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The issue we face is that mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. It projects the past into the future to recreate the past in a new way. This is something that cannot be avoided. It is the nature of consciousness and mind to do so. Reprogramming the past is about changing the past to change our future. To bring into existence possibilities that do not yet currently exists, we must step out of the limit and boundaries created by the past. Yet without the past, we are not functional.

Without the past, we have no identity and no reference to conceive of possibilities. Look at mind as a hard drive on a computer. Our past is the software and operating systems we use to create the future. Without any software and operating system on the hard drive the computer may be perfectly functional but we can’t use it. Until we load the operation system and software the computer does not work as a computer.

Since the experiences of the past are essential to the existence of the mind, reprogramming the past is not about somehow removing the events of the past from your memory as you would erase a computer program from a computer hard drive. Rather is it about seeing the events of the past through a new set of eyes, a new perspective. It is about reframing the past.

We need to realize what we project is not only the experiences we have had but our interpretation of those experiences. If we project those experiences forward with the same mind that created them, we will recreate the past. However, if we change our perspective about the experiences we had, we do not project the past as we experienced it. Rather, we project whole new possibility and something not previously experienced. We project our new perspective. That in turn allows us to break from the past. What we need to realized is that mind is malleable and can be changed. It is not fixed.

In reprogramming the past, it needs to be realized that mind needs an operating system and software. The operating systems allows us to function and survive as a human being. The software is how we function to survive and determines whether or not we create consciously or subconsciously. The operating system of the mind is what we need to do in life be a functional human within the animal kingdom.

Part of the operating system is hardwired in our bodies. That is, because we are human we will have some physical experiences and that guarantees us something in our mind from which to create. However, what we learn from the experiences we have without the benefit of the lessons learned from others, will not give us a very functional mind. Human developed has only been what it has been because of how we have been able to share lessons learned about life. Without the lessons learned from others, we might just as well grow up totally alone on an isolated island, if that were possible.

An infant cannot survive without a mother on which to feed. In this regard, humans have a default system that requires us to learn at least from our mother the essentials of living until we can figure out how to get food and water on our own. Otherwise we will not survive. As a minimum, as long as we get the care and nurturing to remain alive, we can function at a level of existence that we would call the animal level. That is a functional human being but with no conscious mind and no awareness. At this level of our existence what we do is both subconscious and “in response” to the world we experience.

To be conscious is to become aware of ourselves and what is happening in our environment. It is to be able to become the cause of the experience we have rather than simply response to what we experience.

As we grow in life with our early care givers, we develop many concepts and ideas about life before we become consciously aware of what we think and believe. It is probable that none of us become fully aware of all that we believe and why we believe what we do. Additionally many of us never fully understand the full implications of what we do know we believe and why we believe it.

The basis of what we believe are the experiences we have. Any experience is neither good nor bad. It just is. Some experience feel pleasurable, some feel painful. What we believe about the experiences we have is another issue. That is where the illusion of mind exists. Reprogramming the past is also about reprogramming the subconscious. But reprogramming is not about changing any experience. The experience will always be there. It is about changing our perspective of it. It is to recycle the past. It is about pulling the string to understand what circumstance lead up to what we experience and whether the experience feels good or bad to understand why we judge the experience the way we do. It is to visit our past and explore the response we had to key events in our life and to understand why we response as we did. With that understanding we are prepared to face the events of the future and not recreate the past.

To get control over what we wish to create in our life, we will have to surface many of the subconscious intention that are ruling and directing our life. We can surface those previously programmed intentions by observing our life as a detached witness with the intention of rewriting the script for the movie which we are observing. In being the detached witness, we can become mindful and aware of what we think and believe and why we think and believe the way we do. We can also become mindful and aware of what we feel and why we feel what we do.

There are a variety of ways that we can use to change what we think and believe. Rituals, ceremonies, hypnotic suggestion, subliminal messages, boot camps, indoctrinations, education, and many similar techniques are available. However, many of these techniques are directed to a specific type and kind of future actions. For example, military boot camp is directed toward creating a soldier or sailor. The reprogramming suggested here is about shifting our perspective to not repeat the past. It is to be able to both consciously create what we desire and respond to life in a way that allows us to keep focused on what we desire to create.

To reprogram our past, the approach suggested within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is two fold. One aspect is to develop a perspective that will allow us to see differently. The second is to is to use a creative endeavor of our choosing to guide our exploration of reprogramming the past. In this manner we retain full control over our life and what we create.

The creativity perspective used within this material is a perspective that can be used two ways. It can be used the perspective for our life and to use in our life. Or, it can be used simply as a way to develop the perspective for our life. When uses as the perspective for our life, we hold our creativity sacred as we live life. We become very aware of what allows our creativity and creative power and abilities to grow and expand.

Here we look to see what types and kinds of events and circumstances in our life allow cause us to give our creative power away or where we somehow deny ourselves. We look to were we somehow shrink, withdrawal or become less that what we know is possible. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides concepts and ideas that allow us to entertain the most expansive view of ourselves to help us hold our creativity sacred. The recommendation is to eat and digest what is provided and allow effective to be our measure of truth. Then use what is effective in our life for what we desire to create.

If the creativity perspective is used to create a perspective for our life then the material provided here is only to help us to step out of our current perspective of ourselves and Creation. Here we explore this material as we would any other material. Then do what we choose to do. The only recommendation made in this case is to become aware of what we believe and why we believe what we do.

To use a creative endeavor of our choosing to guide our exploration of reprogramming the past, it is recommended we choose some creative endeavor that our mind thinks is impossible or improbable. Then follow our intuitive guidance on to create it. Choosing a creative endeavor that we think is impossible or improbably forces us to step beyond the limits and barriers of our mind. It is a way to step out of mind yet never really leaving mind. Following your intuitive guidance to create will also cause us to continually step out of mind for our mind will often be hard pressed to understand why our intuitive guidance recommends what it does. Yet our intuitive guidance will take us along the path of least resistance although our mind may think differently.

It needs to be remembered that a creative endeavor takes us into the unknown and mind only knows the past. It cannot guide you to where we have not been. So no matter how much mind thinks there is a faster way to create what it desire, it will only be following the past and not creating something new and original. To create the new and original, the impossible and improbable, we have to step out of mind.

Now it doesn’t matter if we ultimately never create what we set out to do. In choose create what is impossible and/or improbable, we will access a part of our being we could not otherwise access. We will open ourselves up to possibilities in any situation that our mind could not otherwise conceive. Until we step into the unknown and explore the types and kinds of options that are available, we will only be recreating the past.

In choosing to reprogram our past through a creative endeavor, we need to become empty. That is, we need to empty ourselves our thinking, our beliefs and our perspective(s) which do not serve us in the aware we desire to create. We need to make room within our own being for the new to enter. We need to become totally free to allow the sacrifice of creation to occur within our being.

We will not change the experience we have had. Those will always be within us and a part of us. They will always be important to us for it is our experiences of the past that allows to understand what we experience. Rather, we remove and flush away all that we think and believe about the experience that does not allow us to create what we desire. How much work we need to do in this area totally depends on our past and what we desire to create.

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