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Whether one realizes it or not, the consciousness of energy consciousness seeks to be in a warm, fuzzy, safe and secure space place. In this space one will feel complete calm and nourishment. When we experiences this state our being (body and consciousness) becomes quiet and relaxed and tension is released. Within this space the creative spirit is free to do what it desires to do. It can be a profound healing space if the creative spirit or the body is in anyway wounded. Because the creative spirit become free in this warm fuzzy place it also becomes extremely vulnerable.

The human condition that comes closest to this feeling is the way a loving mother holds her child to breast feed her infant. Both the child and mother are naked so that their flesh and feeling of contact with the flesh and warmth provided by the body is maximized. This sensation is what each consciousness, and each body, seeks. This is one reason why sex is such a powerful creative tool. Yet, it is often puzzling for all the conditions are there to create a warm fuzzy place but it does not happen.

If one is free to fully be in the body and feel this state of being and they are touched by someone who desires to nurture them in the way a loving mother nurtures her child, they will go to the deepest states of calmness and quietness you can reach in meditation. In fact, we will go well beyond what we can reach in meditation for we will be engaging our whole being at every level plus being actively engaged with the outside universe, that is, being with and in contact with, the person holding us.

This warm fuzzy place when it is experienced can have a profound affect on healing the wounds of our being whether physical or otherwise. In this state the creative spirit is free to do what it needs to do. If it is wounded, it is free to heal. This is why young children when hurt seek the comfort of mommy and the state she creates in her love for her child. Yet this condition can be created by any individual for another at any age.

The body seeks to be held in this nourishing fashion with optimum tactile sensation throughout its life with a desire to recreate and experienced this warm fuzzy place experienced so early in life. Remember energy and consciousness are one and the same and both the body and consciousness seek the experience of feeling. Many long for this state of being and express it as the longing for the beloved/Beloved or that perfect soul mate. That is, that individual who create such a place for another and not expect anything in return. The Rainmaker is aware of this and approximates it the best they can within the conditions they face.

It needs to be noted that without awareness, sexuality come closest to creating this state in the physical condition. Whether or not one intends to create this state within in the body or not, in and/or during sexuality, the body will move towards that state to one degree or another, usually more than less. But what is created when the body is in this warm and fuzzy state is one moves toward the most creative state of being and the most fertile conditions possible to plant the seeds of Creation in our consciousness. So, in addition to the creative spirit and body finding life and potential healing during sexuality as discussed in understanding the energetic and metaphoric aspects of sexuality one moves to the source/Source of life and energy is exchanged between individuals. The energy exchange between individuals cause the energy of the thoughts and intentions one holds get both energetically mixed and planted in fertile ground within each other. So although sexuality can be a very close approximation to this warm fuzzy place as an adult, it also an become a place of great confusion if not outright harm for one may be pickup things they do not intend in the interaction.

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