Female collective
and the pained female archetype


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Female collective
and the pained female archetype

The original and occasion for the pain female archetype
The pained female archetype in words
The impacts of and working with the pain
Restoring the feminine, not female, leadership role

In working with individuals to access and release their creative power to create what they desire, it has been observe that those who wish to explore the depth and breadth of their creativity power and creative ability are faced with having to transit the human collective in some way. That, is we each need to face what it means to be human to be able to step pass thinking of ourselves as being human to be able to become the conscious creator of our experiences and the reality of those experiences.

What we experience in facing the human collective is unique to each of us. It is biased by the society in which we incarnated, our genes and our body, and the spiritual tradition that we were given, if any, and a myriad of similar issues. In addition, we each have a unique intention for our life and that has a strong influences on how strongly or weakly we are tied to the human collective. Some seem to be outsiders all their lives and find it a simply matter to transcend the human collective. Others of us are deeply bonded what it means to be human and, as such, we have much greater difficult escaping the pull of the collective.

What has been observed is that although we each face the collective in our own way unique to what we incarnated to do, males and females appear to face a different collective. There are facets of what it means to be a human female that few male really understand and there are facets of being a male that few females understand. However, since we each have a masculine and feminine aspect within us, we will experience both the masculine and feminine collective in some way to one degree or another. Again exactly what the human male collective looks like and what the human female collective looks like is different for each to us but there are been some common attributes that have surface in women working to transcend the collective to access the depth and breadth of their creative power. Because these common attributes have surfaced in such a powerful way for many, they are discussed here.

Although all women do not seem to face it, it appears many experience what can be described as a pained female archetype. For many years what was observed was considered more of an aberration until it began to show up in several different ways. The “Seven Chakra Conceptual Areas” and the “Seven Chakra Questionnaire for Rituals” both talk about and use the Seven Chakra System as a way to look at how we connect ourselves into Physical Creation. Females working with the approach presented in these discussion faced the issue of what can be called the pained female archetype. It had surfaced as the individual began to work through the areas between the third and seventh chakras. What has been observed can best be described as the need to face the pained female archetype which causes the individual to expresses herself in pain, anger and the like. She face it simply for being born a female, not being understood and not being allowed to be female true to herself. Exactly what this pain female archetype looks like is described below.

The original and occasion for the pain female archetype  (Top)

A rare insight in to the effects of the pained female archetype occurred little over a year into the journey to find an alterative way and about a year after the author’s experience of the Ultimate Accident. However, what was experienced was not fully understood because that minimum set of experience had not yet been gained relative to the female collective. The burden of this pain female archetype carried by the female is oppressive beyond believe and difficult for both males and females to understand when experienced consciously.

Several years prior to this experience the author has a rare opportunity to observe the creative spirit of an individual being set free and freely unfolding. The experiences is describe in the topic entitled “The Unfolding Flower - a Perspective on Health and Healing.” It centered on the experience of sharing an office with a 28 year old lady face a life threatening battle with cancer. He was able to observe the transformation an individual goes through when their creative spirit is bound and then set free. Her whole personality was transformed and she become one of the most warm and open individuals the author ever experienced as she over came her cancer. In the process, the author was allowed to watch the flower of true human beauty grow from a seed to full blossom. The contrast between the before and after was truly stunning and even the wold “indescribable” is insufficient to attempt to describe the dramatic and profound change in this individual. Ever since that experience, the author has been able to at a person and their life, spend a few minutes with them and just know where they are on their life path between being that spectrum of a dormant or just sprouting seed to a fully blossoming into their inherent beauty. He was given an extremely rare gift in experiencing this lady.

About a year after the experience of the Ultimate Accident the author found himself surrounded by several females in deep pain. In knowing where they stood on their path relative to the blossoming of their heart and knowing that it was possible to carry the karmic burden for another giving them time to heal, he asked the universe to carry their burden and set the conscious intention to do so. Having not done that before, he realized he may not know what he was getting into. Being a safety conscious experimentalist, he also asked the universe to let him remember what he was doing if he ran into any difficult so that he could terminate the effort if necessary. It was essence he knew he was the creator of the experience he was experiencing and he set the intention so as to not to forget he was the creator of the experience nor forget how he created it.

As the effort proceeded there was a slowly adding of the weight. As time proceeded the burden got larger and larger to the point of being overly oppressive and literally psychically crushing. He was literally being rendered immobile, and as one would suspect, he forgot his intention since things did not happen immediately. He, as we all do, was looking for that quick fix. But creation does not work that way.

Being oppressed and having worked with psychics at the start of his journey to find an alternative way to life, he called a psychic friend and asked him what he saw was happening. The author could not believe the feeling of oppression that he was feeling. The burden had come upon him gradually and he was not aware of it happening. In many ways was very representative of the way many female slowly becomes burdened and crushed by this pained female archetype as their experiences of life awaken this archetype within female’s being. The author told his psychic friend he was being oppressed and the psychic wanted to know what he was doing. However, the author forgotten the intention he set and told his psychic friend he did not know what was happening. At the time of the conversation with his psychic friend, the psychic had no answer for him.

In talking one of the females, who was the focus of his attention, he suddenly realize that he had set the intention to carry her burden and in that instant everything vanished. Literally in the twinkling of an eye, the oppression he was feeling vanished. He had the instant recognition that he understood her burden and her load. The author called back to his psychic friend to see if the psychic saw the change. The psychic did and the psychic said rather bluntly,“What the hell are you doing?” The author told the psychic and in telling the psychic, the psychic chided the author for doing such things “without the proper training.” But the experiment was vital, the author came to understand the burden a female carries. He saw no reference for it anywhere and did not seen any material as to help ease that burden for females. Over the next nine months the came to see the depth of the female anger contained in the collective unconsciousness, because he now understood what to look for.

The second insight about the pained female collective occurred as a result of coming to understand the meaning of three separate but very similar experiences, in which what the author would call a deep angry female archetype made its presence know before him and revealed herself to him. In may ways she was the angry aspect of Pele or Kali. She revealed herself in three different individuals as they transited that space between the third and seventh chakra. What he saw could probably be best described as the Goddess manifesting forth in her wrath and the pain she had felt.

The anger that came out was not so much directed at him personally but directed through and beyond the author. He would see and feel the depth of the pain but he no longer could be harmed. It was as if the pained Goddess was trying to communicate with the author her pain. Her energy was not directed to harm as much as to understand and feel. It was about coming to know the depth of the her pain.

The author knows that he has seen this pain from two different perspectives. The first perspective was as described above as that overall oppressive and crushing psychic feeling of the mind and the creative spirit. The second was deep feeling of pain. In being a feeling, it cannot be described in words but only alluded to through words. The words below are the best description of the origins of the pain carried by the pain female archetype that the author experienced. When you read the world, it is recommended you allow yourself to feel the pain that goes with those words. Then multiple it a few million times. That may give you some idea of the pain carried in the pained female collective archetype.

Three times this archetype had exposed her pain to the author and it was only the third time that he understood what he was being shown. Much of author’s journey and exploration into creativity after that experience was directed toward understand how to free the feminine aspects of our creative spirit for that is what is keeping our creative power and creative ability bound.

The pained female archetype in words  (Top)

The following is what has come into the author’s possession. He as no idea as to who created it or where it originated. It just came to him from one whom vented her anger and essentially said, “These are the things that make me angry.” The author does not know if they are her world of that of another. But there they are. They are the best words to date to described what the author felt and the the best expression he has to date that can be given to describe what is felt. But again these words do not do justice to the depth of the pain and feelings. Again, he does not know who the original author is of this description, but it does represent the level of pain that he has personally experienced and felt in females and have seen females experience. You may not accept what the author says about the pained female archetype, but he knows what he has felt and seen, it is real.


“She was spit upon or cursed for entering a church while menstruating. She was held down while old women cut off her clitoris. Her vagina was sewn shut or ripped open. She was forced to burn herself to death on the funeral pyre of a dead husband. She is routinely drown in the Yangtze River or set out on the mountain to die because she was born without a penis. She was sold into harems in Khartoum. She was stoned for touching the Torah. Her throat was slashed for sleeping with a man not her husband. She was forced to bless the size of the whip before her husband beat her with it. Her nipples have been cut off with a razor blade. She was sodomized by her father. Her feet were bound until her arches snapped. She was burned at the stake in France for having visions and speaking directly with her God. She was suffocated to death by the removal of brass rings from her elongated neck. She was hanged as a witch in Salem. She went blind or became sterile from her husband's syphilis. She had to feign hysteria so that she could avoid intercourse and the pregnancy that would kill her. She was beaten and even sent to an asylum for masturbating.

“She was tried for a crime by dunking. She was an Arabian princess executed for refusing to deny she had teenage sex. She has had to kill her daughters to keep them from becoming concubines. Her blood was used to make mortar.

“She has endured running sores from a chastity belt. She was tortured to death for adultery by having her legs tied together during labor. The court has required her to give custody of a toddler to a husband who was a child molester. She has been beaten by a lover so badly that she had to feed herself through a straw. She has been hanged by her hands and whipped for dropping her veil.

“She has had to nurse one of her husband's six other wives back to health. She has been filmed copulating with dogs. She has found it necessary to write her last words in excrement and menstrual blood on the walls of a windowless cell. She has delivered a baby squatting in a bean field. Her children have been taken from her because she left home without permission of a rabbinical court. She has been raped before her execution so that her murderers could avoid the Koran's prohibition against killing virgins.

“She has been sent into the desert as a demon for refusing to lie under her husband. She was called a whore because she didn't have a hymen. She was given in marriage at the age of nine to an eighty-year-old Nepalese man. She was left to die alone because she was a widow. She was a young virgin who was buried alive to appease someone's gods. She was doused with kerosene and set afire so that her husband could collect a new dowry. She was fitted with iron rings on her feet and chained to a post and left to starve because she loved another woman. She has gone blind sewing small stitches in a sweatshop. She has been freely raped by prison guards because she had joined a women's union. She has heard the crowd of men cheering on her rapist.

“She has been required to marry her sister's brother when she died. She was murdered on her wedding night for failing to show virgin blood. She has had to service twenty Japanese men in a Korean brothel. Her legs have been severed and sewn on backwards for having sex with a man other than her husband. The law has equated her with chattel, minors and the insane. Her tongue was cut off for speaking in the presence of her tribal chief.

“The courts have been known to force her to marry her rapist so that he might receive a lesser sentence for the crime. She has had to pay the tax collector (or other debtors) with her body. She has been killed by having a stake driven through her vagina. Her flesh has been cut from her own body and fed to her grandfather to cure his incurable disease. She has ground her teeth to the gums chewing leather to make her master's moccasins soft.

“She has performed endless fellatio on an old husband who could not climax. She has been fired because she refused to give sexual favors to a boss. She has died at the hands of a back alley abortionist or shunned because she gave birth to children out-of-wedlock. She has been rejected from medical or divinity school, and excluded from a club she wished to join.


“Solely because she was a woman.”

The impacts of and working with the pain  (Top)

The author knows without a shadow of doubt that males do not understand the emotional burden that females carry because they have denied that feminine part of themselves. Similarly males do not feel the pain because of the denied the this feminine aspect within. The Goddess is not absent in the male, it is just that she is not listen to and denied. The feminine aspect of Creation lies in our creative spirit and what is symbolized in our the heart. Until we speak our truth, naked and fully exposed before our God, we, both males and females, continually denied that Goddess within each our being, our inner feminine, and add to her pain. In not speaking our truth we also deny the inner masculine within our being. As such we never create that marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine as that mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine to reveal our charisma to the world

The author has seen and felt the pain of the Goddess spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is deep and it is real and she wants to be healed. To heal this Goddess and create the space for our inner feminine to mature, both male and female need to begin to live and speak their the truth. Only speaking our truth and maturing our inner masculine can this pain be released. It is the dance discussed in “Marriage of the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine.”

As we speak our truth and live from what is symbolized in our heart, for a while, we will see and feels much more pain. In living and speaking the truth of our heart, which is more feminine than masculine, the feminine suffering is both symbolically, literally and physically released. After this pain and this release we can then live from that space beyond male and female and be happy with what is. When we live from the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine we understand how to be happy with what is and live beyond the duality of judgement. We live as creator, neither male or female, masculine or feminine and we can see the cause effect chain behind the events that we or other individuals experiences. Here we learn the true meaning of compassion and can be compassionate with that which is.

In learning to see the pain and anger in both male and female as a result of this pained female archetype, it is here using portaging to carry another's karma and the guide can be the most useful and/or the use of someone who can function as rainmaker for the intention for our life. As said above, it is possible to carry someone’s burden. However, we cannot learn the lessons the burden provides for the individual, only the individual can learn the lesson. All that we can really do is carry the burden long enough for the person to heal and rest, then the burden must be given back to them. The best model for how this is done is based on the portage model discussed under the topic of “Portaging.”

Restoring the feminine, not female, leadership role (Top)

Before leaving this topic of the pained female collective archetype, it is appropriate to look at the feminine, as opposed to the female, leadership role. Each individual has a masculine and feminine aspect to their psyche. In general, the masculine principle is to actively insert, thrust an idea or act in a situation - it is dominate and active and tends to give, push or take. It tends to come from the mind, what we mentally know and our past experiences. The feminine principle is to be passively receptive - it tends to hold or receive and nurture.

It should be noted that these principles are not “males do this” and “females do that.” The masculine principle can be performed by a man or a woman and similarly, the feminine principle can be performed by a man or a woman. Each individual needs to be balanced in both their masculinity and femininity. Each must be masculine enough to be able to thrust out and insert their truth into a situation. Each must be feminine enough to nourish the needs of the creation. Each must be able to hold and receive that which is given and that which needs to be nurtured.

When we talk of the Goddess archetype above, we are talking about the pain of the feminine aspects of our nature that have suffered because it has been denied in both male and females. It is just lies closer to the surface in the female because they perform that feminine role biologically in the procreation of children. Although there is a male collective consciousness representing what it is to be male and a female collective consciousness representing what it is to be female, from the position above duality, from the position of a detached witness, this separation vanishes. There are only creative spirits having a physical experience on the physical plane within a vehicle of their own creation. From this space of the detached witness, we can be completely in touch with both our masculine and feminine and the collective masculine and collective feminine aspects whether we are male or female. It is from within this understanding one sees that it is essential that both males and females live from what is symbolized in their heart and allow their feminine to hold and receive that which the universe gives. It is important for our heart, the feminine aspect of our being to intend our life and the mind, the masculine aspect, to attend to the details to make it happen. That is, for our mind to create the space and way for what is in our heart to happen. It is for mind to attend to the details of life to unfold what lies within our heart and creative spirit.

In order to become more in touch with the feminine, it is appropriate to honor that feminine in ritual and symbolic fashion that we may be united in both masculine and feminine in one. It is not clear what this would look like in all situations, but there needs to be a female leadership role symbolic of the feminine role within nature. Males, unless they have transition to living in and of what is symbolized in their heart, do not currently understand that the proper balance of the feminine. Females, although there has been much enculturation away from their true feminine roles and being the nurturing creative energy to holding and receive appropriate to the unfolding creation, need to some how to reinsert their feminine way. Not the enculturated understanding and meaning to be female. Rather, the natural feminine role of knowing how to hold a space for creation to occur.

Within this understanding, there needs, or should be, a set of rituals for both males and females that honor the feminine. To transition the awakening and coming out of the feminine within each of us. To integrate the feminine with the masculine in balance to restore balance. It is for both our inner masculine and inner feminine to be allowed to mature to create our charisma. We can go as far to say that females should plan something exclusively of, and for, the feminine. Not female per say, but rather the females directs, orchestrate and participates in and with the males in order that the feminine is restored and brought into balance as a co-equal with the masculine.

Given the pedigree of the masculine dominated world - that thrusting out and acting as opposed to holding and being receptive, there appears to be a both a symbolic and literal role where the male must carry and sit with the pain for having so long denied speaking their feminine truth. But this is not exclusive of males, for females have denied their truth as much as the male. They too have their pain of not speaking their truth. For it was and is the masculine, not the feminine, portion of ourselves in both male and female that does not speak but denies our truth. It is interesting in the Genesis story of Creation in the Garden of Eden, it was Adam, the masculine who first denied truth.

Although there may be the need for an exclusive female ritual for the feminine, but neither female exclusivity or male exclusivity allows us to ultimately restore the balance between the masculine and the feminine. Females have been greatly wounded by males and the males dominated societies. It appears the female has, in general, suffered and carries an underlying feeling of anger toward males. It needs to be noted that this anger is not necessarily directed towards a particular male, but a particular male maybe its focus. This anger is an anger stemming from the intense pain of denial of the feminine archetype discussed above for having denied our truth for so long. The female, being the embodiment of this feminine archetype, knows best how to release and channel this pain as long as it is not denied. They are the best ones to develop rituals around this process.

Observation and experience with the pained female archetype is that the female can hold much more emotional pain and stress than that male. In this regard, the female can proportionally channel a much greater creative emotional energy than the male when she is freed of the emotional blocks and obstructions. It is that ability to channel great creative emotional energy that has made the male afraid of the woman whether they wish to admit it or not. Considering the total composite sum of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental abilities and strength, males and females are equal.

Remember, as creative spirits, and as a flow of energy, all are equal. Males and females start from the same non dualistic flow of energy. Strengths in one area are balance out in weakness in other. What females may not have in physical strength is compensate for in a mental, spiritual or emotional ability. If one looks carefully, males and females seem to be about equal in what they are capable of doing mentally and spiritually when give equal opportunities. Again there are difference like is spacial orientation for the male brain, but in generally males and females seem roughly equal in mental and spiritual ability. It is then in the emotional realm where females make up for the lack of physical strength as compared to males. When individuals become older and the male declines in strength, this emotional strength in the female only seems to grow stronger.

Additionally, when the female body shuts down its biological reproductive function, the energy flowing to sustain the biological reproductive function goes somewhere. Unless the ability to feel have been shut down early in life it goes into the females psychic and emotional ability. This of course make it advantageous to males to cause females to shut down their ability to be open to feeling early in life. This is so that as the female goes through menopause the energy now made available does not go into emotional and psychic abilities. One can then see how this pained female archetype has keep females from achieving their full potential as a female later in life.

As physical incarnations, all are equal, but the way the physical, emotional and mental abilities are proportioned in the incarnation is where the difference lie. It is only when a part is emphasized over the whole do you get our inequalities. In considering the sum of mental and emotional intelligence, subtracting the physical strength and abilities, the female, in general, is much too capable and smart for the males. If she steps into her power she can figuratively and literally “eat them alive”. It is why the male dominated society only emphasizes the physical and mental because the emotional would restore the balance between the sexes.

It is not by chance that the Goddess energy has been suppressed for a long time. It is an extremely strong and powerful energy. The masculine is a thrusting out and focusing of energy. It is represented on the physical plane by a physically stronger body which can bring greater concentrations of physical energy. The female energy is a very strong nurturing and holding energy It is what sustains and nurtures Creation/creation. It manifests a stronger emotional body and appears as a physically weaker body. In reality, each is strong enough to contain the other, they only need balanced within each other.

The masculine principle of the universe operates when an individual (male or female) is running on a strong internal desire and the inserts themselves into the situation. In the feminine principle (which can be acted out by a male or female) the individual actively and passionately gives themselves over to becoming a nurturing presence. They are consumed and eaten by an others needs at one or more levels. Normally one would expect the masculine (the God) within to consumes and take. However, to restore balance, it must become passive and willingly sacrifice itself for the love of another. The masculine must now nurture the feminine (the Goddess) within themselves by becoming the food and nourishment of another.

The feminine within must transform to actively, passionately willingly eats the one (the masculine) who gives themselves over for sacrifice. In doing so, the feminine accept the sacrifice and claim its Goddessness within by actively consuming the fruits of the earth which is that passion one has for life. To accept our Godhood within, we must be willing to eat the passion of another, to eat the fruits of another. This is not unlike Pele, The Volcano Goddess of Hawaii, taking and eating the sacrifice of the earth plane when her lava takes back what she wants. It is why Eve took and ate of the tree of knowledge for the Goddess it to take, and consume the fruits of the earth to transform and manifest that fruit into the offspring which only she, the feminine, is capable of bearing and bringing life into the world. The feminine must become masculine enough to take and eat of another in her own truth, true to who she is..

This is what the concept of communion is all about. To actively gives oneself over to be consumed but one also must be willing to eat the one being consumed. One must play both roles and be both roles from time to time to balance the God/Goddess. Both role are need. Both male and female need to be consumed and to consume so that each in their own ways, unique to their nature, eat the fruits of life to transform those fruits into new life forms to sustain the creative process.

To translate to more of a concrete example, it is for a man to be empowered and become that God within, he must be willing to sacrifice himself to be consumed by the needs of another The man who normally lives in a masculine psyche, needs to takes their masculinity and allow it to be in the service to nurture the feminine transforming the expression of the masculinity into femininity. The one who normally lives in the feminine psyche, needs to willingly consume and eat the sacrifice offered therefore becoming the aggressive masculine. One normally living in a female psyche, then takes the nurturing female and become the consuming masculine. In this fashion one transforms the femininity into masculinity. Balance is then achieved and Godhood and Godesshood is possible because we can transform at will between either role.

Until we can transform at will, in complete freedom, to either role we will not be able to truly become the All That Is within. What we are talking about here is an obviously spiritual, emotional, and intellectual transformation and it is reflected in serving the needs of individuals at all levels such that nothing can be denied. The more one can eat and be eaten by another the more often we become one with them in time we will become one with all things. In allowing ourselves to willingly serve another and be served by another to consume and be consumed, we claim your ability to transform all things at will. In doing so, we become the creator and transcend the collective for we stand outside of it and all duality.

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