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The Scarab is an ancient sacred Egyptian mystical symbol. It is very much an appropriate symbol for our creativity and what we need to do and face in the creative process. In actuality, the scarab is a dung beetle. It eats and recycles the waste products of the existing life forms into a new life or recreating an existing life. The scarab uses what is effective for the life it desires to create and discards the remainder. We, in essence, do the same. We recycle the past of the existing form of mind and the life we experience around us into a new, more useable form that better serves us and our truth.

Creativity is an experience and the best part is in us and dies with us. As discussed in the story of the wheelwright, that what is left behind no matter how good or brilliant it is perceived is only the scum, excrement and waste products of the creative life that created those products. Yet, like the scarab, eating and consuming that what was left behind by life gives and sustains the new life created for we can take what has been left behind and synthesized it into a new creation. We need to remember, mind only knows the past. Any creative endeavor will build on the past for the past is what bought us to the point of needing to be creative. But what is created is also unlike the past. The past needs to be eaten and recycled freeing the life and energy bound in that past as analogously done by the scarab

We need to be willing to give up all in our life related to our desired creation as part of the sacrifice of creation in the creative process. Additionally we must be willing to release all our related attachments. It is to die before we die. This does not mean everything of the past must leave our life or what is currently in our life. Rather, our life and all that we experienced is recycled into a new from. In this process we must be prepared to give all up. Even thought we will recycle parts of the past and the present, we do not known what will be recycle. We must be willing to give up everything.

We need to empty ourselves and die before we die. Whenever we die to any existing form, we must empty ourselves of the whatever is in our life that created and/or holds us to that form. It is to realize the identity we have is based on the experiences we have had. However any experience we have had has been translated and filter by the mind and what it thinks and believes. To empty yourselves means to go back and either remove what we think and believe and replace it with something that better serves us or we become like the scarab, and recycle the past into a new life such that it allow us to create a new identity.

To creatively become the scarab means the ego and the mind created by the awareness that is us are both hollow shells to be eaten, digested and use to create a new life. We need to keep what is useful and serves our new creation and discarding all that is no longer needed. We need to need to literally and figurative flush out and throw away all the past "stuff" that we have accumulated around who and what we think we are and that no longer serves us and what we desire to experience. We literally and figuratively need to destroy and transform our ego and wash clean our being of the residue of what we created to build something more to our own liking and better serves who and what we are and how we have come to perceive ourselves. If we hold onto the past, we will simply be recreating the past. However if we eat the past and digest it to create a new life the past serves our creative efforts rather than binding us to the past. To do this, we will have to create a death of our own making and create the space of a new creation to occur. We must choose to die to who we think we are and how we believe the world works to open ourselves and make the space available to allow who and what we are, and/or desire to be to enter and grow into our life.

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