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 Creating a phoenix experience



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The Phoenix experience is about recreating ourselves in a creative endeavor. Because the inner is reflected in the outer and the creative process requires some aspect of our existing world to change to manifest our creative endeavor, we will have to recreate some aspect of our being for each creative endeavor we undertake. How much an aspect must change and how big an change we will experience depends entirely on what we desire to create. The bigger and more expansive our creative endeavor the bigger and more expansive we will need to recreate of ourselves.

Recreating ourselves for any creative endeavor sounds like a daunting task. But it needs to be remembered, no matter how big a task we feel we have to transform ourselves it can be done. A journey of a thousand miles starts one step at a time and that is all we need to take - just one step at a time. We only need to continue to take one step at a time no matter what enters our life to try and take us away from the journey we chose.

To help get started on creating the Phoenix, the following topics are useful to get orientated and to take that first step on the journey. How we go about recreating ourselves is our choice. There is no particular path to follow. Additionally, as a unique creation and as a result of the unique way in which we have placed our creativity in the cage of our own making, our path will be unique. There will be similarities to the path of others but what we do will ultimately be unique to us.

The overall recommendation is to learn to navigate from the heart and use our intuitive guidance to guide our actions. The approach is to ask our intuitive guidance, "What do I need to do to recreate myself to manifest what I desire?" then honor the intuitive guidance we receive. It is also recommended we set the intention to create a gentle phoenix and ask, "What do we need to do to create a fast, easy, gentle and playful transformation as possible?" Here again, we will need to honor the guidance we get.

The journey

Whether we realize it or not, we are on a journey into the unknown as we go through life or exploring the path to manifest any intention we hold. Creativity is a journey into the unknown by the very definition of originality and what it means to create. Creating the Phoenix and accessing our unlimited creativity is a journey into the unknown. To go on this journey we need some destination. We need somewhere to go. To be a being of unlimited creativity we need to choose what we wish to create to experience our creativity. If we do not choose consciously, we will choose nonconsciously. To step out of the enculturated ego what we choose needs to be something we believe is larger than ourselves beyond our reach. It is not necessarily something impossible. Rather, it is something we think is not possible for us to do. However whatever we consciously choose to create will be of the mind and in some way will be a recreation of the past and limited by our mind. The question then becomes, "What can we choose that is truly representative of a being of unlimited creativity?"

The answer to this question is that we come fully prepared for such an adventurous journey. Both the task and the road map is found within our heart and the passion of our heart will lead we there. The creation that will allow us to become and manifest our unlimited creativity can best be described as a truth within our own being that only can be conceived thought the heart and heard by the heart. The mind does not routinely allow that truth within the heart to enter. Rather, it listens to the programming it received in life. Since the inner is reflected in the outer, we have to create the space externally and within our own being to hear that truth and then experience it. We cannot think we will live the heart or are living from our heart without some type and kind of reflection in the external world. This is why the concept of the muse, the soul mate and the beloved become so important in that they are reflections of an inner aspect of our heart.

We cannot determine how long the journey will take nor can we know exactly how it will happen. A guide can show many aspects of the journey if our heart and mind wants to hear it. But, we may have to ask, or rather tell the mind to stay out of the way to allow the heart to hear what needs to be heard. What the heart has to say and what the heart has to hear can usually be put into words for the mind to hear but they make no sense to the logic of the mind. The mind cannot grasp the significance of the truth that lies within the heart and in fact it will seem totally illogical to the mind.

From the mind's point of view, what the heart knows is illogical. But the heart is different than the mind and perceives differently. It has a different type and kind of consciousness if one can learn to discern it. Mind only knows the past which it has experienced. The heart can experience the infinity of Creation through what it feels and the awareness which lies in feeling. Much of oneís journey will only be learning to trust our heart. However we have to want to take the journey out of a passion. The desire to hear what the heart has to say must come from our heart itself, not our mind. No one can force us in any way to listen and hear what the heart has to say. We cannot listen and hear out of obligation because the mind thinks it is what we need to do. Similarly, mind can not force itself to hear the heart. If mind become involved it will mask the heart before it allows itself to hear the heart. Our being must become tired of the game that mind plays and it wants to see and experience reality differently. Only when mind gives up thinking it knows the way will it become open to listening to the heart on its own. As long as mind thinks it knows it will not listen to the heart.

This journey has several characteristic phases. We will have to first learn to hear their heart and understand it has a wisdom and consciousness of its own. Then we will have to learn to follow our heart and develop a strong sense of self such that we will not violate what our heart wants even if our mind has in someway masked the true feelings of the heart. Mind masking the heart is okay and only part of the journey. We need to learn to know what the heart feels like and we need to follow it even when mind is actively engage in trying to mask it and control it. Then there comes a point in time, after we have developed an unwavering trust in our heart to allow mind to move aside for a message only the heart is capable of hearing. Once the heart hears that message, then it, the heart, has to lead the to the next step. The mind cannot lead where the heart has to go.

For lack of better words this is the true solo flight of the heart leading the way into the unknown into our own unique expression of our unlimited creativity. Then in that solo flight comes a realization that cannot be had when we are in mind. We need that strong internal compass that we follow with unwavering faith. This is what the journey in life is ultimately all about. Once the heart understands where it needs to lead us, it will guide us. We will have no need for any external guide or reference, our heart will be all that we need as to guidance but there may be individuals along the way who help us in our journey. But there is one more step to our journey and only our heart can hear it.

There is a piece of understanding that we carry that will allows us to exercise and experience our unlimited creativity. However, it is only after our heart hears the message it carries and we allow it to lead will our mind be capable of translating that piece into words, image or a physical expression. The message is only for the heart and it cannot be heard if mind is in the way. All the work that we do to live our heart will only establish the preliminary aspects of our journey. All that we do in our life to learn to follow our heart is only the intellectual exercises to give the mind the confidence that the heart can lead and to step out of our mind and follow our heart. Then after a period of time following our heart to create something that we desire we will have a relatively strong intuitive insight and know when something is of the mind versus the heart. They will have learned to discern the difference. Then we will be faced with the real reason for all our work and the emphasis on clear intentionality - that is, to hold with unwavering faith the vision of the reality the heart holds and bring that reality into physical form.

What needs to be understood is that we hold a key but our mind cannot get to it. Only our heart can take us there. But our mind won't know or understand what the key is no matter how much it searches until it allows the heart to fully lead in a way that is relatively illogical to the mind. That is, of course, if the mind can fully trust how the unseen world works. However mind cannot understand the unseen and what it has not experienced unless it has some type of instrument on which it can rely. The right instrument to lead one on this journey is the heart and only the heart and the mind must learn to trust that instrument with unwavering faith.

Considerations in creating a phoenix experience

Free will: First and foremost we need to consciously choose to recreate ourselves. We need to look at some aspect of our life that we wish to change. Choose to become the Phoenix and recreate that aspect of our life. Although a creative endeavor takes us into the unknown and we will not know exactly what needs to be released, consciously choosing to recreate ourselves will make whatever needs to be released much easier. We then need to consult our intuitive guidance and body wisdom and ask them what we need to do, or what does it look like, for us to create the Phoenix for this aspect of our life. Then act on what our intuitive guidance and body wisdom provides literally or in some form of ritual or symbolic action. We then need to iterate the process until we create what we desire. In this journey, the part of us that must die can feel the Dark Night Of The Soul if we hold onto what must leave our life. However, we can also experience the Kundalini Rising or the increase flow of creative life energy and/or creative passion within our being as we "burn off" the attachments to the past that are interfering with what we desire to create.

Clarity of intent: In addition to choosing to become the Phoenix and recreate ourselves, we need to have clarity of intent as to why we are desiring to create what we do. We need to pull the string as to why what we intend what we do as opposed to something else.

De-focus: We create our reality and create our experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. We have created our current reality and the awareness we have at some level of our being by how we have focused our attention and awareness through how and what we think and believe. To create a new reality and/or new set of experiences we need to de-focus our attention and awareness from our current perspective. We need to change who we think we are and what we have come to believe about ourselves and the nature of reality. Additional discussion on de-focusing our attention and awareness is found in the topic, "De-focus our attention and awareness." To start the de-focusing process we need to being to explore what we think and believe.

De-programming how we think the universe works - changing enculturation: De-programming is about the needs to look at our encultration and look to replace those aspects of our programming which do not serve us. Exactly what is involved depends on the programming we have received in life and what we desire to create. The most important deprogramming centers around those beliefs which impact our creative ability and creative power and whether or not we are able to hold our creativity sacred. De-progrmming is discussed in the topic, "De-programming how we think the universe works."

Our code of honor: In many adventure stories or myths such as the Greek myths or the stories of the medieval knights, before one started out on a quest or journey, they were required to answer two essential questions. These two questions were

These questions apply equally well for any journey or quest into exploring our own unlimited creativity or our journey to manifest any intention that we undertakes in life. Conscious creating, such as a a conscious experience of the heart and/or the unique expression of our creative life energy, is a journey like any other journey in life and the answers to these two questions should be considered in our journey.

What do we seek? What do we seek is a rather obvious questions. Before embarking on any journey it is wise to have clarity as to what we are seek and to understand the intention as to why we seek what we do. What we seek and the intention behind that search will greatly determine what we discover along the way. Without clarity, we may even not recognize success when they find it. To say "I see to be happy no matter what" with the underlying intention to avoid pain will result in a much different journey than "I seek to find and understand what makes me happy" with the underlying intention I will face whatever pain is necessary to find that answer.

What is our Code of Honor? Our Code of Honor are the principles to which we will adhere to during our journey. Whether or not the Code of Honor includes our social ethical or moral principles does not really matter. Rather the Code of Honor is what we will not violate. It is what ensures the integrity of our journey, not the journey of society or someone else.

Learn to garden our life: Creations rarely instantly manifest on the physical plane. Not that they canít but rather, unless conditions are correct, creation will grow and evolve into our life. Creativity and creation is like learning to grow plants from seeds in two ways. One is that the seeds we plant, will look nothing like what it produces so we will need to become observant and aware of what we plant where in our life to learn to see the fruits of our efforts. The second is that for a seed to grow, both time and proper nurturing is needed. Without learning to garden our life and what it entails, we will be unable to create what we desire.

Strength of will and focus - turning concepts into perceptions: In developing a single point focus and the strength of will with an unwavering faith to never lose focus we can create whatever we desire. In this regard we a clear intention can choose to become the Phoenix and we can readily resurrect ourselves out of he ashes to become whatever we need to become for that new creation. In doing so we will find we will find we have all the strength of will and focus to turn our concepts into perception that we need to create whatever we chose and the intern focus to recreate our external world.

Dealing with the byproducts of creativity: All of our creative actions, whether driven by a conscious or nonconscious intention will have repercussions and by products. What needs to be understood about the byproducts is that although we may not be able to control what byproducts actually manifest, the flavor of the types and kinds of byproducts produced is very much under our influence. This is why we need to learn to take responsibility for what we are experiencing and learn to be happy with what is. Additional discussion on this topic is found in the discussion, "Byproducts of creativity."

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