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In understanding that: (1) we create our experiences by how and what we think and believe including creating the reality we experience; (2) our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness; (3) our inner world is reflected in the outer and (4) we are a unique aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, it is incumbent upon each of us to take full responsibility for the creation we experience. Since we are participating in a shared creation it appears we lack control over many aspects of what we experience when, in reality, we have only given away part of our creative power for the sake of that shared experience in Physical Creation. The issue is not to look to God to fix what we do not like in the world. Rather, it is the need to take responsibility for the creation we have created and look within to see what we need to do and become to change it.

Although we may not understand exactly how, or why, we have created what we experience, unless we take responsibility for what we experience, we are giving away our creative power and creating a victim consciousness. In taking responsibility we acknowledge our free will and that at some level of our being we have either created or agreed to the experiences we are having. We simply have forgotten (as part of the creative process) that there is an intention for our life that brought us into this world and gives us life. It is this intention which acts as an  undercurrent for the role we play in life. In taking responsibility we open the door to accessing and understanding this intention for our life and how it is directing our life. We then of course, in accordance with our free will, have the option of continuing the role or creating something different.

Simply said, it is time for each of us to grow up and take responsibility for what we have created. A child is always looking for someone else to fix their problem. To look to God or any creative force to fix our problems whatever they are, is to remain childish and to think like a child. A responsible adult realizes they are responsible for what is and they will have to figure out how to fix it. The adult may not be the one who ultimately does the necessary work as to what needs to be done, but they nevertheless realize they are the one who is going to make happen the changes which need to be made.

From a human perspective, or believing we are a human being as opposed to a creator having a human experience, it is seemingly impossible to understand how we can possibly be responsible for creating the reality we experience. From a consciousness perspective, viewing from the perspective of oneness, one can see how it is possible to have created all of it simultaneously with every other.

We can also come to see that understanding this phenomenon is what at best can be described as a piecing together the puzzle. It is to piece together the puzzle which allowed us to become lost in our own creation. Now the interesting thing about this puzzle is that we can solve it if we learn to listen to what we are told from within our own being. In listening and exploring our inner world, we will be able to solve the puzzle. However, we will be unable to solve it the way any other solved it for we each are unique. In some way or another what we come to understand about the puzzle will have a uniqueness unlike any other. The reason for this is that we each are a unique aspect of that consciousness within, or behind, Creation. Another can tell us how the puzzle is constructed and how it works but the puzzle we have is uniquely constructed for us to solve. All the principles work in my puzzle just like in your puzzle and the puzzle is essentially constructed the same way. But each puzzle is nevertheless unique different. The most common mistake people make is trying to follow the path of another rather take responsibility for what they experience and uncover their own path.

In many ways this puzzle is like software on the computer. All the same principles are used for different programs but the programs are uniquely different and we will have to learn the programming features for the program that we are using. The key strokes you need to make on your keyboard are different than the ones I need to make. But you will have to make key strokes that do exactly the same thing that my key stokes do. The trick to the puzzle is not to take the programming apart but to learn the appropriate key strokes for what we need to do. The only way we will find out what key strokes work is to experiment with our own program and key board.

In this regard, we have to take fully responsibility for both experimenting on our key board and with our programming and learning which strokes work to achieve what we desire. No one can do that for us. On this point, if you don’t like the thought of computers or computer analogies and you don’t like puzzles, those are personal preference and have no bearing on the truth of reality. Your personal dislikes are only an additional part of the puzzle you built into the puzzle so that you will be unable hear what is being said at this point in time because the your biases filter the information. But don’t feel bad, we all do it. We only do it in a different way. We look for ways and analogies which we prefer but doing so only increases the complexity of the puzzle. However, if we look beyond any analogy and preferred way and look to see what really needs to be accomplished, we greater simply what needs to be done even if we don’t like doing it

Here an important point needs to be made. We created the experiences we incarnated to have with our transcendental mind. It is that part of us that transcends any particular time and place. However, what we experience is experienced through our current mind which came into existence as a result of the experiences we have had in our current life. Our current mind has it preferences and desired way it thinks as to how the puzzle needs to be solved. However, it is exactly those biases, what we think and believe with our current mind and what we prefer, which is keeping us from what needs to be done. In taking the inner journey, we move past our current mind to explore what lies beyond current mind to see how and why our transcendental mind created what we now experience.

If one is working to take complete responsibility for the creation they experience, there are two additional "tricks" we can use to solve the puzzle as to who and why we have created what we experience. This assumes, of course, we wish to recreate our world to one more to our liking and/or create any other reality we wish.

The first trick is to ask our heart and let our intuitive guidance and body wisdom lead us for they are connected to the Source of our Being unbiased by mind. It may take us awhile to get though the jungle of our mind to effective discern our intuitive guidance and body wisdom from the judgments and biases of the mind. But, with a little practice, it can be done. We only need to realize there are some experiences we will need to have to create that minimum set of experience within our being that allows us to discern, lock on, and stay in alignment with our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. As long as we ask your heart to lead us, it will take us to the experiences we need to have to be able to use our internal compass for all that we do.

The second additional trick is to realize the overall puzzle of Creation that has been created is composed of an infinite number of piece each of which plays a role, some of which are more important to us than another. Each pieces operates in exactly the same way but each is uniquely different and only looks as though it operates differently. As such, it gives rise to the understanding and experience that we are only one of a myriad of other beings seemingly lost in Creation. Some appear to be further along on the path to than others. In reality, each is unique lost or they wouldn’t be here. It is only our comparison that makes some seem further along than another but that is an illusion. The realization we needs to have, hence the "trick," is the realization that each is an infinite creative being and there are two ways to use this understanding to solve the puzzle.

One way is that, as an infinite creative being, we are only using parts of ourselves in the form of others to help us to experience and explore the depth and breath of our own being. We will pull to into our life the individuals who represent the part of our own being that we are choosing to experience and/or explore. They in turn are doing the same thing. In the end, we will find it is only Consciousness at play with Itself. However, this way of looking at the puzzle is often too difficult for most individuals because they cannot comprehend that they could really be this infinite creative being.

The other way is a little easier to accept. It is to see that we are an infinite creative being interconnected with everything thing else because our essence is an energy that permeates all of reality. We have only localized a part of our energy into a physical experience as a human being. The remainder of our energy remains non-localized, permeating all of Creation. In this case we have an infinite number of infinite creative beings overlapping and appearing within each other’s reality and appearing within another’s reality as needed to play their part. In this case, rather than explore the infinity of our being to solve the puzzle, we assume the puzzle is constructed such that those who we need to solve the puzzle come to us as we need them. Here we only need to be mindful and aware what part of ourselves they reveal to us such that we can become free of the puzzle itself (and for most that means only to create a new more interesting puzzle the next time).

Many traditions talk about the physical plane containing lessons we need to learn. Rather than being here looking for lessons, look at being here as getting a set of experiences such that each experience give us a piece of a puzzle if we are open to what piece is being revealed to us. We can get all the pieces we need in one life time if we are open to receiving the pieces. The puzzle is always constructed and designed to be solved in one lifetime. This is one reason way some traditions try and get individuals not to believe in reincarnation for the puzzle can be solved with any one life time. That is, if we are mindful and aware of what is being revealed in the experiences we have. But to be open to what is revealed in the experience, we need to take responsibility for what we experience.

Our problem is that it doesn’t matter if we solve the puzzle not. The puzzle is only an opportunity to play with ourselves or others. It doesn’t matter if we believe everything is one God that has manifested itself into an infinite number of parts or Creation is an infinite number of beings within a larger Creation created by God. If we realize Creation is only the way consciousness plays with itself, both consciousness with a "C" and "c," we will see it doesn’t matter what we believe. Any story is as good as any other as long as it give us the freedom to play. It is only the stories we tell that limit our freedom that cause us the problems we think we have. We have only created cages of our own making in the stories we tell.

As we take responsibility for what we experience we will get clarity as to who and what we are. We will find the world and all the beings in the world become different for we will begin to see how they are only a part of the puzzle we have created and only we can solve the puzzle as to why we have created it as we have. However, to do so, we need to take responsibility for what we have created at any and all levels of our being. We only have to remember that we have created a puzzle that can only be solved with the help of others. Not them solving it for us but rather they are there give us the experiences that will help us find the pieces and sometimes even show us how some of the fit together.

In taking responsibility for what we experience, all of it, we move into the realm of the experience of the rainmaker. In essence, taking responsibility for what we experience is the first step in becoming a rainmaker. The story of the rainmaker is about an individual who accesses greater power by taking responsibility for what they need to do as an individual within themselves for the Creation they experience to unfold true to Itself.

There is a more recent story of the essence of the rainmaker circulated on the internet of a Hawaiian therapist who used a technique called "Ho’oponopono" to help people. According to the story, a psychologist working at a facility for the criminally insane never saw the patients but he would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved. When the therapist was asked how he healed the patients without ever seeing them he reported the following: "I was simply healing the part of me that created them." The therapist stated the following, "total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life--simply because it is in your life--is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation."

What we need to understand is that as a unique aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, all of Creation lies within. The illusion of mind with the separation of our consciousness and nonconscious mind does not allow us to see that all lies within and is reflected externally. It taking responsibility for what we experience in Creation, all of it, we open the door to change any one aspect of it or all of it.

The key understanding is that we all have a free will and any one individual enters our life to give us the experiences we desire to have as we similarly enter theirs. If we desire to become a rainmaker and/or work with traditions such as the Ho’oponopono technique to heal people, we are lead to those individuals who desire to have such an experience. But to do so, is to still be in the desires of mind and what our mind wants or we think we need to do or should do.

However, if we choose, we can step into the real essence of the rainmaker story. Here the rainmaker simply surrenders and aligns themselves with the desires of Creation and acts as lead. But before one makes such a seemingly noble gesture, it is recommended one remember that all is really just consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself/Itself. There is a reason or intention for each of us being here. When we look to surrender to the desires of Creation, we should not be surprised if all that is requested of us is simply to become who we already are and live true to the truth within our being. But in any case, it all starts with taking responsibility for the experience we have.

There is one important note which needs to be made about surrendering to the desires of Creation and doing the inner work to change an external situation as done by the rainmaker or in Ho’oponopono. That is, we do not know the outcome of our actions. To seek to do the inner work with a particular desired outcome will not work. We cannot put expectations on what we are called to do. Nor can we put expectation on the outcome as to how Creation will unfold as a result of our actions. We must surrender to do what we need to do because it is the correct thing we need to do and allow the results to unfold as desired by Creation.

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