The initiation to call forth our creative spirit to live the intention for our life


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The initiation to call forth our creative spirit to live the intention for our life
The issue
Who should do the initiation
Lack of detail provided in the common elements
Finding an initiator
Area to address in the initiation

Background (Top)

To know the intention for our life is to be aware of the feeling associated with the unfettered and free flow of our creative life energy. Or, it is a mental understanding once we get the minimum set of experience for our mind to properly characterize that feeling. To access that knowing, there is the need to access a deep feeling. Because of the pain of life, the displeasures we face for whatever reason, and how we lost our ability to creatively play, most of us either raised the threshold on what we feel or we shut down aspects of our ability to feel. This ability to feel needs to be reopened and it is not a place our mind is normally willing to go.

Hence the need for some type and kind of initiation to do two things. One is to get the individual to step out of mind - that is out of how and what they think and who they have identified themselves to be - to be open to feeling. We cannot feel when our attention and awareness is focus in thinking. The other is to move the individual into the realm of feeling and opening themselves to feel for the intended purpose of discerning what they feel at each and every level of their being and to come to learn it is safe to feel. The ultimate goal in this combination is to gets the individual out of mind and into the freedom of their creative spirit to know what the free unfoldment of their creative spirit feels like at each and every level of their being.

The issue (Top)

We are each very unique. We each have put our creative spirit into a cage of our own making. We create the cage as a result of the experiences we have had in life and by what we have come to think and believe about ourselves and our world. This makes whatever we need to do to free our creative spirit uniquely different than any other.

Since the essences of our being arise from the same essence of every other human being we meet, and we each are participating in the human experience, there are common issues we face. A discussion of these is provided below. To address the uniqueness of the cage we created the information gained in taking the actions described in the topic, "Things we need to review and understand," is usually more than adequate.

It has been found the elements of the initiation in whatever form it takes can be overlaid with whatever rituals that are created relative to accessing the intention for our life and suggested in the topic, "Create a series of rituals and an initiation to access the intention for our life." The recommendation made here and listed in the sequence of rituals found within this topic is to do an initial initiation representing our desire to become a conscious creator and then a later ritual at or near what we do to die before we die and empty ourselves.

Who should do the initiation (Top)

The individual who performs the initiation should be a rainmaker. The dream rainmaker is an individual capable of calling forth our creative spirit in a way that allows our creative spirit to escape the cage that mind has created. More often than not, this is done by showing us how to remove, or at least punch through, the top, bottom and the bars of the cage of our own making in which we hold our creative spirit captive. The actions of a rainmaker are performed with the intended purpose of getting the waters of life, our creative life energy, our creative spirit, our creative passion, to freely flow within our being to nurture our creative passion and to open us to the awareness and feeling of the intention for our life.

Any given rainmaker may not be aware they are a rainmaker. For the purposes of this initiation any individual whose life exemplifies the types and kinds of action described in the discussion on the creative shape shifter and consciously or nonconsciously performs the actions described in the topic, "Dream rainmaker" can be considered a rainmaker. The real proof of a rainmaker is whether or not they create the occasions for an individualís creative spirit to become free. Additionally, because of the uniqueness of each of us and, as discussed in the topic, "The need for particular others to access the intention for our life," it is not uncommon to run across an individual or individuals who perform as a rainmaker for some people but not others.

Lack of detail provided in the common elements (Top)

You will notice the common elements to use in an initiation to support what is discussed here do not provide specific actions. Rather, what is provided are areas to address. There is a reason for this and it is based on two observations. Both observation go back to the type and kind of problem discussed in the topic, "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind."

It has been observed that we each are unique as is each of our perspectives. What one initiator will see as important and what they see they need to do to create the freedom of the creative spirit of an individual is not what another will see. It is not that one initiator is right and another is wrong. Each is correct but it is only the view from our individualís unique perspective. Analogously it is like escaping from a house. One person may direct us through a door and another may use a window.

Similarly, what any one individual can do for another is limited by our uniqueness. One initiator may be able to create tremendous freedom for a particular individual because the initiator carries the perspective that is most attune to freeing a creative spirit in the way the individualís creative spirit is captured. For another individual, the initiator may fail miserably. Analogously, if we have a heart condition, a heart specialist will do much better at operating on the heart than a brain specialist. The brain specialist may do a good job, but they just do not have the expertise that a heart specialist has about the heart. So too freeing the creative spirit. Our creative spirit can become bound and entrapped in a variety of ways. Some initiators are better at some traps the creative spirit can get into than others.

Finding an initiator (Top)

In terms of finding an initiator, it is here we need to rely on our intuitive guidance and trust the creative process to bring one into our life. We need to set the intention to access the intention for our life and ask for an initiator to appear. But we need to trust that one will be provided. We may not recognize them, but we will be faced with what is needed to initiation us. Remember, the goal of the initiation is to be able to step out of mind and be open to feeling and feel at each and every level of our being.

However, we can elect by our mind to have a particular individual initiate us and do what is outlined in this document and there are advantages to doing this. By willingly to be initiated in the way the initiator we select sees what needs to be done, our journey will be made easier. The reason for this is the ritual and ceremony we under go is a way our mind demonstrates it is willing to surrender to the creative process and what needs to be done. That is, our mind is open to surrendering even when it does not know to what it will need to ultimately surrender. Alternatively said, by undergoing an initiation of some type, we are preparing ourselves for what needs to occur.

But to really be initiated in the way we need to be initiated, we only need to ask our intuitive guidance to lead us to the correct individual and trust the creative process. Who appears will not be what mind expects and they may do nothing outside of what mind considers ordinary. But, nevertheless, something will happen which causes our perspective to sufficient shift to be open to the feeling which gives rise to the intention for our life. Or, it may not occur quickly but evolve after a series of events over time which lead us to know what we need to do in life.

If you feel you are lead, or you desire to initiate someone to free their creative spirit so that they access the intention for their life, it is recommended you ask your intuitive guidance what you need to do for them. Then honor what you get. You may or may not actually initiate them. You may only be the occasion to cause them to move in the direction toward the individual or events who initiates them. Here again,, we must trust the creative process and that our intentions are honored even when we do not understand how they are honored. If you feel you desire to be a rainmaker, some thoughts on this subject are provided in the topic, "How to become a rainmaker."

It needs to be remembered, from a creativity perspective, the error most individual make relative to any initiation they undergo or any ritual they create is that they believe the initiation or ritual will achieve what they desire. In actually, the initiation and ritual only prepare the way for mind to step aside and allow Creation to determine what needs to be done as the creation process unfold. The initiation and ritual open the door of mind. We must then follow what our intuitive guidance and body wisdom lead us to do if we hope to meet our intention. In essence, our choice to engage in the initiation or ritual is mind playing the role of consciousness in the creative process to become the cause to create a flow of energy which then unfold into the desired experience.

Area to address in the initiation (Top)

The idea of this initiation is to become open to feeling at each and every level of our being and free the creative spirit to express itself in the way it needs to be expressed. It is to use the body as a tool and vehicle for sensing the energy of Creation. The initiation should some how stimulate, titillate, or other wise cause the body to feel. Exactly how this is done depends on the individual and the initiator. As a ritual, the actions can be literal or symbolic. It needs to be remembered, we are looking to access an awareness in what we feel in one of the deepest feelings we can have that spans the range of what our body can feel. The idea of this initiation is to open the door to spanning the range of feeling so that we can begin to discern the subtle energy in what we feel to know which deep feeling will give us the awareness as to the intention for our life.

First and foremost, the initiation should give the individual the options of participating. The initiation should not be forced on the individual. It should be something freely and willingly entered. Using the body as a reflective of our inner world, the following topics areas should be address to open the individual feeling at each and every level of being. The topic, "Generic symbolism for action in rituals and metatheater," provide a description of what each area represents and why it should be addressed. Exactly what is done is between the initiator and the initiate.

Binding and removing the binding of the arms and legs in some way. This action represents the binding of the creative spirit in life and the releasing of the binds that confine the creative spirit in a cage of our own making.

The following parts of the body should be addressed in some way. Collectively they represent key aspects of the human experience in physical Creation. Each aspect carries it own baggage and the initiation should be focused to address the unique issues of the individual. Areas to be addressed include: hands, skin, eyes, ears, lips, nose, chest/heart, breasts, feet, forehead, crown of the head, navel, genitals, anal area, and blowing into the heart. Again, the topic "Generic symbolism for action in rituals and metatheater," provide a description of what each area represents.

Something should be done to demonstrate to the individual that: (1) they are fully accepted as they are; (2) they are loved for who they are; and (3) they do not have to be anything other that who and what they are.

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