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To create something of intrinsic value is to create something that makes a life worth living.

There are the programmed beliefs within our enculturated mind as to what we think is of value. Then there are those things which lies near what is symbolized in the heart. The programmed beliefs are based on the external world and to loyalty to those around us. Programmed beliefs may or may not be what serve our deepest needs. The intrinsic value does not depend on what the world thinks. It is something of value to us regardless of what others think and what it costs us to live those beliefs.

All of us carry a deep inner longing. As discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective it arises from our uniqueness. That uniqueness, in turn, arises from the Source of Creation for it is the longing at the Source which catalyzed the movement into Creation. It is the loneliness consciousness experiences at the realization of it uniqueness that catalyzes us to look for that playmate to meet that need.

Addressing the deep inner longing within our being is something of intrinsic value for it will never lose it value no matter what experience we have. We may forget that deep inner longing in moments of joy and pleasure and we may numb it with a variety of addictions and distractions. However, it will always be with us. Whatever we do that actually addresses that deep inner longing in some way is something of intrinsic value and will help us to create a life worth living.

However, because of the finite nature of mind, we each need have a certain minimum set of experiences before we can understand the true nature of the deep inner longing that we all have to create something of intrinsic value to us

What propels each of us is unique to our being. We each are a unique aspect of an infinite Consciousness. What is an intrinsic value to us arises from this uniqueness. We seek the fulfillment of that needs as our mind perceives that need based on the experiences we have had. However the deep inner longing is a feeling and can never be adequately addressed by what mind thinks and believes. The closer we get to moving toward fulfilling that need, the greater satisfaction we get in life and the greater inner bliss and joy we will experience.

Since we are unlimited creative being, we will not satisfy this need with any single finite experience. Rather, it will take an infinite such experiences as each carries us deeper into its fulfillment. Through the journey the only reliable guide we will have is our internal compass and that feeling that allows us to experience and expansion into the infinity of our own being and who and what we are.

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