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Security without fear

A true security, a place of fearlessness, that allows no room for fear derives only from an inner peace and a knowledge of one’s true essence and that comes from living in alignment with one’s creative life energy and fully living the intention for our life.

Security without fear arises when there is the realization of awareness that our essence is a creative living process and that within the energy consciousness understanding, we are an energy manifesting. The accompanying realization that comes is our awareness cannot be destroyed and it will never die. We will realize that as a process we can only be transformed and, in that understanding, we can understand our true essence and that is to become the source of our own being standing at the Source Itself that flows into our being and sustains our being. In this awareness we know that we can never really be harmed, because our awareness is immortal and eternal. Yes, we will realize we can die to the reality in which we find ourselves but our death is only a transformation into a new form. We find security knowing we are loved, accepted and sustained for exactly who we are, as we are, in whatever form we choose to take for we are Consciousness Itself only at play with Itself as an individualized consciousness. We will know we are protected and sustained in whatever form we manifest. We know we can never be alone for we are aware of that direct connection with the Source of all being. In this awareness there is no need for fear and no place for fear. Fear only exists in separation from our Source and the Source is most readily experienced within ourselves as the flow of our creative life energy and our creative passion.

Simply said, we need to wake up and climb out of our the rut that is casting our future and relearn to creatively play and explore Creation in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play. The past is over. We need to extract the lessons learned from the past and let go. The future is not yet here. It is open to our own making. We can plan for it, but we must not worry and bring our fears into it. Worry only wastes our time and energy and scatters and fragments our creative life energy.

Finding a place of fearlessness

So the question then becomes, "How does one have an experience, or the experience, of one’s true essence so that they know, without a doubt, and with every fiber of their body, that what is said above is true and there is a state of being where fear can be dispelled?" There are many answers that can be given to this question. Each esoteric, spiritual, and social tradition has an approach that they can give us to address this question. Each of these traditions can create that state of being where we dispel fear and have no fear. We are free to choose which ever we wish. The approach that is recommended here and what is probably the most nature way to create a state of being that dispels fear and where fear does not exist is to be consciously in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of exploration and discovery of the wonders of Creation. To be that state of "AH" the wonderment of Creation.

We say it is the most natural way for we are born into it and have already experienced in our life. We have the memories of it and the pleasures that goes with in already within our being. The memories are there. The feelings are there. We can use them as an internal compass to get back to that state if we wish and choose to do so. We have only lost that ability to play as we adapted ourselves and defined ourselves based on the world in which we incarnated.

In this creative state of childlike play we will be free to explore the realizations that spontaneously come to us as to who and what we are and of the nature of reality. In that exploration we will come to know that we are eternal and our knowing will be experiential, not an intellectual belief. We will find an happiness and bliss that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world.

To find this state of creative play we only need to allow the creative life energy within our being to guide us where it may. In being open to where it goes, it will lead us to the experiences that will allow us to know for ourselves that we are more than our body and that our consciousness transcends our current life.

However, if we are not able to live our truth and follow our life process we will not be open to the experiences of the Source and the Creator that lie within this flow and the origins of the flow. The problem we face in aligning with our creative life energy and living in the state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play is that all the reasons why we left, or lost, this state of being as a child will have to be addressed before we can return to that state. For most of us this means facing numerous fears from our childhood relative to our care givers, our teachers, our society and authorities, our believes about God and the nature of the universe and a myriad of other issues that causes fears to rise within our being. Simply said, because we fear, we cannot enter that state of being that would show us that we have no reason to fear. But to have the experience and to know with certainty that we have no need to fear, we will need to deal with all the fears and all the reasons that we have that we no longer allow ourselves to enter the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of exploration and discovery.

So one of the main reasons we would want to face our fears, especially those the keep us out of the state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play is be able to have the types and kinds of experiences that would allow us to no longer need to fear. Additionally, without fear, we would be free to accomplish what we came here to accomplish. We would be happier because we would not need to insulate ourselves emotionally form the world we experience if we did not fear. So this particular journey into our unlimited creativity starts with the need for an understanding of how to address fears and deal with fears.

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