cannot play. In many ways, before we can play, we will have to relearn what it is to play and see how our mind doesn’t really allow us and give us the freedom to play.

It does need to be noted here that we are each very unique creations. What true play looks like for me is not what my mind thinks or your mind thinks but rather it is where my creative life energy is flowing. It may be very different from yours and we each need to be free to play the way that we need to play. What we will come to find, is that the more we play in a way that accesses the passion of our heart and aligns with our creative life energy, we will surface the reason for our incarnation. Additionally, the greater the creativity we will come to see in our life and what can only be called “magic” will be in our life. You will come to see reality completely different.

The first three was to use play as described where are to use play as defined by the mind and what mind considers a safe and secure space to play. For most, with a little practice, play of the mind is more than adequate for most creative endeavors. The fourth way discusses returning to the state of play which we brought with us when we were born.

The first way to play - subconscious processing (Top)

The first and easiest why to use play is to use it in a subconsciously way more as a diversionary way to allow the subconscious to do the work. Here we can use almost any concept of play the mind holds for the conscious mind is occupied by the play whatever it is perceived to be and the subconscious does the work. In effect the controlling mind is out of the way. To use play subconsciously, we set the clear intention and then go off in play doing whatever we like to do. The insights and directions as to how to proceed and what you need to do will simply arise within our being in our intuitive guidance. Or they will come to us in some seemingly magical or mystical fashion as in synchronicity. To use this technique, we will need to be mindful and aware of our thoughts so we can recognize the insights when we get them.

Ideally, we then need to act on what comes working though any obstacles. Mind should work to make what arise from our intuitive guidance a physical experience in some way  and/or act on the synchronicity which occurs. We need to be aware that since we are in the play of the mind, the mind usually steps in and judges and biases the information we get. If we keep at the process we will eventually get to what we intend if we hold the focus of our attention. In this form of play, little to no issue of the past which blocks the flow of our creative life energy can be expected to arise. The reason is all is being worked subconsciously. Anything that would interfere from the past remains subconscious and our subconscious mind simply works its solution in a different way. In this process, we simply iterate the process until we achieve what we desire.

One note does need to be made here. In this process the mind does work at a subconscious level. If there is blocked energy to be release sometimes we suffer and accident or illness to dissipate the blocked energy. When we start this process we sent the intention to allow the work to be done at the subconscious level and work at the subconscious level it will. It should not be a surprise that we set the intention to use play as a diversion and start our play we often have an illness or accident that seems to thwart our play. In these situations we need to look carefully if the illness and/or accident are not leading us directly to the solution we seek. We need to remember what it really means to work at the subconscious level. This realization should not make us afraid. Rather it should just bring our awareness to the fact of how much of our creativity is done subconsciously and the multiple roles that accident, illness and disease can fulfill in our creative endeavors. The recommendation here is to look to make our creative endeavors conscious so that we can begin to see the attachments and/or past memories that can give rise to pain. In this way, we can defuse the pain before it become painful or significantly painful.

A second way to play - play under observation (Top)

The second way is to have someone create a form of play that is acceptable to our mind and its understanding of play. They then observe our play to both see what it reveals and to guide us to what we desire. This second use of play begins again with setting a clear intention . We then have someone construct some sort of free, unorganized play and allow the play itself to lead.

Here we look at the play as our creative life energy and/or our creative spirit communicating to us and that it will lead us to what it desires to communicate. We need to see whatever arises in the play and/or in what we are lead to do as our creative life energy express itself to us. The individual is there to watch and observe so that we can become lost in the play and there is no requirement on our part to think and/or be observant. Most importantly, the individual is there to ask our creative life energy what it is trying to communicate so that it will shift what it is expressing to communicate more clearly in a way we can understand.

As we begin to play, the individual will ask questions relevant to what we wish to manifest. What we will find is that our play reveals in a literal or symbolic way what we need to do or what is preventing us from moving forward. The individual should not be controlling what we do in any way. Rather they ask questions to get clarity as to what our creative life energy/creative spirit is trying to express. The process is quite dramatic and almost anything can be used as play.

It needs to be understood that this process is based on the fact that everything we are already experiencing is simply our creative life energy expressing itself. The only difference is that within this from of play, we create a safe and secure space for our energy to express itself under observation and where it is free to express itself and communicates what needs to be said in the best way it can. In realizing this, we only needs to observe our life to know what our creative life energy/creative spirit is communicating. However to do this the observer must be able to be that detached witness and stand back a sufficient distance that creates a large enough perspective to see the whole picture being drawn and yet not significantly influence by what it observes.

It can be expected that childhood issue  of pain and suffering will arise as the play takes us into situations that the reminds us of the past. If mind does not step in and shut down the play, we can be assured what arises needs to be addressed for energy follows the path of least resistance and the most energetic aspect arises to be addressed As such, our creative life energy is telling us where we want the energy to flow and not flow. The memories which surface will need to be addressed. The process can be iterated as we address the pieces that arise. However, in working through the past, it needs to be remembered, we can be very easily diverted by any piece that arises and it may in fact be an attempt for mind to regain control. By bringing up the past and creating and intense desire to work thought all the past, the mind regains the control and takes us away from our stated intention. It is essential we always remember our intent and keep focused on what we desire to create. We also need to be aware there is no need to work through all our past and all the pain we have experienced. Rather, we only need to address what arises in direct response to our stated intention.

Some of the more typical exercises that can be done to work through what arises are targeted guided meditation, games that will create conditions to work through the issue, life maps, story telling, rituals, metatheater and the like to process and release the bound energy. Often what is done will look like counseling or one or more of the typical therapy techniques built around play, art or other creative activities. However, the premise for what is done is quite different. There is no desire or expectation on the part of the observer to “fix” anything or that there is anything wrong with things as they are. Rather the goal is to get the individual’s creative life energy to express exactly what it is desiring to express outside the control of mind so it can flow into the intention that is set. The focus is to address whatever we are trying to create.

A third way to play - playing with another (Top)

The third way to use play is to create a metatheatric scenario and/or other simply playful situations. Then engage the play with another and allow the spontaneity of the situation to lead one’s creative efforts. This form of play requires all participants to be mindful and aware of the overriding intention and they have some knowledge in the use of play. That is, they don’t take what arise seriously. Otherwise anyone who is not aware may feel used and abused because they will not understand much of what happens

This third ways to play is in many ways the same as the second way to play except that all parties involved are watching both themselves and the others. This form of play takes us close to returning to the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. This also means that the type of play will most probably surface the painful issues of childhood and/or what can be called past life memories in ourselves and/or in other participants. Its main difference from the play of what is symbolized by the heart is that it is done within a defined context of play rather than allowing a full spontaneous play in all areas. In play of what is symbolized by the heart, the whole Creation is the playground.

This third type of play will involved actual theatrical scenarios of play and acting out ideas and scenes. This is a very powerful methodology. Normally our filters that we use to perceive reality are not in alignment with reality. We experience reality and response based on our filter rather than dealing with what is real. Our filters continually bias anything we observe and if we can’t get out of mind, we never will see clearly. However a way out is to create something unreal and we will response based on what is real within us. Hence we can see the filters that we are using to bias our perceptions. So rather than stepping out of mind, we learn the filters of the mind. In becoming aware of their existence, we can slowly dismantle them to create a way that is safe for us to step out of mind without our fears and judgements returning and interfering with what we are experiencing.

A fourth way to play - a returning (Top)

The fourth way to play is a returning to the essence of our being. It most powerful method of play we can readily access and yet difficult to obtain is the conscious return to, and use of, play of what is symbolized in the heart. It is to be in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration with which we were born and experienced early in life. A conscious return to this state of play is the only way you can enter it. It cannot be used subconsciously for all the pain and suffering one experienced in its loss prevents its subconscious use. As soon as mind perceives anything remotely like what caused the pain and suffering in the past that shut this type of play down,  mind will cause us to withdrawal. The memories of the pain and suffering of the past and the habits we developed to avoid the pain we felt as a child rise to keep us bound in what the mind considers safe. Yet is safe only from a child’s perspective when we developed the habits. What we do not necessarily serve us in the long run and as an adult. .

To use the play of what is symbolized in the heart consciously we need to face all the reason why we lost this ability. We will have to work through all the issue that arise as they arise they are what interferes with what we desire to create. Yet, it is a task well within our ability. It is only a matter of having the strength of will, a desire and the determination to get back to that state to consciously claim the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability.

play of what is symbolized in the heart is the state of play to which one must return if they are going to access and release our unlimited creativity and claim our birthright as the infinitely creative being that we are. But regaining this ability to play or access our unlimited creativity is not something everyone has the need or interest to do. We come here to have an experience and that should be our first priority, that is, to have the experience we incarnated to have. Accessing the creative power and creative ability which created that reason for being here is not necessary. Yet if we wish to access our full power to create the reality of our choice, this is the state of being to which we need to return.

To consciously reenter the state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration that we first experienced in our life and to stay in that state of being, we will need to fully align with our creative passion using it as our internal compass and surrender to that creative passion. When we are in our creative passion usually two things will occur. One is we realize we can create anything we choose. It just takes the concentrated focus of our attention and awareness. However, the second thing is that we will realize is we created our current life and there is a pretty good reason for it. Most find they are content doing what they came to do when they do it. Most mystics would probably call it surrendering to the will of God but it is not something we are in any way forced to do because it is our choice. We set it up. We need to remember we have a free will. We either created it or agreed to participate in it at some level of our being To say we are surrendering to the will of some external God or force is a great denial of our own responsibility for what we create. Rather we are only choosing to live the purpose we gave ourselves before incarnating. It is more of honoring the contract we made with ourselves. It is in fact to embrace our own truth. .

When we consciously embrace our reason for incarnating, we consciously engage life as play. Whether it is the life we live or anything that we do in life. We fully experience life as Consciousness at play with Itself and all that it is just play. This is not an intellectual understanding. It is an awareness that is enthused throughout our being. It is a matter of consciously knowing and choosing an intention and then allowing ourselves to form and flow into the intention we set knowing perfectly well if we change our intention in any way we change the flow of energy.

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