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 Exploring Feelings


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Through out the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material there are a variety of discussion as to the need to be able to discern what we feel and understand what we feel. For example, the discussion include: An Alternative Way, need to be open to feeling, intuitive guidance, body wisdom, the awareness which lies in feeling, the feelings beyond sexuality, the body as an antenna, calibrating our internal compass, and knowing what serves oneís being.

All these discussions talk to being open and knowing how to use our feelings. As such, it only makes sense to explore our feelings and explore what we feel. That is, we create some type and kind of personal practice to explore and look at the variety of ways we feel and what we feel under any given situation. As we change our environment and the situation we experience, we will feel sensations and feelings. The more we feel and come to know the different types and kinds of feelings we have, the better we will be able to discern the flows of energy giving rise to the experiences we have and subsequently influence the flow before it manifests.

The question we face is, "What should we do to explore our feelings?" However, the issue isnít what we do to explore our feelings. The issue ultimately is are we mindful and aware of what we feel and/or do we face what arises as a result of the feeling we have. The recommendation made here is to learn to become mindful and aware and be prepared to act on what arises. As for what type and kind of exercises we can do, the list of exercises can be consulted to see if anything has been added to suit your personal interests.

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