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Stepping out to face our fear is really about stepping out of our enculturated mind and to start living and speaking our truth. On in learning and becoming our truth will we see how and where our fears are controlling our life and why. The reason for this is quite simple. We have come to believe many things about ourselves and our world based on our enculturation. With that encultuatiion are embedded fears about our role in the world and how the world works. When we shed our enculturation to know our truth, the fears embedded in that enculturated way of thinking also go. We are then able to deal with the fear that arise relative to our truth. In this awareness we can then be able to address what is really robbing our creative power and creative ability.

Each person needs to become true to who they are, not who they were taught or told they are. In doing so, two aspects surface as the most significant obstacles. The first is habits of the past and the second is the control exerted by our society. When we put our attention on something, we focus our energy and change in some way whatever it is at which we are looking. This is both an asset and a liability. In focusing our attention on an obstacle, we can either overcome it or succumb to it by not being able to muster the strength of will to overcome it. So it is with these two issues, each of which individually has the potential to keep us in our old form and not escape our enculturation.

What usually arises when these two aspects are addressed is that, our habits and what we do to satisfy the society in which we live, are usually developed to suppress or mitigate feelings, attitudes or other ways of being that are frequently seen as a shadow or dark side of our personality. Yet in this dark side or suppressed side lies our truth, long suppressed. In facing these suppressed aspects of ourselves, we allow true feelings to be expressed. However, what comes forth can be very frightening from two aspects.

First, we may be quite different than what is considered acceptable for the world in which we are currently living. Here we are faced with the dilemma of, "How do I live in a world in which what I truly feel and want to express is unacceptable and is denied?" The second is that, whether or not that which arises is acceptable, or not, to our current environment, we ourselves may be very uncomfortable with the knowledge that those feelings or those aspects are within our personality. This awareness can be, and often is, very frightening.

One of the typical feelings is a deep anger at all that is denied, that has never been expressed and found a proper outlet. When we realize we have this anger within ourselves, we are horrified that it can be within and we initially have no way of understanding how to address it. It is at times like these that we must remember, there is nothing within us that is unworthy or unblessed. Everything is from the Creator and of the Creator and what arises is something that needs to be understood and worked, not denied. In facing what arises without judgment, we allow the pain and wounds which hold these feelings to be healed and the pain released, freeing our creative life energy. One of the most difficult things to understand is how we can live in spontaneous joy and unwavering self-confidence when we cannot express what is in our heart for fear of its exposure or being denied by our habits or society.

When we live in fear of expressing what is in our heart or that which is a part of our being needing to be expressed, we give those feelings power and control over us and they in turn limit our options for responding to the world. Here again, fear keeps us bound and in an illusion. What happens that is not obvious is that, when we give control over to these unexpressed aspects of ourselves, we lack control over ourselves and feel we need to control others to ensure we donít put ourselves into a situation where these aspects of ourselves can be released. They remain contained for we fear their expression and what they may cause to happen in our life.

The consequence is that, instead of living the free flowing creative energies of the universe, we spend our time trying to control our external world and ourselves to prevent the expression of these feelings and aspects. We never live life, rather, we are controlled by trying to contain life and what it is forcing to be expressed. What we fail to realize is that, from our earliest days on this planet we are taught to contain and control aspects of ourselves and not let them out because our society, whether it be our parents, schools, playmates or the like did not find them acceptable. Consequently our habits run deep. In breaking these habits of the enculturated ego, many unexpected feelings and aspects of our being begin to surface.

Still, to live from the heart and within our deepest being, we must release our need to control and contain that which is within us. These shadow and hidden aspects of our self must be used to teach and direct our lives. In removing this encasement from around the heart, we begin to live in a new-found passion and enthusiasm for life. There is no aspect of our being that is unforgivable or unlovable. All is from and is within the All That Is. We cannot have an aspect of ourselves that is unworthy or needs to be rejected. In fact, the opposite is true. Unless all the facets are accepted and integrated, we never become whole unto ourselves and become that being that the universe is trying to express.

We need to remember that when seen from the "eyes of the Creator" there is no evil, there is no "dark side," rather there is just a misunderstood and unexpressed side. It is our perception of what is good and what is evil that causes us to judge and deny. We need to accept, first, that in the eyes of the Creation all is good and of the Creator and from the Creator. Starting from that premise, then the question becomes, "What is it within me, what belief do I carry, what pain am I trying to avoid, that I judge that which is before me as evil and not good?" It is in asking this question that we begin to see the other side of the coin and the true nature of duality. That is,: we cannot conceive of a good without causing its opposite to arise and both lie within ourselves.

It is like a magnet - the magnetic is neither good nor bad. But as soon as I declare one side of a magnet as the north pole, I force the other side to be south. In doing so, I have create a duality and have separated that which is inseparable. So too with our being. As soon as we judge something in duality as good (raising evil or bad in the dark or unseen side) or right (raising wrong in the dark or unseen side), we have created its opposite and deny a part of its being because we push half of its identity away. So to with ourselves, as soon as we judge a part of our being as unacceptable, no matter what it is, we deny a part of our self and push part of our self away. We then spend our life trying to control and contain our life experiences and those around us so as to not let that denied part of ourselves out to be expressed. We fear it, whether we realize it or not. The sad thing about all of this is that by the time we reach the end of our childhood at whatever age that occurs, we have formed many habits and beliefs of which we are no longer consciously aware. The habits and beliefs of which we are unaware are used to control and contain many facets of our being that we were never allowed to fully and properly express.

To look at our habits and what we do to satisfy society, we need to set the intention to step through any fears that arise in opposition to our goal. In doing so, we also must remember that in living in todayís world, we are not limited to the way we did things in the past. We can shorten our journey and every little aspect no longer needs to be worked and dealt with, but can be by-passed. It is like the analogy wanting to travel from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco. We can choose to do it the old ways - by walking, by horse, by car or by train, taking months, weeks, or days. Or, we could do it in a matter of hours by getting on the correct airplane and be there in an afternoon. So too, in dealing with our habits and the ways society wants to contain us. We can work issue by issue, day after day, one step at a time, or we can choose and set the intention to fly to our destination. The universe will respond to our request. We need only to set it and trust and the path will be revealed to us.

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