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This conversation will stretch the thinking of what is possible for most individuals about what they may have incarnated to do. The discussion asks us to look at what each human represents in a slightly different way that most have been lead to think about the human. It is to see the human collective as being a consciousness as any other consciousness and we are its “experiments” in creativity. We are its experiments to bring into manifestation new and untried possibilities as to what it means to be human.

Being a focus for the collective is that we, as an individuated consciousness, agree to address certain issues in humanity. It is not about incarnating to “fix” something. Rather it is more about exploring new options and new possibilities for humanity. In some ways it may be that we take on certain issues, challenges of humanity, for humanity. Perhaps it is fear of love. Perhaps it is power issues we collectively face. It may be about balancing power. Or, it may be about our ability to manifest what we desire. It can be about getting along with people. Or, it may be simply about humanity learning to stand in our own truth and learning how to be independent of the pull of the collective. Perhaps it is about the ability to become independent and act upon our creative instincts rather than doing what pleases others. These are some of the many types and kinds of issue we, as individual, can incarnate to take them part of our experience in Physical Creation. The question is, “What does it look like to undertake such a task for the collective?” Of course, before we spend our time worrying about what such a task looks like, we may want to explore the intention for our life to see if we have such a calling as experienced by the author.

Being a focus for the collective - becoming a prototype of the future

In the oneness of the universe, the entire created world is a direct reflection of us and what is inside us. A way to perceive this phenomenon is found in the discussion “Implications of Pair Production in our Creative Endeavors.” Our physical bodies are a direct reflection of our individuated consciousness and creative spirit in physical form. Our bodies embody what it thinks and believe in order to have an experience of Physical Creation as a human being. The current form, type, shape and characteristics we have are reflective of our current ego. Who and what we think we are and how we act and respond to the world as are result of having incarnated is reflective our current enculturated ego.

The physical universe we see before us is the reflection of a particular view a consciousness within Divine Consciousness has chosen to experience reality and our individuated view is this particular view represented or experienced by us through our bodies and the environment in which it find ourselves. We are a creation within a Creation viewing Creation through a particular view. It is only one of many possible views. To have physical experience of this view, we allow ourselves to forget who and what you really are, an individuated and infinite creative being, experiencing creation though a particular individualized view.

Just as the universe is a reflection of who we are, that is, that particular individuated view, we are a direct reflection of a particular facet of the universe. This means two things. The first is we are the universe expressing a unique facet of itself. The second is that as a member of the human race, we are expressing a unique facet of the human race and the human collective. In the discussion on “The energy and creative power/Creative Power available in a given creation/Creation,” it is stated that within a giving creation, energy can neither be created or destroyed. In the “mplications of Pair Production in our Creative Endeavors,” it is discuss that we need to find that part of ourselves that is both inside of us and outside of us to bring those two pieces together to be annihilated so that the energy can be used to manifest a new creation.

This is also done relative to the human collective. We each are a facet of the human collective that is being expressed and to change what is being expressed, that is the current story we tell, we must die to allow that energy to be made available for a new creation. How much of us that must die depend on how much we need to recreate. It is much the same way with any new type and kind of experience and/or the discovery of a new technology. To give us a particular experience we evolve prototype after prototype, trial after trial until we get what we desire. The human collective does the same kind of thing. In many ways, humanity is a technology of Creation or a way Creation has chosen to experiences creation. It is experimenting and playing with Itself.

In many ways we are all prototypes. Yet in being that prototype, we are the finest the universe has to offer up to this point in the realm of Creation which our particular physical manifestation represents. This does not mean humans are somehow better or above the animal kingdom or other life forms as many think and even some religions imply. Rather, we are just the best of what it means to be human. We each are evolving the human collective as to what it means to be human.

For example, one of the tradition teachings about Christ was that He was the innocent Lamb of God lead to the slaughter, sacrificed for the sins of humanity. Another way to view His life is that of a prototype. He is, or was, the prototype of unconditional love and innocence of living that love in the world. His life was about seeing how well the concept worked in the world.

In a way very similar to the way a very weak air frame flying into a violent storm will be ripped apart and destroyed, Christ was very much the same. He is that first prototype that represented a new way of being human in the world just as the first airplane that flew was a new way of being in the world. However, although Christ can be seen as exceptional advancement in understanding, his “air frame” was not suited for the climate and environment of the time. It was destroyed violently rather than being peaceable retired from operation having proven an acceptable way of being. Something else needed to happen. Something else needed to be understood for what he represented to survive in Physical Creation at that time.

What needs to be understood, as the prototype and focal point for humanity for a new way of being in the world, if He continued to live, and many copied the particular prototype, His energy and what that energy represented, could not be totally annihilated or sufficiently annihilated to be recast into a new and improved prototype Rather than His energy being recast into a new form, it would have lived on in any tradition which Christ would have created. Hence the energy manifested in the world and its reflection in the human consciousness would not be combined to be remolded into a new form. Humanity would have been stuck with a working model but one that was not as capable as it could be. It is somewhat like being stuck with a biplane technology rather than exploring monoplane technology.

Although many talk about following Christ and being unconditional love no matter what it costs even to the point of death, few are willing to live it and do what needs to be done. We only needs to look to history to see how effective a model that has been. It was popular with the early Christians and many have surrendered to what is required. But it seemed to quickly drop off over time, become modified and eventually “acceptable” to the system such that only a few really lived the true Christ prototype. However, what if the Christ prototype could have endured the turbulent and violent times of the Roman era. Suppose He didn’t die a violent death. Suppose He was able to find an accommodation with such a repressive regime without compromising His message. It would be interest to see what would have evolved. It probably would have been a very enduring model.

Over the centuries, there have been other prototypes tested. Some based on the early expression of Christ, others of a completely different nature For example, in may ways, what Christ represented in his message of love, Leonardo Di Vinci represented and faced in understanding Physical Creation. Leonardo had exceptionally good designs that could work and would work with the right conditions. However the materials necessary for his designs to survives the stresses and strains that the designs would have to undergo did not exist in his day.

When we talk about prototyping, we are talking about creating a design such that subsequent designs go beyond the original or at least copy what the original could do. What we look at the Christ design, we could say the Christ design did effective work and that no other design has yet been capable of coming up to His design for what He incarnated to express. There are not copies of Him or “improved” versions. It could be that the problem was, and is, the materials that were necessary to sustain His existence and what His prototype represented did not, and do not, yet exist. After all, Christ is reported to have said, “These and greater things you shall do?” The question is, where are they and why are they not there? To what was He really referring - technology as we know it or a wisdom with in?

It does need to be noted that the materials to which we refer are the material of understanding. The world did not understand what Christ was doing. However, there are new understanding currently available about how the universe works and what is humanly possible. It is understanding that can
provide the materials to make an individual such as Christ and what He represented fully functional in the world today.

But this discussion is not about Christ and/or Christianity. What needs to be understood here is that we each are a prototype being tested by the universe. It is very much like the concept of evolution. The prototypes that work remain around and the way of life they create is copied. The one’s that don’t die out. We takes what happens to us personally never considering the fact that maybe our failures are not our failures. Maybe our design was just not up to the task and we are only part of the learning experience of humanity to understand what it really means to be human. Of course such thinking does little for our ego and what we would like to create.

Yet, such thinking helps to understand why is it so important for us to help create the space for each creative spirit to be free to unfold true to itself. In helping that creative spirit in the other, we may actually helping the human collective go well beyond what it means to be human. It also helps us to understand why it is important that we learn to speak and live our truth. Our truth may in fact be the cutting edge of humanity. But if we don’t learn to speak it and live it, that aspect of humanity is lost.

So when an individual attempts to live differently than they way they were raised and the face unseen resistance that feels like one is trying to escape the gravitation pull of the earth it may be true. Being a focus for humanity is very much like that. It is like that rocket that is trying to escape the pull of gravity to go to the moon. It takes an enormous thrust and passion to achieve such a task.

Humans do not normally leave the surface of the planet. That was true until humanity developed flight. Then they saw the possibility of going to the moon. When they tried, they found they had to develop a very powerful technology to get what they wanted pass the pull of the earths gravitation forces holding them on the surface which is are normal place of living. They had to find a way, the materials and the fuel to get them there. So too with each of us being a focus for a new aspect of humanity and developing a new way of living in the world.. We need to develop the way, the materials and the fuel.

What needs to be understood is that if we are moving to find a way for an individual to live that is normally different than the way we now normally live, we will have to escape the pull of the collective that keeps us bound. We will have to struggle gains the pull of the collective as the rocket going to the moon. But there is no need for violence or intense pain. It can be done relatively gently. We just need to learn to understand the issue we face for we then can find the way. We can find that path. We then need to develop the materials to take us on that path as we would develop a rocket and the life support systems to get us there. Finally we need the fuel. The fuel will always be our passion and the energy that flows within our being. We need to develop the beliefs system that allows our passion to flow unfettered into the desired creation.

Exactly what we need to do to develop the way, the materials and the fuel will take some experimentation. Yet many of us came to do such a task and we have been given the tools or will be lead to the tools to achieve what we came to do. We all carry an internal compass which can, and will lead us to what we need to do and to learn. We only need to learn to follow it.

If we are successful there is a chance that others will follow in our foot steps and we change the way humanity lives. Whether a large or small number move forward, and whether or not others move pass the current way to move into the new way of being one creates is up to each individual deciding how they want to live in the world. But we each have the power to change what it means to be human. It is our destiny if we wish to choose it. It starts by learning to listen to and live our truth and follow it wherever it takes us.

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